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Installation of children’s Playground with their hands

Modern Playground in the yard of a multistory building must meet are numerous and fairly strict safety requirements. On a properly equipped site will be interesting to spend time with a child of any age, and also simple pleasures, playing on a variety of sports equipment to allow your child to develop more harmoniously.

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

In addition, children’s playgrounds, located in the street is a great place to socialize children of the same age, in which they learn to make friends, chat, and share their toys, i.e., all things which cannot be learned by walking solely with their parents or playing at home. Unfortunately, children’s outdoor playgrounds in the yards of apartment houses not always be suitable for the organization of children’s leisure, more resembling a Parking lot, «diner» for the locals, or place of gathering stray animals.

The basic requirements for playgrounds ↑

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

Playgrounds for streets shall conform to the physical development of the child, encourage existing skills and help to acquire new skills. An important feature of the right of the play set is the ability and activity of the child, without the participation of an adult. Therefore, all the grounds are usually vividly decorated and installed on the construction site can come up with a variety of options for their use.

Naturally, the installation of playgrounds in the yards should be carried out according to SNiP. Of all rules and regulations are the most relevant:

  • the isolation pad of the passages of vehicles, the distance from the Parking lots may not be less than 10 meters;
  • the Playground should be a no-go, fenced off from pedestrian paths;
  • mandatory provides for landscaping along the perimeter of the site should have both Sunny and shaded areas;
  • the minimum distance to «adults» areas and garbage containers shall not be less than 20 meters;
  • at least once in three months, all installed equipment should undergo a visual and functional inspection;
  • replacing sand in the sandbox is carried out with a frequency of 1 time per year, and the safety of the sand shall be confirmed by a sanitary-and-hygienic certificate.

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

Possible installation of children’s playgrounds in the yards separately for each age group. All three of them – for kids up to 3 years, for children of preschool age (3-7 years), and for children of primary school age (7-12 years). In practice, in the absence of sufficient space, the square is a children’s Playground in the courtyard homes are the attractions for different age groups. This option often becomes the only possible way to organize a children’s area.

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

Determine who needs to build playgrounds in the backyards ↑

Question «who should establish playgrounds in the yards» for a long time not lose its relevance. Despite the fact that the area of the courtyard of an apartment building is a municipal, improvement of children’s playgrounds in the yards is the direct responsibility of the city administration. After it is built and found to conform with REGULATIONS, and children’s playgrounds in the courtyards are transferred to the balance of management companies or TSZH, which should maintain it in perfect condition. Workers should regularly check the structural strength, to carry out the replacement of worn elements, lubrication of moving parts, freshen up the paintwork.

Until 2003, the law on the playgrounds in the courtyards in Russia was not in principle. Currently, a specially established Committee, developed the state standards, contains the standards for safety and methods of testing the strength of the equipment installed on the Playground.

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

The Standards clearly show how to install a Playground in the yard, what materials are acceptable to use when making what should be ladders, ropes or chains, the characteristics of the coating and the type of Foundation. However, formally all the requirements of the standards are recommendatory in nature, and in practice, that the children’s play area remains safe, responsible tenants, independently conducting elementary maintenance of the existing structure.

If a Playground is missing ↑

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

Quite often there is a situation that the Playground in the yard do not, but where complaining citizens simply don’t know. The first instance where it makes sense to turn is the management company or HOA. It should be understood that such treatment should not be oral – the greatest effect will be from written application. At the same time, it makes sense to make a collective letter, with the maximum number of subscribing tenants. Create a letter and collect signatures, generally, simply because even in the absence of the family young children, the tenants won’t mind if their yard «ennoble» modern Playground.

To quickly achieve the installation of the Playground in the yard, you can pre-make it a rough plan or drawing. Due to the fact that prices on all children’s Playground equipment are available online, many especially proactive residents and make preliminary estimates, which apply to the case. If a Playground is a sad spectacle, not as such, but a collective petition to the management company and remained without the answer, the following instance, where to apply, is a Council, municipal Council, local Council and other local authorities. In this case, the letter/treatment, which leaves the initiative group of tenants should be registered in reception by setting the incoming number. In this case, you can count on the fact that it is not «lost», and officials will have to answer it. If you achieve the installation of a Playground in the yard was much harder than anticipated, you might consider it a standalone device.

Is it possible to organize a children’s Playground with his own hands ^ a

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

In the case where the acquisition and installation of a ready-to-play forms is problematic, children’s Playground in the yard can be arranged with your own hands. The main condition is the use of high quality and durable material, which most frequently is the tree. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the wood parts is unacceptable poorly cleaned areas and sharp edges that can cause abrasions, cuts and splinters from kids.

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

Indispensable attribute of any Playground is the house. It can be manufactured from readily available materials, which is often unnecessary is stored in the basement or on the balconies of the citizens. Self-construction of children’s house you can implement with the children for whom it is intended.

This will not only make the process more fun, but will take into account the comments and wishes of the final «users. A Playground in the yard of a private house or apartment must include a sandbox, a photo of which you can see in the network prior to construction. As a rule, are used to produce edged boards, which need very little. Special attention should be paid to the fastening elements, it is undesirable to use screws, because only bolt connections the strength to withstand the load generated by the sand and playing in the sandbox kids.

When designing a sandbox, it is worth considering the fact that it is highly desirable to equip a cover, so do not make it overly complex form – no matter how beautiful she looked, to make her cover would be difficult. The best would be sandbox square-shaped or hexagon.

The Council! If you make the lid hinged and composed of 2 parts, the children can use the sandbox without adult assistance, which will remain only to check that the lid was closed after the games.

Installation of children's Playground with their hands

Imported sand should ideally be provided with a hygiene certificate. If you get such a problematic, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that the sand was sifted, not containing stones, and other inclusions. Very sandbox undesirable place in a constantly shaded spot, for example under trees, as this will lead to the fact that after getting wet, the sand will stay wet and cold. Wooden sandbox elements, before filling, it is best to paint or weather-resistant enamel, or cover with several layers of varnish. Some interesting ideas on self-improvement play areas for children «to spy» in the next video

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