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BBQ metal with their hands

Grill — convenient cooking equipment, the basis for cooking in the heat. This functional invention allows to cook different foods using natural the bowl from the coals. Although initially it was created as a versatile cooking tool, now the grill is the basis for preparation of shish kebabs and meat. Around it are the field trips and the cottage, noting the arrival of spring and welcoming in the summer and seeing autumn.

However, the purchase of an expensive grill. Simple metal design sometimes costs a huge amount, not justifying the appearance or quality. So much better to make the grill yourself using quality metal and your skills.

The basis of the Mangal ↑

BBQ metal with their hands

The grill is a special tool for cooking on a grill. It has a fairly simple design, but all its features are in the nuances. They make it easy and fast to cook those kebabs and other dishes, providing enough heat for cooking.

Among the major nuances of the grill is worth noting:

  • Depth
  • Air holes
  • Suitable sizes
  • Notches for skewers

Although some of them are obvious, they are all necessary for quality cooking. The depth of the grill will allow you to create enough heat and place the meat on a height where it will be ready, not to burn. It will also allow you to put enough wood.

Air hole — an important caveat of such structures. It is because of them meat cooked on the grill, is significantly different from other cooking in the outdoors. A constant flow of air allows to keep the heat and temperature of the coals, using their full potential.

It is important! Another nuance is the grill pan. It prevents the falling of the coals through the vents at the bottom and partially regulates the flow of air.

Preliminary selection of sizes is extremely important for further use of the structure. After all, cooking is done over coals or the grill, so you should focus on their average size. The grill should give enough heat to be wide enough to cover the entire length of the skewer, to allow the placement of more than eight servings of meat.

And the last caveat — the notches for skewers. They allow you to place the meat in any position, uniformly fried on all sides. This approach is important for making succulent shish kebab without burning parties.

However, these moments can vary depending on the type of grill.

Determine the type of grill ↑

Variants of these structures are numerous. After all, everyone is trying to find the best option, where best to cook meat and other foods on the heat. Say now several types of grill:

Normal ↑

Conventional grill square design. Although it has a lot of weight, can be transported. Often the legs are removable.

BBQ metal with their hands

Collapsible ↑

Small and lightweight portable option that can carry in the car. Great for Hiking in the woods, convenient and simple.

BBQ metal with their hands

Stationary ↑

A massive grill, is created from metal. The basis can be brick blocks for greater reliability. Often, these grills are complemented with steel decorations.

BBQ metal with their hands

Type selection is an important nuance in the self-construction of the grill. This will allow to define the objectives and choose the best option. But still recommended a conventional type as the most universal choice for truckers.

Interesting! Barbecues can be of various shapes. Note rectangular, round, curved and many other types of cooking where a little different.

Drawings and dimensions ↑

Before starting work you must make the appropriate drawings and match sizes for a future grill. For the construction we choose the usual option used most often. There must be an appropriate height and width of the structure, and also the suitable length of the legs. The drawing of a simple grill as follows:

BBQ metal with their hands

The dimensions shown are in millimeters. Here you can see that the total height of BBQ — 95 cm with a leg length of 70 cm the depth of the grill is 25 cm, what is the optimal distance from the heat to the skewers.

The width of the grill 28 cm, slightly below the average size of the skewer. Length — 54 cm, required for even distribution of the nine portions over the ball.

The superstructure is equipped with a gap for the skewers. They allow you to evenly distribute the meat so that it did not touch each other, and also free to fix it while rotating for even roasting. The distance between the gaps — 6 see Need to leave a little space between the end walls and gaps that the meat did not touch them and not burn.

BBQ metal with their hands

Good ventilation is an important nuance of the grill. Here it is achieved through holes with a diameter of 12-15 mm on the side walls. Openings in the lower part of the metal sheet and are staggered. On the front wall of the holes is not needed.

It is important! The present design does not take into account the tray and holes at the bottom of the grill. This can be easily fixed, privaris to the legs or the bottom of the small corners and picking the appropriate metal sheet.

