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How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Make your own hands smokehouse zacopride fish or meat, try and feel how delicious it can be normal food after Smoking!

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Products in the Smoking process will get a wonderful aroma and taste, and this taste will be a little like the taste of smoked products purchased in the store. However, to begin to understand the intricacies, and then decide how to make a smoker for hot and cold smoked.

Study the characteristics of the Smoking process ↑

The man began to smoke the products as needed. It was noticed that after Smoking they can be kept and do not deteriorate over a long time. Ancient man is allowed to take some food with you in smoked form, and not rely on luck in hunting or fishing during the long hikes.

We smoked products at home primarily in order to give them another unique taste. You can use hot or cold Smoking. And the smokehouse are of two types. Their design is almost no different. Need to equip the hearth chamber with the hooks in, where the products will be suspended and Kapitsa, a device for collecting grease that will stand out in the Smoking process. Luggage smoked should be placed in a sealed enclosure.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

And what is the difference between hot and cold smoked? Because both processes involve the best products that are in a confined space, the smoke from the smoldering sawdust or shavings. The main difference lies in the distance separating chamber in which products are smoked, from the hearth. For hot Smoking, the smoke temperature must be high enough for cold – 35°C. a Mandatory requirement Smoking you cannot hold over an open flame.

Cold Smoking ↑

Cold Smoking takes much more time compared to hot Smoking. In this manner the products retain their appearance and acquire an amazing taste and aroma. The cold Smoking takes place at a temperature about 30°C and lasts for a few days. One should not hurry, because at this temperature bacteria breed well and not bringing the process to the end you risk is tasty to severe poisoning. Cold Smoking usually lasts 5-7 days but can last a few weeks.

It is important! Special attention should be paid to the sawdust or wood chips that you will use. Forget about sawdust from softwood, you should not use sawdust from aspen. The best choice would be:
  • alder (need to pre-clean of bark, it appears the bitterness);
  • juniper;
  • cherry and birch (also should be cleaned from bark);
  • oak;
  • maple;
  • shavings and sawdust fruit trees (cherry, Apple, sea buckthorn).

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Smokehouse cold smoked with their hands ↑

It should be remembered that the center should hold in the side of the chamber for cold Smoking. A good option would be to dig a hole in the far corner of the site, is not to use a natural elevation. In the pit is equipped with a hearth that you want to connect to the camera with a chimney. In the hearth does not need to put a fire pit with bricks, it is enough to impose the walls of the hearth.

It is very important! The length of the chimney is usually made of 2.5-3.0 meters. To do this, simply dig a trench width of 0.5 meter and depth of 0.25-0.3 meter, put the sides and bottom with brick, bonded with a clay solution, close the top with a piece of metal or slate, to cover with earth. Instead of a brick chimney in the trench to lay stove pipe. Provide valve at the top of the hearth to regulate the flow of air, the intensity of combustion and excessive smoke output. The flap can be cut from sheet metal. The place of articulation of the chimney and camera (requires a diameter of 200 mm) make airtight with the help of improvised means. You can use the same clay solution. The chimney is built.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Another solution might be to install the stove-«stoves», the flue from the chimney and install a camera for Smoking above the level of the laying of the chimney.

Make a chamber for cold Smoking barrels ↑

A simple smoker with your hands is easiest to produce from the barrel. Need 100-200 liters per barrel. Cut off the top cover, barrel before use must be cleaned and washed. In the bottom of the barrel is cut a hole for the chimney. Barrel will be set on bricks or blocks, so that problems with their articulation does not arise. From the cut-off cover or other improvised material made tray to collect grease which will flow out of products when smoked. The diameter of the pan must be smaller than the diameter of the barrel, to allow the passage of smoke.

We need to make the bars, at least one, which will coptics products. This is one of the accommodation options products when Smoking. Or to secure the steel bars in the upper part of the barrel. For rebar will hook onto the hooks, and hooks products.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

The bars make from scrap materials. It can be willow twigs that are woven to form the desired size. The cell, it is desirable to secure the thin wire. You can use thin wire and weave it to the grid, while the rim is made of wire thicker. This thick wire wrapped around the barrels to determine the proper size, slightly compressed and the rim is secured.

The grille is installed using one or several bars on different levels. In this case, the distance between the bars should be about 15 cm.

To install the tray to the walls of the barrel are welded pieces of rebar which are in the center of the barrel form a cross. Tip: provide a loop in the sump, from which it will be easy to get for cleaning.

For mounting of the grids you can make loops and weld them to the walls of the barrel. Or to screw in the barrel wall screws.

Camera cover is made of deciduous trees. It should not be massive and it is necessary to provide a few small holes for moisture. You can restrict a jute bag that just snaps on the barrel during Smoking. Remember that the bag should be moistened with water.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their handsHow to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Make a chamber for cold Smoking of brick ↑

Camera Smoking can be folded out of brick. It will be the best solution, but to build a the camera sense is only when Smoking products you do constantly and to have reached the necessary skill. Otherwise, your site will appear a rarely used structure of unknown purpose.

The camera is equipped with smoke from brick as well as the barrel. The bottom brick of a camera can be done from the cover of the barrel or from scrap materials. Bricks used sand-clay solution.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Make a chamber for cold Smoking of sheet iron ^ the

To camera manufacturers sheet iron cut, bent in the shape of a cube without one side (top), welded joints.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Camera smoke can be constructed from a variety of materials and objects: buckets (a small barrel), an old cooker or fridge.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Craftsmen produce even electrostatic smokehouse to speed up the cold smoked method. In a smoker, the thermal effect of the electric heater on the chips forms a smoke. The heater works only intermittently, thus achieving the desired temperature of the smoke to enroll in Smoking chamber. The smoke rises through the holes, passes through the grid of the HV block and is positively charged. When it enters the chamber the smoke interacts with the products suspended on the hooks. Hooks connected to the negative pole of the HV block. Products attract positively charged smoke particles and these particles are deposited on them.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

A smoker with their hands ↑

Hot Smoking takes considerably less time, because the process takes place at temperatures of smoke in the interval from 50°C for meat to 120°C for fish. Reduce the temperature, prolong the time of Smoking.

