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Materials for pool in the country

One of the conditions of comfortable rest is the presence of the reservoir. But if the country it is not observed, you should think about building your own pool. But before that you need to think about what materials it will be created. To select a specific option, you need to consider several types of designs and materials that are needed for their construction.

Materials for pool in the country

Materials for wooden pool ↑

If the construction does not want to spend a large amount of money, you should choose this option. Construction of wood usually are small in size and do not require expensive materials. To create a wooden structure requires the following materials:

  1. The timber section 150 by 100 mm. From it is created the frame and legs.
  2. Log. They are used as a basis and replace concrete Foundation.
  3. Metal or wooden pins.
  4. Screws or nails.
  5. Metal corners.
  6. Board thickness 35 mm and width 100 mm.

Such materials are required to create the simplest option of wooden pool. When you create a structure of logs are formed parallel to each other, and then fastened the boards. The result is a basis for the creation of the framework. If it is small in size, the base is created the same size as the entire pool, but if the boards you must install extra support base has a width and a length greater than the size of the pool is approximately 1 meter. This area is used to set the triangular supports.

Materials for pool in the country

Once you have created the base, there is a fixing of the first beams. This will require screws or nails. For more reliable bonding using metal angles. At larger sizes the rods are cut the slots for the pins that holds between every 2 or 3 bar.

After creation of the frame is laying waterproofing material. If desired, can be mounted on the walls and base lining, which helps protect the waterproofing membrane from damage. If this is not done in places where it is deformed, after some time, there may be gaps.

It is important! Before the construction of all wooden elements should be treated with antiseptic and a means to protect the wood from moisture.

Materials for plastic products ↑

This type of pool is more valuable, but the owner does not have to worry about waterproofing, as well as the beauty of the design. To create you will need:

  • cement;
  • armature to create a base;
  • boards that are required for the frame;
  • lining materials, selected by each owner independently.

To create a pool, you first need to calculate the desired dimensions. After the determination of this parameter occurs digging. Its width and length should be greater than the purchased plastic bowl, approximately 0.5 meters. A pit is dug with the expectation of the installation, which will occur draining and filling.

Materials for pool in the country

First, there is the creation of a base which consists of reinforcing elements filled with concrete. after the composition dries and is ready to withstand the loads that are installing plastic bowls and creating around it a wooden frame. All elements are attached with screws or nails.

As a facing material that will be used to finish the edges, may be applied wood or tile.

Materials for composite products ↑

Composite pool represent the entire design, which is made from polymeric materials and can have different shapes. If I want to not only create at their summer cottage swimming pool, but also make it one of the elements of landscape design, you should choose this type of products.

Materials for pool in the country

For installation of this design you can use the same materials that are used for Assembly of plastic products. But for composite products you need to create a more solid Foundation.

Often the owners of suburban areas creates a canopy over similar designs. As the main material used for the canopy is polycarbonate. A similar design is able to protect from the scorching sun, but at the same time create a feeling of open space.

Inflatable pools ↑

If you do not want to spend time on the construction design, can be installed on the inflatable portion of the finished product. For the installation of these pools requires only a special lining that helps protect the bottom got damaged. If you purchase inflatable pool, the owner of the site is not necessary to alter the landscaping.

It is important! If you bought a large, should choose for her a level place on the site, as due to irregularities it may be damaged or deformed during use.

To choose a suitable product is to determine its shape, size and other parameters. Usually they are created:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • oval.

The material from which the construction can withstand heavy loads, so you can purchase a large size without worrying about its safety. Put the rubber swimming is possible almost anywhere in a suburban area. The preparation of all construction is happening in just 15 minutes, after which you can start to pump water.

Materials for pool in the country

When folded similar products occupy a small amount of space and can be transported in a passenger car.

To choose a suitable pool, you should pay attention to several parameters:

  1. Volume. Children’s pools typically have a volume of from 45 to 300 litres. This option for large design is from 2000 to 10 000 liters.
  2. Size. Compact products can be accommodated on site, the diameter of which does not exceed 2 metres. If you want to buy a pool that accommodates the whole family, you should choose models with a diameter of about 5 meters. For such structures is to find a convenient staircase.
  3. Equipment. To the pump separately, you should choose the pool to which it is attached. Also, along with an inflatable product may be attached to the case and facilities necessary for cleaning.

Concrete pool ↑

If the country wants to build a large swimming pool, you should make it out of concrete rather than buy the finished product. before you build a pool, you should learn about whether or not a building permit. When a small concrete pool in the country with his own hands, no documents are needed. But if the pool has an impressive size, must apply to the state organization.

It is important! Before the construction of a concrete pool, you need to carefully approach the creation of drawings.

The creation of the basin occurs in several stages:

  1. The design of the project. At this stage occurs the selection of the optimum location for the pool. Also the choice of the type of construction. if it is closed, the project requires changes in plan design.
  2. The choice of the level hotel pool. For example, often such structures are installed on the same level with the floor of the house.
  3. Count the number of people who can be in the pool at the same time.
  4. The definition of the shape.
  5. Determine if you need to install the springboard. Depends on the depth of the pool and its dimensions.
  6. Calculation of the thickness of the bottom of the pool and walls. It depends on the quantity of groundwater at the site.
  7. The design of the drainage system.

After the preparatory work starts digging. This usually heavy equipment is ordered, as with the workers to create a large pit in a short time will not work.

Materials for pool in the country

The size of the pit must be greater than the length and width of the bowl, as you need additional space for drainage and sand bags. Under the concrete is poured gravel-sand cushion that provides better concrete pour. Its height should be approximately 300 mm. After the creation of the formwork is pouring concrete into prepared formwork.

Considering the described information, you can create a very simple structure, and full pool, which is designed for use by all family members simultaneously.

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