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Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Availability of own land, raises questions about its rational use, not only in summer but also in winter. The most common variant is the arrangement of greenhouses and even greenhouses that will provide fresh fruits, vegetables and berries all year round. If you approach the issue of construction of the greenhouse competently and to take into account even slight nuances of operation of this design, it is possible to grow a rich harvest, not only local cultures, but also tropical.

The most popular and suitable for such purposes – greenhouses made of polycarbonate panels. Special condition quality of construction is the presence of heating. After studying the issue of installation of the heating system, it becomes clear that all work can be easily done by hand. Importantly, the effect of hot-water heating system met expectations, you need well thought out in advance what type of heating must be present in the greenhouse, to clarify the features of its installation, and only then get to work.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Heating greenhouses ↑

There are many ways to do the heating in a greenhouse with your own hands, take a closer look at the most popular ones.

Solar heating ↑

Heat from sunlight is a simple way to warm the room, requiring no material costs. The sunlight penetrates through the clear coating of the walls of the greenhouse heats the air inside the room, but also the soil. In the summer, hot and bright the sun gives enough energy to warm the air in the greenhouse. The main thing is to make the design on the wind-protected place, away from the shade of the trees.

The disadvantage of this method of heating is insufficient heat in the winter, when the light day is shortened, and the sun has not strength of light. To provide heat in the greenhouse the desired level in the winter, as a rule, use a few other methods of heating.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Air heating ↑

This method involves the operation of heating and ventilation appliances. It can be purchased factory-assembled and do-it-yourselfer. For this small steel tube is set in the following way: one end is inside the room, the second output through the chimney. This method has one small disadvantage, that in winter warm air into the greenhouse, it is heated with fires that are very inflammable.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

The use of furnaces ↑

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

This method is the oldest for space heating. Various uses of fuel make it quite economical. The boiler is installed inside the greenhouse and outside, to output only the chimney. There is one pretty significant drawback to the use of such heating system – risk of fire due to excessive heating of the boiler walls.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Heated biological fuels ↑

Wastes of animals and birds (manure, bird droppings, mullein) Peregrina and decompose, produce heat. This can be used to heat the room.

It is important! It should be noted that the biological waste decomposition process, moisturize the air and creates a favourable microclimate for growth and development of plants.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Gas heating ↑

The tendency of constant growth of cost of gas makes this method very expensive, and growing in such conditions of vegetables and fruit is economically disadvantageous. Gas can be brought to the greenhouse from a centralized system, and you can use liquefied gas in cylinders. One of the indisputable advantages of gas heating is the possibility of continuous supply of heat in the greenhouse.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

The use of electrical energy ↑

Fairly simple to use method to date, he loses his popularity, in connection with the rise in the cost of electricity. However, a variety of heating devices operating on the network, allows you to select the best option for themselves.

One such device is convector. It is a device equipped with a heating element in the form of a spiral. The warm air is evenly distributed in the greenhouse, heats air mainly. Unfortunately, heating of the soil, heat from the heater is not enough.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Heater is a small fan, which is equipped with warm air. Attracted by its cheap price and ease of use. The heater is not only able to warm the air, and provide circulation.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Cable as the heating element. The use of cable, with the aim to warm up the greenhouse is the following: it is placed along the perimeter of the greenhouse, and the location of the beds. Connected to the network cable blocks the passage of cold air through the soil, thereby keeping the warm air inside the room.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Water heating. Quite difficult to install and costly in terms of money method. Mounted pipe system, which circulates heated water. Thus, not only heats the surface of the pipe, but the air in the room. It is also worth noting that water heating system to operate effectively, its installation should be done only by professionals.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

How to choose a heating system ↑

To choose and to make the heating in the greenhouse correctly, you must correctly approach the issue and to consider the following factors:

  • the dimensions of the greenhouse;
  • type of heating used in residential building;
  • the amount of money component of the budget of the future installation of the heating system.

If the greenhouse is the place to be, to make the future the heating system must be given ready-made structures. Example: not rational and not practical to make expensive heating system in a small greenhouse.

It is important! Heat consumption should be rationally calculated and distributed throughout the area of greenhouse.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Installation of water heating ↑

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

To make heating with water system quickly, and the result was justified expectations, is to adhere to the quite simple instructions for installation:

  1. As a heater you can use an old fire extinguisher, which has already fulfilled its intended purpose. For future reference, the top of the fire extinguisher will need to cut.
  2. At the bottom of the bulb tubular electric heaters are installed, power should not exceed 1kW. For these purposes, perfect electromagnetisme elements taken from the old samovar.
  3. We make available from any available funds cap for the heater.
  4. Connected to the base of the heater two pipes from the radiator. You need to use nuts, and special rubber seals that prevent water leak.
  5. To assembled the device works in automatic mode, it will be convenient to make a special relay, voltage of 220 V. This mechanism allows to block the operation of the heaters, to achieve water desired temperature.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Installation of air heating ↑

To make heating with an air system you should use the following algorithm works:

  1. Pick up a steel pipe, the length of which is about 25 meters, diameter – 600mm.
  2. One end of the pipe taken out of the greenhouse and the other leave inside the room.
  3. From the outside, on the land located under the pipe, make a fire, burning which must be constantly maintained. Due to the flame the air in the pipe is heated and flows into the greenhouse.
Attention! This method is very simple in execution, the only thing that requires free time, to maintain the power of the flame in the fire.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Installation of electric heating ↑

This heating system can be made based on the principle of functioning «warm floor». In this case, instead of the floor is the surface of the soil in the greenhouse. Electric cable or water heating pipes are placed in the bulk soil on the pretreated surface. To do this, remove the topsoil to a depth of about 30 cm is placed insulating material, over which is poured the sand and put the heating elements.

The Council! In the process of loosening the soil, they do not damage, on top of a pipe or cable it is necessary to make special protective mesh. In the last step you need to do the backfill soil and plant the plants.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Heating greenhouses by infrared heaters ↑

In the greenhouse, along its length, it is possible to arrange several infrared heaters that help heat the plant. A greenhouse with a width of 3 meters, length 6 meters and a height of 2 meters will be sufficient to mount the 3 devices. Necessarily together with the heaters it is necessary to mount the sensor temperature and the panel with thermostat

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Heating polycarbonate greenhouses ↑

Due to the fact that the polycarbonate retains heat better than glass or plastic, these designs have received wide circulation among gardeners. It is also worth noting that this synthetic material is very lightweight and affordable. Installation of heating system in greenhouses made of polycarbonate, is no different from any other greenhouses.

Do the heating of greenhouses with their hands

Conclusion ↑

It is very difficult to answer the question, what kind of heating is most profitable in economic terms and effective level of heat loss. Each of the known methods has its positive and negative sides. So make the right choice heating can only be a consumer, which to the best of their physical capabilities will be able to choose the perfect option for themselves.

What mistakes do gardeners with the installation of heating in the greenhouse, consider the following video

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