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Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Almost all gardeners and gardeners believe that a good harvest largely depends on the quality of seedlings for cultivation which use greenhouses of various types and sizes. In greenhouses the plants and creates a favorable environment for the growth, thereby significantly improving the yield.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Options homemade mini-greenhouses, there is quite a lot and they are mostly similar. Depending on the number of seedlings and the needs of the owner, the greenhouse design can be arranged both on the plot and outside the building and on the balcony.

Requirements for the design of greenhouses ↑

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings No matter what type and size of greenhouse constructions will be selected, it must meet the following requirements:

  • to provide the plants a favorable environment for normal growth and development;
  • to provide free access to the plants;
  • have a good appearance;
  • to be sturdy and withstand several cycles of growing seedlings.

To create a greenhouse does not have to build a major structure of the booth or stone, glass or polycarbonate and carry significant financial and physical costs. Usually for seedlings enough even small design collected from scrap materials. Consider a few mini-greenhouses that can easily do yourself.

The frame structure made of pipes ^ the

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

When the need for a large number of seedlings to create a greenhouse out of plastic pipes for the frame and boards for the beds. The design of the pipe is covered with plastic wrap, which will protect future plants from adverse atmospheric effects and at the same time will provide a pass of sufficient daylight. The sizes of the mini greenhouses can be different, but the length of the structure shall not exceed three meters.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Before installing the greenhouse should be clear and smooth the place where it will be, then cover it with mesh, film or agricultural fiber. Inside the wooden boxes for raised beds is sure to make a drainage layer and fill it with fertile soil. There are several options for film top the open cover different design or a folding canopy made of polyethylene.

In greenhouses square shape two plastic tubes in the form of an arc cross, and in the long structures requires a number of such arcs. If it is not possible to buy plastic pipe, you can use the durable steel armature of a small section. However, such a framework should consist of a larger number of control arcs than in the design of plastic.

Film greenhouse for seedlings ↑

The simplest greenhouse with solar heat can be created from wooden frames covered with sheet plastic or thick transparent plastic film. For the normal heating of the air inside the structure should be oriented East to West and to use a gable roof option.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Before you begin to create a mini-greenhouse is required to determine the size of future construction and to prepare the appropriate materials:

  • lumber with a cross section of 100×100 mm and 25х50 mm for frame and frames;
  • protective impregnation;
  • nails;
  • loop;
  • transparent plastic or the sheets of thin plastic.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

The Council! For convenience, all frames should do the same. In dry weather they can be removed for fresh air and set in the evening at a place that the seedlings are not perished.

On a prepared surface to perform the layout. Notched boards section of 100×100 mm are subjected to a special impregnation, and deepened into the ground at the corners of the future greenhouse. The Foundation is laid with bricks and sealed with cement mortar. The lower and upper rail of the greenhouse sealed beam 25х50 mm by 700 mm. in the same way, strengthening the North and South slope of the roof.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Further, from the reek 25х50 mm to make a reasonable number of frames with size 700х1500 mm and covered with polyethylene film. Frame paint paint to protect the wood from the negative effects of moisture. Part of the bars to dissolve lengthwise into two halves and nail to the bottom and trim the top of the frame of the greenhouse to install the illuminated film frames. Mounted sections are fixed with special clamps. From the West side to install the door 750х1700 mm, collected from Reiki 25х50 mm and also covered with a transparent film.

Like a greenhouse for plants has the following advantages:

  • low cost;
  • easy and quick installation;
  • the frame can be easily removed for the winter and stored in hozbloke until the following spring;
  • in the case of damage to the film is it easy to replace new.

Sowing seeds for seedlings can be done at the beginning of April, and the insulation of the walls and in the month of March.

The design of the window frames ↑

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings Obsolete the old glazed frame for Windows can still be useful to create mini-greenhouses for growing seedlings. Design can be any shape and design. And, because your imagination can make the greenhouse a worthy ornament of any balcony or garden.

Miniature greenhouse from scrap materials ↑

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings Well save the precious free place will allow a miniature greenhouse for seedlings that you can buy ready-made or make yourself from scrap materials. The easiest option is to use plastic containers from cakes and semi-processed products, which are currently being sold very much. Also suitable transparent egg trays with plastic lids.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

As a liner in the container for seedlings you can use special peat tablets, and cell from a cardboard egg trays cut to the exact size of compartments and contains nourishing soil. In the case if you use egg plastic tray, before filling it with soil, it is desirable to do in its bottom a small hole to remove excess moisture.

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

Peat tablets can replace the empty shell of the eggs or pieces of cardboard tubes from rolls of toilet paper. These makeshift container made from natural materials deteriorate with time serving as a nutrient medium for plants and do not leave any traces.

Miniature greenhouse out of a plastic barrel ↑

Home mini greenhouse for seedlings

A good miniature greenhouse can come out of an old barrel made of plastic. For this you need to make the slots in the sidewall of the container, without affecting the ribs. Transparent cover is cut out of thick transparent polyethylene fixed furniture sobomehin or double-sided tape.

Afterword ↑

We have considered only the basic types of homemade mini-greenhouses. Every day craftsmen come up with new options. You can use one of the presented types of greenhouses or invent something of my own, saving my money and getting moral satisfaction from the results of their work.

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