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How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

Geometric sectional shape of a hollow rectangular profile ensures high rigidity and relative ease of manufacture.

Scheme of greenhouses of profile pipes with his hands, shown in the figure below, allows us to estimate the potential consumption of materials and labor for construction of the structure. The types and cross-sections indicated in figure represent the drawing of fasteners to connect the parts used in the Assembly of the greenhouse construction.

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

Widespread construction of greenhouses of the shaped tube of two types – gable and the arched shape of the roof. The standard size of a greenhouse from a profile pipe is a design with a width of 3 meters and a length of 6 meters.

The production greenhouses of profile pipes with your hands easier to execute with slope designs presented in the diagram above, due to the lack of necessity of changing the geometry of metal to give it a curved profile.

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

Greenhouse of profile pipes with the arcuate shape of the frame at the same length of structural elements, and pitched the building to allow the construction of larger in height and width. Drawing greenhouses of the shaped tube 20×20 with an arc profile, presented below, demonstrates.

Arch greenhouses of profile pipes have a more ergonomic appearance and greatly simplify laying the covering material, be it polycarbonate or polyethylene. At the same time for glazing and a longer lifetime is more suitable for a greenhouse is a house made of profiled pipes.

It is important! Metal profile must be protected from corrosion, otherwise a limited lifespan.

How to paint metal greenhouse of profile pipes is determined by the surface condition. Stainless steel with metal – painting is not required at the surface without traces of rust – sufficient three-layer application of a medium, if the surface rust will require acid treatment and multi-layered cover with soil.

Gable design ↑

Gable greenhouse from a profile pipe with your hands is the most common production facilities with rigid hull, designed for continuous operation and suitable for glazing or applying a polymeric covering material.

The main component of any greenhouse building is a profiled metal skeleton, which is a support structure for securing covers to protect crops against atmospheric influences. Greenhouse frame construction with gable roof can be made in two ways:

  1. Execution of cuts at three points along the length of the profile, the execution of the bend to the desired angle and fixing by welding.
  2. The Assembly of the segments connecting the individual stands with the help of tees and their mutual fastening by means of bolted connections.

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

Drawing of the greenhouse construction with dimensions given below, illustrates structural elements included in its composition and which imparts the required rigidity to the finished structure.

Are the greenhouse profile of the square pipe has a size of 6×4 meters and a gable roof, the entrance is off-centered, which means the beds of different widths. The slope of a roof equipped with a ventilator for ventilating and maintaining the desired climate.

Frame greenhouse buildings is the main load bearing element and requires careful bonding of the components together using split bolt connections or by welding. For the rational use of material and minimizing waste (scrap), design greenhouse construction should include the use of a solid metal whip, subject to the width and height of the buildings.

The calculation of the greenhouse from a profile pipe in this case is reduced to the determination of the height of the gable roof [hrepresenting a right-angled triangle with base equal to the width of the structure [S]. Thigh length of the triangle in this calculation will be determined as half the difference of the length of the metal [L] and twice the height of the side wall structures [H], taking into account the height of the Foundation [hOne]. Elevation of Foundation above ground level reduces the calculated height of the side surface by the amount equal to twice the value.

Calculator greenhouse structures in this case can be represented by the formula:

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

The calculation of frame structure design is to determine the total length of metal, obtained by summing the lengths of all parts.

To calculate the core tube for greenhouse 3×4 assuming that one segment is made from a solid whip of metal, by applying the following relationship:

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

It is important! Stock lengths 10% adopted with eight struts, four on each end. With a larger number of stiffeners required increase in safety factor.

Welding frame ↑

Welding of the frame of the greenhouse facilities needed to connect the parts together and give the structure rigidity.

Diagram of cuts along the length of a string is metal and it bend, presented below, demonstrate the maintenance operations on the Assembly main part, which forms the backbone of greenhouse construction. The welding on the folds allowing a rigid frame element.

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

Arched design ↑

Manufacturer of greenhouse structures at the arched vault includes the following activities:

  1. Prepared and fastened to the base longitudinal base with the guides for vertical arcs.
  2. Prepare the arc of the arch, which will require galvanized pipe for greenhouses section 20×20. Rental is bent at 90On around a concrete ring with a diameter of 3 m, this method is a practical solution to obtain the arc profile, without special tools.
  3. Made to mount vertical arcs, for which it is inserted and mounted in the longitudinal guide of the base.
  4. The vertical connection between arcs is performed by means of longitudinal slats with guide, the size of which is determined by how long will a homemade greenhouse from a profile pipe.

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

Below is the scheme for greenhouse construction the arch forms with the designation of structural elements in the manufacture of poludov, and not the whole Assembly unit in the form of an arch. This pattern of production requires a greater number of longitudinal strips, which increases the metal content and weight.

The larger size of the arched structure will require connection details between themselves by means of welding. The video of the installation process is similar to the design shown below:

How to bend a profile tube for greenhouse ↑

Below is the video demonstrating how to bend the profile tube for greenhouse with homemade bending and answering the question – How to bend the profiled pipe for the greenhouse? The use of machining equipment allows us to achieve a gradual change form one piece of metal and get a good arched vault without the use of additional joints between elements.

In the absence of treboganova machine or device, the algorithm for obtaining the bent shape of metal, can be formulated as follows:

  1. Bending should be performed around the object of cylindrical shape with a transverse size corresponding to the diameter of the arch, for example, around the concrete ring.
  2. In order to avoid a sharp bend you must fill the internal cavity with sand and seal it at both ends with wooden plugs.
  3. To avoid bias, the metal should be anchored in concrete ring in the middle, and to obtain a uniform profile for simultaneous bending in both directions.
  4. For best bending the surface of the material can be heated with a blowtorch.

Video showing the operation treboganova of the machine, for receiving the bent shape of metal in a garage can be seen below:

Equipment for production greenhouses of profile pipes, in addition to the discussed above trubogib machines may include a manual device for bending short lengths. Also, for working metal in the manufacturing process will require the following power tools: angle grinder or impeller, welding transformer, drill with variable speed and screw gun, if this is not possible.

The finished greenhouse from a profile pipe ↑

Greenhouses of the shaped tube shown in the photo below clearly demonstrate what can be achieved, if you want to build a greenhouse building on the plot with their own hands.

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

How to make a greenhouse of profile pipes

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