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A children’s sandbox out of wood

Summer without sandbox is not enough, an active children’s rest is worth nothing when there is no possibility to work with sand. If in your yard there is no sand box for children to play on the air, then after a while you will tear kids from the fresh sand piles in the neighborhood, brought someone for repair. In this case, without building a sandbox out of wood with his own hands (pictured) just will not do. To buy expensive to get up and arms – easier, better and cheaper.

A children's sandbox out of wood

Undertaking the construction of such an unusual subject as children’s wooden sandbox, you need to treat it as a toy for a child, not a building. To do it you will not for themselves and their neighbors, and especially for children. So, watch it to the eyes of children and those who periodically imposes order on a sandy field.

What it is – a place to play and rest ↑

Why children’s sandbox should be built of wood. There are a couple good reasons for that, and they need to know and to consider in the manufacture of:

  • Wood is a fantastic material, it is possible to assemble lightweight and durable design that’s easy to refresh, repair or remodel under a new project;
  • Wooden sandbox requires very careful treatment of the surface, which will contact the hands of children and adults;
  • Design the top Board of the table top should be covered with varnish, as an option, the wood surface can be lined with plastic sheets or sand, with the further processing of the atmospheric resistant enamel;
It is important! If the talent and imagination allow – consider the project of wooden structures for kids which really can be taken apart with your hands, to clean for the winter or move to another location if in the yard will require relocation.

Explore wooden sandbox in the photo, they may contain interesting solutions.

A children's sandbox out of wood

A children's sandbox out of wood

A children's sandbox out of wood

The version of the sandbox from the tree ↑

The best would be option 1,5×1,5 meters, with a height of 30cm and mounted in two parallel wooden table tops with a width of 40cm. These dimensions allow you to wield three kids without the threat of crowding or injury due to the fall.

A children's sandbox out of wood

Design of the sandbox would require the use of solid wooden boards, preferably made of larch or pine, planed and polished on woodworking machines. To build the basic boxes need eight 30mm boards 15х150см and two 40cm boards for countertops.

For Assembly you will need four corner No. 75, length 20-25cm, the pair of door canopies 120-150mm, 30 pieces screws 8х40 flat cap with cruciform base, the same reference washers and grower, with ten screws in wood. This screw has a cross-shaped element under the hat, he slams into the wooden surface and locks against rotation in the nut torque.

The Council! One of the four sides of a wooden sandbox can be hinged, which greatly facilitate the cleaning of the sand or its replacement, and do prevention will need at least once in a month of intense use.

As the cloth of the bottom is better to use a tarp, it is heavier than a film worse removed, but much stronger and more durable. Often stationary wooden sandbox for children tamped the ground and lift the base above the ground so that the flow of rainwater is not tempted to base wooden sandbox.

Preparation of materials and components for the Assembly ↑

Training material is no less important than the Assembly process. Before Assembly it is necessary to finalize the surface for a sketch to consider in detail the shape of the product, its reliability, Assembly sequence and installation position, most comfortable for children.

The Assembly sequence of the sandbox ↑

  1. Carefully check the dimensions and customize the entire set of boards under the required 1.5 meters in length, mark out on the boards and the steel parts of the drilling locations for the screws;
    A children's sandbox out of wood
  2. Manually go to sandpaper places on wood surfaces that are not accurately process the machine is. Even professional woodworking machine will not be able to guarantee a perfect surface that prevents splinters and pinhole. Separate overwrite of the laths. Future wooden sandbox should be checked with your own hands.
  3. Drill holes with a grinder remove burrs and raised wood fibers. They are dangerous to the hands of children. After machining the entire surface of the sandbox treated wood primer, lacquer or varnish, depending on the form of further paint or varnish;
    A children's sandbox out of wood
  4. Assembly is easy, even if do not have skills with wood and metal. After connecting wooden boards fastened side of the countertop using screws. They can be installed with overhang beyond the sides 10 cm. The table top surface is primed and painted safe for children composition.

One of the options for children’s sandboxes, gathered with his own hands made of wood, provides the ability to perform one of the sides hinged at the eaves. Throwing back the wooden Board, you can easily study the surface of the sand with a rake with fine teeth to remove debris or to find lost children items.

Extra comfort for children ↑

In addition to beautiful and durable box, wooden sandbox for children should provide the maximum level of comfort and security. It is clear that the main component of the sandbox is the sand. Care rules as the sand mass is simple, but the main thing is you have to run.

Before filling the sandbox install the box on the planned location and make the area small rovshik a depth of 3-5 cm in shape and size corresponding to the base case of the sandbox. Wooden box set into the ditch and riprap on the outside with a mixture of sand and gravel. During the boot process, sand the whole mass must be carefully sifted through a grid with a cell not less than 1cm.

A children's sandbox out of wood

For wooden sandbox will suit white coarse sand. It is believed that the river safer for children on the content of heavy metals and the background radiation, but it has a huge amount of adverse for children river microflora, so no harm will be washed in running water. Quarry sand cleaner, but rougher to the skin of the hands of children.

Flushing will get rid of fine sand or street dust. Even the highest quality sand in a month of stay in a wooden sandbox «catch» a lot of extra. To protect a wooden sandbox can be from dirt, leaves, birds and stray animals only with a tent or cover. Harder if sandpit is in the public yard. In this case it is necessary before children on the sand to check the presence of bottles and cigarette butts. For some reason wooden sandpits and Playground is a favorite place of rest for the night punks and beer lovers.

Protection from bacteria and burns ↑

Normal conditions of use of the sand children require to provide normal cleaning of debris, dirt and harmful bacteria. To remove the first two surface of the sandbox you will need to close the fabric cover or lid. At least one or two times in the summer, the sand should be washed with rainwater or tap water with subsequent drying in the sun.

The sunlight has a strong bactericidal effect on the sand, drying it and partly even prikalivaet. If you put the mass in a thin layer in the sun during the day solar radiation and warm, and it cleans the sand and wood of the sandbox from bacteria. For normal maintenance of the sanitary condition of the wooden sandpit must be subjected to heat as often as possible.

In addition to hazardous microorganisms, children wooden sandbox play in the sun and risking excessive ultraviolet light and heat of the summer sun. To protect children from direct flows and rainfall, it is advisable to use a sunshade or an umbrella.

A children's sandbox out of wood

It can be easily installed over a wooden sandbox, if welded to one of the steel angles connecting the sides, cut the metal pipe with the clamp, allowing you to fix the pole of the umbrella. This period can serve as a support and stand for the solar canopy or umbrella.

The end of the season sandbox ↑

At the end of the warm season, with the advent of intense precipitation play in wooden sandbox gets cold and unsafe. It needs to be disassembled and moved to storage in dry and ventilated room. Lifetime well made wooden sandbox can reach 15 years. Subsequently, you can implement the sandbox, if the child grew up and lost interest in it.

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