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The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

Many of the guard dogs are too big for typical apartments (Caucasian Ovcharka, alabay), so they prefer to keep in the yard, on the street. However, you must take care of the home for the dog, consider where it will rest, sleep, hide from rain. Usually the owners for their Pets build the booth.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

The General pattern when calculating the size of a dog ↑

When building or buying a shelter for a dog must take into account its size. In the little booth it will be cramped and uncomfortable. Too – cold in winter, the guard will freeze. The kennel should allow your pet to freely come in, lie down, turn around.

If your pet only a few months old, then there are 2 options: to build 2 boxes («puppy», with a small margin and «adult») or doing the housing directly to the size of the grown animal. In the latter case, should be guided by the standards of the breed, if the puppy is purebred. If the mongrel, it is possible to proceed from the size of parents and the projected growth.

To calculate the required parameters of the booth, you will need to measure:

  • the width of the chest of the dog;
  • length from tip of nose to end of tail;
  • the height at the withers;
  • total height from floor to head.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

Having all the parameters, you can proceed to the calculation of the size of the kennel. The following relations between the dimensions of the dog and the internal dimensions of the booth:

  • the height and width of the box equal to the total height of the dog + 5 cm;
  • the depth of the shell equal to the length of the dog + 5 cm;
  • the hole is 5 cm wider than the width of the chest and 5 cm lower than the height at the withers.

Thus it is easy to calculate the size of a dog of any breed and build a perfect home for pet.

Video: What should be the doghouse for the dog. Rules and dimensions.

If you buy ready-made box ↑

Separately for each breed booths are not made. Producers come from splitting them into 3 groups: small, medium, large. And for each of the categories using averaged parameters. Of course, this does not take into account the individual characteristics of each dog, because even within each group there is considerable variation in size. Therefore it is not always sold the pitches will be suitable for each individual pet. To correctly select the ready box, you need to know the size of the dog.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

For small breeds (Dachshund, Terrier, pug) have the following dimensions: 60х80х60 to see the Hole 40×30 cm and less.

For medium (these are, for example, the sizes of the kennels for huskies, huskies, etc.): 80х110х80 to see LAZ 45х35 cm.

For large (Caucasian Alabai): 110х130х110 to see LAZ 50×40.

How to choose a place to kennel ↑

There are several requirements to the correct location of the kennel. Whether it’s a kennel for German shepherds or mutts, a list of same:

  • Secured area should be fully visible. Guard dog is necessary to control all the movements on the master site, because it is constantly on the «service».
  • Room for the dog should be removed from human homes at 10-15 m. Then the owners and the guard will not interfere with each other.
  • Unacceptable joint maintenance of dogs and other animals (cows, horses, etc.). Noise, fumes, odors, etc. negatively affect the condition and health of the caretaker.
  • A doghouse should be a bright, well-lit place. But there needs to be a shadow, to a pet in the summer to take refuge from the scorching sun. The best option – under a tree or canopy.
  • The venue for the kennel should be dry, that it does not accumulate water. A good option is to put a box on the hill. Then the water will drain, and the review will be great.
Attention! The area must be done with a slight slope to drain excess water. Then you need to clean the holes, leveled and compacted the ground.
Carefully! The plot allocated for the movements of the dog should be clean sharp and pointed objects, the animal is not hurt. Also on the site must not be other items that hinder the movements of the guard.
  • When installing the house, you should Orient it to the cardinal and to take into account the prevailing wind direction. Drafts adversely affect the health of dogs. The entrance should be directed in the direction from which the wind does not blow to winter or autumn in the booth didn’t blow out the snow and rain.
  • Desirable to put the kennel directly on the ground. Then in wet weather the floor will be wet and cold, under it will be trapped moisture. Better to bring a small Foundation, use a stand or placed on feet. The gap width of 5-10 cm between the floor and the ground necessary for the bottom is ventilated and not wet from surface.
  • Bowls should be placed so that the animal could accidentally turn.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

Attention! Most enjoyable for dog paws cover – natural. It can be ground, lawn or plain of grass, sand with gravel. Artificial turf may be hazardous to animal health. So, on the tile pet will constantly slip, leading to injury. Concrete is gaining cold and damp, because of this, the dogs get cold.

The size of the booths for guard breeds ↑

Attention! If the box will seem cramped and uncomfortable, the dog is unlikely to live in it. With a too large size the dog is not able to heat the room your body and will freeze.

The size of dog kennels for the huskies. The optimal length indoors – up to 100 cm, height (excluding roof) and width up to 80 cm. Hole of small size, about 40-45 30-35 cm, with a threshold height of about 20cm, it is possible additionally to upholster anything that is not quickly worn out. In winter, the entrance should zameshivaetsya burlap or another thick fabric so that the door lay a small overlap on the door and the threshold.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

Size kennels for German shepherd: length 80 cm, width and height (at lowest point) – 70 cm Size of the hole 45х35 see it is Also desirable to provide a sill to keep water, dirt and dust remained on the outside.

Home for husky a little different from the place where it will live husky or shepherd: length 90 cm, width and height to 70 cm Size of the hole 45х35 cm.

A few more booth for Caucasian shepherd. The size will be approximately the following: the interior 90х80х110 cm (Wksht). LAZ approximately 40×50 cm.

The most spacious booth Alabai: the size of her 90х100х130 cm (Wksht). LAZ to 45х55 cm.

Next to the kennel it is possible to equip a wooden shield 100×150 cm Is a small deck for feeding and resting dogs, so she doesn’t lay in the mud. Also need a strong hook or a ring for tying a pet, even if you do not want the content of his chain. Sometimes you need to hold the animal.

Features of the structure ↑

For kennel best suited natural wood: boards, slabs, thin beams etc. Need to handle the materials with preservatives that prevent rotting and mildew formation. Outside, you can use plywood, MDF and other materials. On the external side can be painted the booth. So it will look more attractive, and the tree will be protected from moisture. Inside use coating materials not recommended.

The Council! It is better not to use for the outer skin to the metal, because the chain will rattle on it.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

The roof can be made lean-to or gable. The first option is preferable, because dogs love to lay on the roof of their houses. If the pet most of the time are kept on a leash, the jumping up and down will allow him not to lose shape. The angle of the roof is small, no more than 20-30°. Best of 15-20°. On top of it should be covered with waterproof material. Knowing the size of the dog and the angle is easy to calculate the necessary length and to calculate the amount of material. You can make a flat roof, but in this case it can accumulate water. The roof must be up to make it easy to restore order. Also be nice, if the roof is to protrude, forming «canopy» above the entrance. It would be extra protection from rain and snow.

Tip! The roof box should be removable, because it is the only way to clean and disinfect inside.

The floor and walls inside should be smooth, without cracks. For areas with cold winters need to consider the insulation of the booth. Usually internal walls sheathed with foam. It is affordable and cheap material, but it retains heat well. Inside, you can make a litter. Especially good hay, and stubble, because they are easy to lay and clean. Summer bedding is not needed.

Attention! What would warm the box, it is necessary to provide a place to stay overnight or heating the dog in the house in case it’s really cold, wet or strong wind.

Entrance halt the sacking or tarpaulin. In cold areas sometimes use felt. The size of the shower curtain in the length and width of 3-5 cm more than the hole. Otherwise, it will tightly close the entrance . If «door» is too big, it will get stuck inside the booth, which will create additional inconvenience for the guard. If excessive length of the dog will step on it, which would also prevent free movement.

The dimensions of the box for Ovcharka, Central Asian shepherd and other dogs

Perhaps the main thing you should rely on calculating the size of the dog is its very own dimensions. Only in this case the housing will meet the needs of your pet.

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