Schematically, such a smoker as follows: a container of sawdust or shavings is mounted above an open fire or source of high temperature (preheated oven). Important the temperature at which the sawdust will slowly smoulder, not the source of the fire. The smoke from the sawdust enters the Smoking chamber where the products. Under the product set the pan to collect released during the Smoking of the fat. Excess smoke is discharged through the chimney or hole in the camera cover.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Make a smoker for hot Smoking from the barrel ↑

The contrast chamber for cold Smoking would be necessary to equip the furnace. The furnace can be placed directly in the barrel:

  • In the bottom of the barrel cut a few holes, through which will be disposed ash and which will serve as podduvalom furnace.
  • At the bottom of the barrel is cut a piece of the wall, from whence the furnace door. It will be enough for a piece the size of 200х300 mm. are welded To the door hinges and handle-valve.
  • For heating accounts for around a third of the volume of the barrel, the rest will camera Smoking. The furnace and chamber are separated by a metal sheet 4 mm by thickness, This sheet will serve as the bottom of the camera. It is welded to the walls.
  • In the bottom chamber is cut a hole for the chimney. The diameter of this pipe must match the diameter of the chimney at the top of the camera. Do not get carried away with the length of the chimney, excessive draft in the furnace is not needed. The chimney is welded to the wall of the barrel.

Next thing you know: a tray for collecting fat grill or hooks, the cover with a hole for the chimney.

For more efficient use of the furnace volume of the barrel can be placed directly under it. In this case, the furnace is better to lay down of refractory bricks, providing openings for planting of sawdust and withdrawal of excess smoke. Barrel is installed on the furnace, and the vacant volume is used to embed extra bars.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

The Council. For the control mount on the wall of the barrel of a mechanical thermometer with a remote sensor. This thermometer will save you from many mistakes as you gain experience. You can use «antiquated» method and splash on the surface a few drops of water. If no hiss, nothing to worry about.

The mini smoker can be easily fitted in an ordinary metal bucket. On the bottom of the bucket poured sawdust and shavings, is installed from above the grating. In the uppermost part of the bucket in the walls are holes for the rods. The rods are hung on hooks. Get two options for placing products in small volume. In the cover such «the Smoking camera» it is necessary to provide holes for smoke. The bucket is placed on the fire. A large fire is not needed, only have sawdust to smolder. Once the decay process begins, you can sort and hang products to smoke and close the lid. Smoking will take from 30 minutes to an hour.

Another version of the mini-smoker is a metal box with a perforated lid, which can be installed on a grid over the burnt-out coals in the grill. Fried kebabs, sat down at the table and put the smoker on the grill. Good option for camping or fishing.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Understanding the principle of operation of the smokehouse for hot Smoking and after a series of experiments with the barrel, you might think about a more presentable design. You can cook a beautiful smoker stainless steel or put it out of brick.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

An excellent option to give would be to combine on one platform and in one volume of the smokehouse and grill.

Smoker and grill with your hands from a brick ↑

Work will require time and effort, but worth it – the result will delight for many years.

First select a suitable place on the site, be aware of fire safety. For convenience, you can bring this place water and sewer. Develop a sketch of your design and be sure to make a drawing laying each row of bricks. You’ll see the drawing much easier for you to work.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

You can do without the mixer and mix the solution by hand, but small-scale mechanization will speed up the work several times. Prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

The work begins with the clearing and layout of the selected location and workmanship of the Foundation. Brick smokehouse with barbecue facilities is considered to have a capital structure and strip foundations can not do. In the pit was dug, a wooden mold, which need to upholster a roofing material. Laid a layer of rubble stone, covered with gravel and filled with saline.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

It is important! The next day, after drying of the first layer is done next and so on. The number of layers depends on the size and the weight of the structure.

The last layer test level, level, do waterproofing and leave for a few days until dry.

Instead of rubble concrete Foundation can be erected. Such a Foundation is required to reinforce.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

For masonry use the red brick kiln. Start with the layout of the first row of bricks without using mortar. This will help you to make a layout and determine the location of the grilles.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

Start with laying mixing sand-cement mortar with the addition of lime. The usual ratio is 3:1:1. Water is added to volume and the solution was similar to thick cream. The second and subsequent rows are stacked extension, the laying of bricks starts from the corners. Always check the horizontal lined rows. The corners should be strengthened with tab wire.

To install the grills between the walls of the furnace are mounted corners and fittings. The furnace must be of heat resistant metal or cast iron.

The bars are easier to install if a few bricks to put the speakers inside the structure.

Place to drovnitsy and various household devices can be envisaged in the total design.

Smokehouse is made of two located one above the other volumes. So you will get a smokehouse for hot Smoking. It can be easily converted into a smokehouse for smoked, placing a portable stove or hearth at the required distance and connecting to the camera with a chimney. So you can make a smoker for hot and cold smoked.

The style of the building and its decoration choose according to your taste.

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

How to make homemade smokehouse with their hands

This is not all ways to make a smoker for hot and cold Smoking. Among them there are very cheap (the option with the bucket) and quite expensive (BBQ-smokehouse out of brick). You decide, but in any case on your Desk now will permanently place delicious smoked products.

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