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Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

The timely ripening of the plants in the greenhouse is ensured by the correct temperature, sufficient light and the regular influx of water. To provide a competent watering crops on a large area of the greenhouse without mechanization process very problematic. To save time and labor costs will help the improvement in the form of drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

The benefits of automation of water supply ↑

Proper organization of the irrigation procedure requires the owner of a greenhouse the basic knowledge. Not all crops need the same amount of water. The desire to increase the yield of crops often leads to oversaturation of soil moisture and fertilizers. This leads to soil depletion, the accelerated growth of weeds and accumulation of harmful substances. Much more effective to organize in a greenhouse with drip irrigation. The proposed method for the supply of moisture has a lot of advantages:

  • Saves a lot of water flow, directing it only on the root system.
  • Providing the root system with enough oxygen. When manually watering the moisture accumulated near the root pushes out oxygen and retards the growth of plants.
  • Spot watering prevents the growth of weeds and prevents the formation of crust on the soil surface.
  • Significantly reduced the risk of Contracting pathogens.
  • Facilitates the cost of their own forces on watering.
  • Allows watering to the extent needed under low water pressure.
Comment! Lack of centralized water supply provides for regular control of water level in storage tank.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

Variants of structures ↑

Automating the process of delivering moisture to the plants by drip irrigation at the moment is the most sensible solution. The advantages of the method is particularly felt in the absence of a Central water supply or low pressure. The hoses in the greenhouse are placed directly on the ground surface or in the upper layer. They are tubular and tape. The essence of the process of drip irrigation based on the cycles of water flow in the greenhouse.

To carry out the task of helping the dosing device controller is installed at the outlet of the accumulator connected to the discharge plumbing. After a set period, he opens the valve of the irrigation system of the greenhouse, after which the liquid enters the drip tube. Procedure drip irrigation is carried out with the use of a pump or by gravity. Drip tubing is equipped with nozzles through which moisture is supplied under the roots of the plants grown in the greenhouse. Time intervals between irrigation are defined in such a way that the soil after sufficient moisture has time to dry. Because plants need different amount of moisture, the greenhouse owner is responsible for implementing the configuration of the controller, setting the intensity of irrigation.

Float valve in the tank performs the function of maintaining a constant water level. The purpose of a water filter to prevent premature clogging of the nozzles of the drip tape.

To equip the greenhouse with drip irrigation, using only the materials at hand, the task is doable, but troublesome. Much more effective to choose a combined option: to buy a ready set of equipment (it includes the filter, hoses and drippers) and complement it with the controller and the storage tank.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

Depending on the size of the greenhouse, manufacturers offer various designs of irrigation facility. A small area in the range of 10-20 mTwo enough to equip a semi-automatic system of drip irrigation, without equipment pump and automation. Sets «ESA-Drops» and Chapel contain:

  • tape irrigation;
  • connectors;
  • adapter;
  • filter;
  • fasteners;
  • valves.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

Mark «Gardena» offers the option of irrigation system greenhouses without the use of the storage barrels. The equipment is connected with a valve, lowering the pressure to a Central water supply. Adding set to the programmable timer, you will become the owner of a fully automated install.

Most manufacturers sell equipment for drip irrigation of greenhouses separate elements that the consumer himself is engaged in the Assembly and adjustment of the irrigation system. Brands «Aqua-Darling» and «The rod» provide the opportunity to purchase all products in one set.

The main stages of equipment greenhouses ↑

Having made the decision to equip the greenhouse with drip irrigation, should develop a detailed plan. Based on it make the calculation of the required materials. After examining the proposals of the manufacturers of the drip irrigation system, you must decide what is more advantageous to buy a ready – made kit or purchase individual components. After the design and preparation of materials and tools, go to installation work..

Design ↑

Rigorous calculations in the future will provide a competent watering plants. By measurements of the greenhouses, all the data transferred to the drawing. Then specify:

  • sources of water supply;
  • the location of the storage tanks or a Central water supply system connected to drip irrigation system;
  • the location of all the feed channels of the source of water for the garden beds;
  • the installation location of the pump.

A detailed plan will not make a mistake in the procurement of components. Important conditions for the design include the following points:

  • drip tape is mounted to the main pipe with the use of a launch connector;
  • tape or hose for watering is located on the entire length of the beds;
  • at the end of the drip tube is plugged;
  • cleaning the filter is mounted between the main pipe and the water source;
  • you should consider the required number of plugs, valves and fittings involved in the branching of pipes on-site greenhouses,
It is important! When the inclined surface of the soil greenhouses of the pipe involved in the supply of water, set horizontally and drip tape under bias.

