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How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

What is a brick oven in a country house? This is an opportunity all winter to heat the house without using any gas or electricity. Moreover, the sense of comfort that comes from the furnace difficult with something confused. There is nothing better than the end of the day lean on its hot wall, enjoying the warmth.

Modern construction technology allows you to fold the stove so that one good kindling enough for you until the morning. Besides, well-designed design retains internal heat for 10-12 hours.

If a little bit to keep the fire in the stove, the sink can be 24 hours a day with minimal firewood. Besides, the furnace is not necessary to put fire wood. You can use the special coal. But for that, the stove needs to be folded in a special way. With the use of the refractory stone which can withstand high temperature.

It is also worth noting that furnace can have many modifications. For example, the design can be folded so that the stove will have added another and a fireplace. It will not take much space, but will bring even more warmth and comfort to any home. Besides, one tube is enough to exhaust smoke from the two furnaces.

The types of furnaces ↑

The history of the evolution of furnace designs has many centuries. It is not surprising that the folded heat-efficient and reliable furnace is an art. But with proper training and diligence, you can do this yourself, here’s a good video:

Put the stove, using a variety of methods. There are a number of parameters that define the specifics of the future of the stove:

  1. Purpose.
  2. The temperature to which to heat up the walls.
  3. The time required to heat the walls and the desired amount of fuel.
  4. The design of the chimney.
  5. The level of heat.
  6. The scheme of movement of gases in channels.
  7. Form.
  8. Finish material outer walls.
  9. Main material.

Based on all these parameters, you fold oven of your dreams. Importantly, at the initial stage to make a drawing with detailed diagrams. The project is necessary to describe in detail all features of the future design. But before that you need to decide what kind of stove you need.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

Folded heating stove easier. It performs the main function — gives warmth to the people and the house. Such structures do not carry any additional functionality, but are reliable and convenient in operation, for which he won many sympathies among truckers.

Naturally, all heating furnaces are classified according to the heat transfer, the time needed for firewood and the degree of heating of the walls. These parameters need to be grounded in the first place, before you set up the oven with his own hands.

If you want to bake with a moderate heat, lay it in a brick. These ovens slowly heat up and slowly cool down. The average wall temperature of about 60 degrees.

The heating furnace can not be called a refinement of architectural thought. But massive design and simple forms create a sense of monumentality. Besides, if artfully to lay down the bricks in this stove — it can be a great decor item.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

Moreover, do not forget about exterior decoration. After you fold the stove can be plastered and put on top of the tile. First, it protects the design from destruction, and secondly, giving it a beautiful and aesthetic appearance.

It is important! Before you set up the heating of the brick oven with his own hands, keep in mind that it requires extremely a lot of material.

Typical representatives of the family heating stoves classify such constructions as:

  • «Dutch»,
  • OPT-3,
  • Triangular oven,
  • Oven Grum-Grimailo,
  • OTP-11
  • Rectangular heating,
  • T-shaped.

These furnaces are rarely popular. The fact that in order to lose takes a lot of time and materials, and the functionality is the result of poor.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

Very often in country houses, the owners decide to fold it heating and cooking stove. This building has a lot of advantages in comparison with conventional stove. On it without any problems and even comfort you can prepare meals, using pine, birch or yew wood.

It is important! About 90% of the orders at Pechnikov accounted for by heating and cooking designs.

The main element of this oven is a cooking surface made of cast iron. The oven is built not everywhere, so as to be folded, you need to show great skill. The most advanced designs have the following additional features:

  • chamber for baking bread,
  • bed,
  • alcove for drying firewood,
  • boiler water heating.

In fact, the number of additional functions depends solely on your capabilities and desires. In fact, from the simple stove can be folded up real multi-processor, which will become the main decoration of the kitchen. About the savings, even to say no. Besides, food made from such plates are always delicious.

Attention! The level of efficiency in heating and cooking designs up to 65%. The heat capacity of about 4 KW.

These ovens are able to keep warm. Moreover, they provide powerful traction. Most importantly, all add up to the smoke was coming directly into the pipe, not inside the room. The most common designs:

  • «Swedish»,
  • Oven Volkova,
  • «Housekeeper»,
  • «Caboose»,
  • «Baby».

