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Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

The skill of the master is not to use expensive materials and tools for finishing its suburban area, and the ability to use to best advantage all available, and most importantly free items for the same purpose. A striking example of such profitable investments of time and effort is building a greenhouse of their old window frames. Problems with the availability of this material should not occur practically at all has changed in the house Windows, and old window frames prudent gardeners keep.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

Where to begin construction of greenhouses ↑

First and foremost you need to evaluate the amount of building material in our case is the glass of the frame. Sketch a rough drawing of the greenhouse to determine its design. Knowing the area of the future greenhouse, you must determine the location of her summer cottage. To choose the place of installation should be so that the walls of the greenhouse were at least at a distance of 2 m from the nearest buildings.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

It is important: be sure to take care of the direct sunlight in the greenhouse, so it should not be on the Sunny side no high buildings, no trees and other vegetation.

Following a preparatory phase for the construction of the greenhouse will be gathering the necessary tools and materials. Except the glass frames, you will need:

  1. Plastic film
  2. Cement, sand, water
  3. Screws, nails
  4. Sealant
  5. Wooden planks

From the tool:

  1. Hammer, pliers, wire cutters
  2. Shovel, shovel, trowel
  3. Drill, screwdriver
  4. A jigsaw or handsaw

Can be used and additional tools and materials, it all depends on the material of manufacture of the frames, type of Foundation, construction technology of the roof and other conditions.

The Foundation ↑

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

Of course, for Foundation under a greenhouse are much less than the Foundation of the house or garage. Here, the load on the Foundation is only due to the own weight of RAM, which is very small. Another thing is that the composition of the soil in the garden may be too porous and soft, in this case the Foundation will have a little enhance.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

The process of pouring the Foundation includes the following steps:

  1. Digging a trench around the perimeter of the greenhouse. Width and depth depends on soil characteristics, but rarely requires more than half a meter depth
  2. The production casing. The ground part of the future Foundation obkladyvaetsya boards, and you neobreznye, the main thing that was a flat plane with two sides
  3. To save cement mortar to sketch on the bottom of the trench stones, bricks, waste metal and other solid materials
  4. To prepare the usual cement mortar and pour the Foundation to the top of the formwork
  5. After complete drying of the cement (1 – 2 weeks) to remove the formwork and to isolate the surface of the Foundation using roofing felt or other waterproofing materials
The Council: the use of rebar or piling in the production of the Foundation for the greenhouse is not rational, so don’t waste your money and time on excessive strengthening of the Foundation

The construction of the frame ↑

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

The next stage of building a greenhouse out of old window frames will be the construction of the frame, which will subsequently be attached to the frame. Depending on the availability of free or easily available material, you can make the frame, either of wood, or from metal parts or pipes.

Frame made of wood ↑

The wooden frame is made of bars with a size of 40×60 mm for columns and 30×30 for jumpers. In the 4 corners installed beams and are joined by the same bars for greater structural strength joints can be strengthened with metal corners. The height of the pillars depends on the sizes of used window frames.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

Across a span equal to the width of the frame, installed jumper between the lower and upper bar. To them then they will be fixed Windows. At this stage of construction is to take care of future roof. After the upholstered walls window frames, would be extremely inconvenient to mount the truss system. Therefore, you should build a frame under the roof covering, which can be the same frame, plastic film and whether polycarbonate sheets.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

It is important: use only dry bars. If they do not dry out during operation greenhouse, the tree will begin to mangle that will lead to cracking of glass Windows.

Metal frame ↑

A frame made of metal angle or profile of the pipe is much more effective than wooden beams. It will stand a lot more, because it doesn’t rot by moisture, will not warp, and can withstand heavy loads.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

For the production of the frame of the greenhouse you can use the corners with a size of 32×32 mm, or shaped tubes 40х20 or 60×40 mm. they are Connected among themselves by the same principle as the wooden beams, i.e. with a step equal to the width of the crosspieces of the frame. The connection may be made by welding or with screws.

Preparing to install RAM ↑

Inspect the old window frames for the presence of broken or rotten sections. If necessary, replace the defective items or do not use this frame at all.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

Each old window frame greenhouses should undergo the following procedure preliminary training:

  1. Removed all unnecessary elements: latches, hooks, handles, hinges, etc.
  2. When an unsatisfactory condition of the old coating, it is completely stripped
  3. Carefully remove the glass
  4. To treat the wood with antiseptic substances
  5. Cover the frame with varnish or paint so they don’t rot under the influence of moisture

The construction of the walls ↑

The method of construction of walls of the greenhouse out of old window frames depends on the frame material. Total for wood and metal option have the following requirements to work on the installation of the frames:

  • The avoidance of gaps between adjacent frames and frame
  • A strong connection by means of nails or screws
  • For extra strength mounting frames to each other
  • Sealing holes and cracks

If the frame is made of wooden bars, fixing old window frames can be done with nails or screws on wood. Size of fasteners depends on thickness of the frame, but their length should be at least twice.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

If the frames are thick enough, you can pre-neverlet the holes in the mounting locations. After this frame is applied to the frame and fixed in place using a screwdriver or hammer.

It is important: ensure that the edge of each frame came exactly to the middle of the vertical bar.

When installing a greenhouse out of old window frames to the metal base will need more skills and effort than installing them on wooden blocks. As the mounting hardware used screws or bolts. Length depends on the thickness of the frame.

It is important: pre-drill holes in angles and clamping.

Installation of the greenhouse roof ↑

The roof of the greenhouse can also be made of old window frames or obthayutsya plastic film, also the variant of a greenhouse with the installation of polycarbonate panels. When fitting the film, it is necessary to construct the crate often enough that the film does not SAG and did not scaleval rainwater. In this case, the greenhouse is better to make a gable roof with slope angle more than 30 degrees. Frame the roof top is covered with a film so that the connection point of the strips was not along the greenhouse and across. The necessary overlap of the order of 20-40 cm, so that water would not flow. For more tightness, you can use glue or Scotch tape. After covering the greenhouse with the film, it is attached with thin planks, nailed to the frame of the roof, thereby pressing the film.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

If the roof of the greenhouse made from old window frames, it is possible to do some scat. Most importantly, to a sufficient angle to drain water. The window frames are attached to the frame of the greenhouse just as the side walls. You should pay special attention to sealing the cracks, not to stiff rain water.

Greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

After completion of all stages of work on the construction of the greenhouse from an old window frame with your hands, insert back glass. In most greenhouse you can lay a stone path or fill it with cement. If necessary constructed inside a water tank on the shelf under fertilizer and other facilities.

In the video you can see more info on how to build a greenhouse out of old window frames with their hands

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