When selecting tubes it is better to stay on the plastic with a diameter of 32 mm. They simplify the process of installation of fittings and preparation of holes. Some more benefits of the product – resistance to corrosion, ease of use and low cost.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

Preparatory procedures ↑

On the basis of an elaborate plan to carry out the purchase of products for the installation of drip irrigation in the greenhouse. Regardless of whether it’s a ready-made kit or individual components to work you will need:

  • disk filter;
  • special drip hose, or tape, to use with a small margin because of the probability of conversion of beds in the greenhouse;
  • start connectors with rubber gasket, equipped with cranes;
  • connectors carrying hose connection with filter;
  • start connectors with gasket rubber without cranes;
  • a set of branches and repair fittings.

Taking care of buying a special filter, you will prolong the period of operation of the injector without clogging.

In addition to the components, for installation of drip irrigation system in a greenhouse will need a set of tools. Surely the owner of the greenhouse is not difficult to prepare:

  • a drill or hammer drill with set of drill bits of different diameters;
  • hacksaw or scissors to trim the pipe;
  • roulette and pliers;
  • marker;
  • a set of movable keys;
  • a shovel.

Do not forget about the additional procurement of pipes. Self-installation of drip irrigation of greenhouses will significantly reduce the costs of the family budget.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

Installation work ↑

Installation of drip irrigation system begins with a connection to the main water supply. This is done by attaching by means of a connecting hose fittings to the main line. Then the irrigation system is equipped with a filter, it is better to become the owner of a portable option with the ability to be cleaned periodically. When installing the filter, be careful. The case has an arrow showing the direction of attachment. Installation is the reverse side will not bring the expected benefit, and drip irrigation system for greenhouses quickly clogged. The rest of the mounting does not cause any problems.

The next step is the layout of the tubing and making holes in the system. Actions are performed based on a predetermined plan. Drip tape for irrigation laid out sequentially throughout the greenhouse. Marker on the pipeline marked a future point of attachment of the hoses for drip watering. Holes are formed using a drill. Mandatory condition – the conformity of the diameter of the hole rubber seal, which in the future should fit to enter into it. Start the connector with a tap is inserted into the rubber seal. The crane provides overlapping watering in the greenhouse on those beds where the plants do not need abundant moisture, and allows you to not disable the whole system. To mount the valves better on all branches, because the location of the crops in the greenhouse over time will necessarily change, and therefore will change an irrigation schedule.

Warning! With the purchase of the equipment note equipment connectors valves. Not all brands include these products in the mandatory list.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

Installation of the drip tape includes the following steps:

  • To start the connector it attaches effortlessly, it is enough to turn the nut.
  • When installing hoses for drip irrigation, note the location of the drip. It should be pointing up.
  • Tape for irrigation stretch the entire length of the beds in the greenhouse.
  • The end must be plugged. If the hose has a tape shape, cut a piece 5 cm, the edge twist and lock cut tip.

The opposite side of the highway also needs a reliable plug. The system allows branching if you need to change the layout of the beds in the greenhouse and move drip tape for irrigation to another place.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

The automation of the process ↑

Not always the conditions for irrigation are summarized in the best way. Often the greenhouse is not equipped with a trunk pipeline. To get out of this situation just by simply installing a holding tank, self-fill with water and monitor the level. The optimum height for the location of capacity from half to two meters. This will ensure the flow of the liquid in the drip irrigation system without additional pumping. If the injected water has a low temperature and will be easy to use, take care of the heated by a heating element. To facilitate the task of regular watering in the greenhouse is designed to automate the process of filling tank with water. Installation of pumping equipment will allow you to automatically pump water from the available source. Pre-calculating the norm of daily consumption, you can determine at what period of enough supply of water in the cistern or tank.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

In addition to pumping equipment, to improve the system of drip irrigation in the greenhouse will allow the automatic controller that provides control of water flow. It is equipped with a built-in sensor that allows you to program watering schedule in a greenhouse for a few days. The automatic controller is installed directly after the filter is powered by Autonomous batteries.

Before the commissioning of drip irrigation requires high quality washing. To do this, all plugs are removed only after escaping from the hoses clean water, they can be put in place and start watering plants in the greenhouse.

Process automation of drip irrigation in the greenhouse contributes to a considerable saving of time, labor and water consumption. Drip irrigation has a positive influence on the growth of crops in the greenhouse greatly increases the yield. And the effectiveness of the invested efforts, the highest award for the Amateur agronomist that allows you to enjoy organic products.

Drip irrigation in the greenhouse with their hands

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