As you can see, there is a huge variety of heating and cooking stoves, which you can easily and profitably for the family budget to prepare something delicious.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

Design with heating pads is a cheap solution that includes all necessary to make functional. To fold this structure, we need a minimum of materials and physical labor. Enough 175 for full bricks masonry.

Despite the minimal cost of the construction, the efficiency of the stove more than high. This type of furnace is in high popularity among gardeners of old age because of the convenience and cheapness.

In side are the stove for a bath. Usually it is simple heater, not distinguished by any architectural delights. Their main role is to heat the water in the bath and effectively raise the temperature. Such heating furnace can store heat for two days.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

The Council! The main advantage of the stoves is the possibility of customization to suit any room.

Of course, these types of classification is not limited to furnaces. In fact there are a huge number of species that are classified by many parameters. The most popular system has just been described.

What is better to lay down brick kiln ↑

Need to distinguish normal refractory brick from the furnace. First, the latter can withstand temperatures above 1000 degrees. Secondly, if it is abruptly cooled, the structure cracks.

For the construction of stoves use four types of furnace brick:

  1. Quartz. This brick is the result of the firing of sand and clay.
  2. Carbon consists of graphite.
  3. Fireclay. Best suited for the fireplace. But we cannot ignore its unique insulating qualities. It is able to withstand temperatures up to 1600 degrees. It does not crack and does not lose its qualities. The only negative is a yellowish tint.
  4. Main — used when need to add a metallurgical furnace.

In fact, strict rules regarding the choice of materials for masonry when construction is not. However, there are some recommendations that perform better, the main one applies to fireclay brick. It needs to be put in the hottest places, namely in the area of the firebox and chimney. For all other areas, the brand should not be below M-200.

Attention! The best stove is considered to be the bricks of M-500.

Make oven own hands ↑

The choice of location ↑

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

To put a good heating facility, you need to choose the right place. This should take into account the following standards:

  1. From the flue to wooden structures must be greater than 37 cm.
  2. The minimum distance of the pipe from the ridge half a meter. The height above the ridge two feet.
  3. If the pipe to the ridge of 1.5—3 meters can be placed on a par with him.

It is best to fold the stove in the middle of the house. This will ensure even heat distribution and ease of use.

Materials and tools ↑

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

In addition to the bricks will also need several other materials to construct the stove. These include:

  • clay,
  • sand,
  • fittings.

These are the basic materials excluding components, but still need to take care of the doors of the vents, the podduvalom, furnace and so on.

To put good the stove mix the correct solution. It is best to use a special refractory clay, in the extreme case can and red. The grains of sand should be no more than 1 mm. the Optimal ratio is achieved empirically. Usually it is 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. Plus 25 percent water of the total volume of clay.

Fundamental role in the construction of furnaces play metal objects. To fold a decent design required the doors and poluvery, grates, cast iron valve, gate valves and dampers. All of these elements if necessary, can be made with your own hands, but will need to purchase iron sheets.

Of course, without good tools put the stove does not work, you will need:

  • hammer-kirochka is specially for oven,
  • trowel,
  • the line-rule,
  • mochalny brush,
  • roulette,
  • plumb,
  • level.

With this uncomplicated tools you will be able to lay down any oven.

The process of building the stove ↑

Foundation pit dug, the backfill and a reinforced frame. The resulting structure is poured concrete. Before you set up the stove, make sure there before my eyes schemes of bricks.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

When working it is very important to comply with the order. Or fold a quality oven will not work. The slightest deviation in construction will lead to the fact that one of the channels will be closed. The result is more than deplorable. Smoke instead of out through the chimney will go in the room.

How to fold of the brick oven with his own hands

The first row is placed on the cord. Each clutch can be verified using the level. The angles are controlled by the Dodger. After the laying is completed sets stove equipment, for example, of the burner. Pipe outside in the end. To find out more, how to fold oven, watch the video below:

In order to put the stove under current rules, the distance from the inner wall of the chimney to the nearest structures shall be not less than 38 centimeters. When installing a cast iron stove, and the gaps on the sides should be at least 5 millimeters.

The results ↑

Put the stove on forces to everyone. Important to choose from the beginning the right view and create a project where you need to describe in detail the features of the future stove. In order not to bother creating unique drawings, you can take the finished pictures.

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