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How to make a wooden country table

Many of the people arriving with his family in a suburban area, the first thing I want to get together at a large table to relax and eat. Meal in the country, whether it’s Breakfast, lunch or dinner, usually held outdoors. That is why your garden must be a special place that plays a role of a dining room. To was no need every time to make from your home furniture, you can just make table to give your hands from scrap materials. Of course, care must be taken not only on the construction of the table and chairs. Making table for the garden is not so difficult the case, for example, experienced a summer resident, which is not the first time engaged in the construction of structures on the site, it will take no more than one to two hours. Those who for the first time engaged in construction, will have to make some effort.

How to make a wooden country table

The pros of self-making furniture ↑

Choose the right furniture for the garden is not so difficult, because manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of products for every taste and budget. However, the manufacture of garden furniture is becoming more popular that is not surprising. This solution of the question of the regeneration of the garden can not only save a significant portion of the budget, but also to obtain in the process a lot of new experiences, giving vent to his creative powers. The result will be a thing that will not only fit perfectly to the interior, but also become the highlight of the whole house, attracting the eyes of the guests.

How to make a wooden country table

Necessary tools ↑

For the construction of a table for the garden will need the following tools:

  • a hacksaw or a circular saw;
  • drill and bit set from 1 to 10 millimeters;
  • hammer;
  • socket (12 and 14);
  • area;
  • roulette for measuring.

The building materials in construction:

  • Board in number of 11 pieces (length planks of 4 meters, width 100 millimeters, thickness 50 mm);
  • Board in the amount of 8 pieces (length of the boards is 6 meters, width 100 millimeters, thickness 50 mm);
  • galvanized furniture bolts to lock in the amount of 20 pieces;
  • galvanized nails in the amount of 100-150 pieces (3.5 to 90).

How to make a wooden country table

Drawing ↑

Before construction works it is necessary to pay special attention to the preparation of drawing of the future table. Further brief will be dismantled one such example:

How to make a wooden country tableHow to make a wooden country table

  1. table legs, 4 pieces. The leg length of 830 millimeters;
  2. the support elements of the seat into 2 pieces. Elements length of 1600 mm;
  3. the support elements worktop in 2 pieces. Elements length 80 mm;
  4. Board in the amount of 14 pieces. Length of 2 meters. Data elements required for the table and seats;
  5. Board-amplifier. Board length 800 mm;
  6. cross the Board in 2 pieces. Needed to gain seats;
  7. the elements of the amplifier design. Elements length 960 mm.
Attention! You must strictly follow the following size only if the work table is made from wood dried and planed.

Manufacturing technology ↑

Cutting elements of the future design ↑

For this you will need a hacksaw or circular saw. The sawing of the parts is as follows: with a hacksaw or a circular saw craft the required number of items for a table of boards with a size of 4 meters and 6. Based on the above drawing, you need to cut a Board 2 m long, to be used for flooring, table and seats.

How to make a wooden country table

Attention! In order to avoid mistakes when cutting out items for the side walls, it is best to cut them to the template pre-made of sturdy cardboard.

Assembly ↑

After was made by cutting all elements of the design, we proceed to their Assembly:

  • first, you need to make installation of the side parts (side panels). In order to exactly mount the parts, it is recommended to use a measuring area;
Attention! Assembly the table must be on a perfectly flat surface. This will help to prevent misalignment of the parts.
  • after installation of the sidewalls are completed, you can begin installing the legs of the table. To do this, we place the legs at the required angle and laid them on the cross members, taking the parts with nails. Then you need to use a pencil or marker to make a marking surface in those places, where will be installed the bolts. After marking, use a drill you must drill holes and secure the parts with bolts;
  • you then proceed to the connection of the side parts and countertops. This stage of Assembly is best done with an assistant. The assistant holds the first sidewall before it will be fixed. The second sidewall you hold yourself. On the upper part of the sidewalls is necessary to raise one of the planks intended for flooring table and seats. Board fastened with nails. The same point in the Assembly, repeat: on the other side of the table put up a Board and nailed her nails;
  • then proceed to the installation of the countertop. Before installation it is necessary to produce a small wedge, with which you will be able to leave equal gaps between the elements. Then start fastening the planks of the tabletop. After the installation is finished, the wedges can be removed;
  • the last stage of Assembly of the table is the installation of amplifiers. Turn design upside down and set the cross amplifiers. According to the drawing on which were assembled, amplifiers are installed in the middle of the tabletops and benches, and then nailed. In order that the design was safe, the saw cut must be sanded. Then you need to install amplifiers, having a notched neckline and a repeating cross part of the countertop. Fasten them with nails to the table top and sidewalls.

How to make a wooden country table

How to make a wooden country table

Processing ↑

After assembling the table is finished, must be processed using special tools. It is recommended to complete the processing before the start of the Assembly process, thereby it will be possible to more carefully mark all items and protect them.

To give more attractive appearance to the country table, you can use colour or varnish. The Polish will provide additional protection of the furniture and increase its lifetime.

Tables for the garden from scrap materials ↑

In addition, to make a table to give with their hands possible, using a simple available materials.

For example, what can be done with the usual stump? It is possible to make the original table, which will decorate your garden. Hemp can be decorated with mosaics, tiles or other decorative items. Everything depends on creative imagination. You can also make stools for sitting (also from stumps), previously adorned them with mosaics.

If you find the old table, then do not rush to throw it out, because he can give a second life. To remove old paint, to decorate the table top with mosaics, and the legs are painted again. This table will last for many years and will delight the eyes.

How to make a wooden country table

Tennis table for the garden ↑

To cottage it was possible to occupy yourself in some active sports, it is possible to build a table tennis table. To make it simple enough, you only need to buy the necessary materials and prepare the tools.

Materials needed:

  • 2 sheets of plywood with a thickness of 20 mm;
  • planed Board in the amount of 2 pieces (a thickness of 3 mm and a length of 3 meters);
  • racks will need building goats with the supports in the upper part.

Table size shall be 76 centimetres in height, 152 centimeters in width, and 274 cm in length.

How to make a wooden country table

Then you choose the location for table 7 in 5 meters.

The installation process:

  • construction goats must be installed horizontally at the same level;
  • after installation construction Kozlov is necessary to lay two boards on the edges of the supports 3 mm thick (planks are stacked along the length of the table). Boards are screwed by means of screws;
  • followed by laying sheets of plywood, which are subsequently secured by means of strips.

How to make a wooden country table

How to make a wooden country table

After that, the countertop must be sanded and covered with several layers of antiseptic.

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