Preparation of elements of the future design ↑

The basis for the grill are metal sheets. Other materials is not recommended, because the metal design provides sufficient resistance to heat and compactness. The thickness of the metal is about 2-3 mm. you’ll need:

  1. 2 sheet metal 280х250 mm
  2. 2 sheet metal 240х250 mm
  3. 1 sheet metal 540х280 mm
  4. 4 the metal tube or angles, length 700 mm
  5. Drill
  6. Welding machine
  7. Roulette
  8. An angle grinder or metal saw

Many people prefer another version of the Assembly. Different sheets can be replaced by one big metal sheet. Making a few cuts, you can combine design with a minimum number of welds. So it will be more reliable.

BBQ metal with their hands

It is worth considering additional items, if your design is different from the above. It can be complemented with handles, tray, notches for the legs and other parts.

For a start, there is a preliminary layout. Marked the place of fasteners and welding, to create a gap for the skewers. To do this, use a grinder or saw. Air holes are also created at this stage.

It is important! Often a design made on reinforcing the legs. They are too unreliable, so the design of the wobbles at the slightest exertion. It is better to replace them with corners.

Welding the grill with your hands ↑

Welding is the best option for the grill. It tolerates large temperature swings and is much more effective bolt. To do this, use the welding machine whose type is chosen by preference. After this, the design alternately fixed and welded at the corners.

BBQ metal with their hands

The Council! For more comfortable welding it is recommended to use metal corners on the sides. They will also increase the reliability of the seams, but heavier construction.

Next comes the welding of legs and arms. They are attached to the bottom of the structure (metal pipes) or on the sides (corners). Must be securely welded them, because the grill is quite heavy.

The Council! For fixing the legs can be used not welding, and collapsible elements. Removable feet reduces the dimensions of the grill during storage.

At the end of the work necessary to sand the seams and to check the design reliability.

Braziers made of metal covered ↑

BBQ metal with their hands

For cooking kebabs in bad weather uses a special design of the barbecue with a canopy. This will allow you to hide the meat and the heat of precipitation, however this design is difficult. There are two options:

  • Extra canopy, not related to the grill
  • The installation of the canopy on the grill

The first option is best, because it will allow you to hide as the kebabs and the chef. Moreover, its design and installation much easier. The second option requires additional calculations to base was able to withstand the weight of the canopy.

Design it is recommended to fasten the metal corners. This is the best option, because it greatly facilitates the Assembly of the canopy. The canvas for the canopy decking. He is refractory and does not respond to changes in temperature and has a low weight, which is important for such a lightweight design.

BBQ metal with their hands

The Assembly of the canopy is no different from usual, only required protection-fire and convenient location the basics. This will allow you to freely cook food, not clinging to rebar.

Version of the grill with the canopy in one design is more complicated and is performed by professional welders. It requires the creation of a reliable design, the weight of which is uniformly distributed on the base. For stationary barbecues canopy much easier to do, because for them it is possible to make the supporting Foundation.

Design with canopy can be additionally decorated with metallic elements, as seen in the photo. This will not only improve appearance, but will make the canopy more robust and sustainable.

The Council! Equip the roof of the duct, if it is set low.

Painting the end result ↑

An important nuance in the creation of the grill is painted. It is simply necessary, because the metal used in construction, is easy to rust, and soot and ashes do not improve its appearance.

For painting, use of special formulations. They have the following requirements:

  • Resistance to temperature extremes
  • Heat resistance
  • No harmful fumes

This requirement meet the following coverage:

  • Organosilicone enamel
  • Thermo powder paint
  • Heat-resistant paint for different purposes

BBQ metal with their hands

The second option for such task is best suited but apply them with his own hands difficult. They require special firing, after which get their properties.

There is another option — oxidation. It is quite difficult to perform, but with his hands to hold it.

Paint color is best to choose black. As there will be a lot of soot and ash, the other coating will be quickly soiled. At the same color plaque will be invisible.

The Council! Painting is carried out only from the outside. Inside any coating will quickly peel off due to high heat, and do nothing.

To make the grill is quite simple. Enough sheet metal, welding and desires. But it is necessary to follow the scheme and the plan, as slight variations can further affect the usability of the grill. This will help the video demonstrating the Assembly of more complex structures:

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