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Plastic sandbox for children

Although this method for a million years, but more simple and useful option to take your baby on a fresh vacation, there is probably no. In addition to rest and work, and exercise. But provided that play has with maximum convenience and safety. If possible, you should use the most modern materials and technologies in the construction of a Playground and sandbox especially.

Plastic sandbox for children

Giving children a good play in the sandbox ↑

The sandbox will help you to keep your children playing with the sand love to Tinker as kids and older guys. Modeling Sandcastle develops fine motor skills, promotes development of play skills. This will allow you to make friends with children of different ages and combine them with the total game. In a sandbox you can play individually, and the company of children.

Playing with sand will be trained to share buckets and shovels, peacefully resolve disputes and conflicts. Mom will get some free time to socialize with each other, while the children are busy in the sandbox.

Moreover, stay in the sand box will allow the children a long time to play outdoors with the health benefits.

Contemporary courtyard can offer several options of sand fun

  • Sharing with other kids one sandbox on the Playground in the courtyard of the flats;
  • To play with close friends on random sand pile brought by the owner for minor repairs;
  • To use an individual’s toy set, in this case, the sandbox becomes a toy too, but only if it looks like a toy and attracts the interest of the child.
It is important! The easiest way to ensure proper hygiene it is probable that in modern plastic sandbox.

Psychologically it is very important to the field of view of the children were bright and pleasant to the touch the items. In this sense, colored plastic toys, shovels, buckets, everything you need for fun in the sand, form them in a good mood and a positive Outlook on life. The plastic design is in this sense contrasts sharply with the dull colors of old sandboxes, even painted a fresh coat of paint.

Plastic sandbox for children

In addition, the touch smooth and warm Board with a plastic sandbox is fundamentally different from the painted surface. In this sense, children’s plastic sandbox out of the competition.

A new approach in the construction of a sand arena for children ↑

In recent years become popular plastic sandbox. They are made of harmless for children, plastic meet all the requirements of the standardization of children’s products. They are made as copies of characters from modern cartoons, very popular with children. Usually children enjoy playing in such a colorful and unusual shaped colored plastic sandboxes. In stores baby equipment are easy to find and pick appropriate for you, plastic sandpit with lid.

Plastic sandbox for children

The main advantages of plastic option ↑

Design with legs, in appearance similar on the table. Has a plastic cover to close the sand. This plastic game is already very different from the domestic version, about the same as the Soviet dining room from the modern café.

Than plastic sandbox for children better ^ a

Advantages of plastic variants lie on the surface:

  1. The small size make it easy to move from place to place, hide in the shade, to carry from the courtyard to the utility room after the game.
  2. At the end of the warm season is possible, if space allows, put it on the porch or put in the room. This will allow children to use the product as intended and in the cold season.
  3. Playing in a sandbox, your baby will not stain clothes and will not gain sand in the shoes, that will reduce your hassle and the amount of Laundry.
  4. Due to the presence of cover to protect the sand from wind and rain, from insects, cats and dogs, from contact with various dirt and other things. You can not remove the sandbox after every game, and at the same time to be sure about the cleanliness and safety of sand in it. Besides, the flat plastic cover will allow you to use the sandbox as kids table. You will be able to offer children to play on it in some Board games.
  5. Quality plastic construction is not afraid of detergents and disinfectants, it can be washed with a soft brush and dry in any conditions.

You will be able to bring a child’s plastic sandpit from a store, and if necessary, also easy to disassemble and clean for storage or transport to another location.

Plastic sandbox for children

The choice of plastic fun for kids ↑

Outdoor plastic sandbox has the capacity to sand boards that has a lid, it installed an additional game elements. It will be interesting to play with the children due to the fact that it will be possible to use toys that are included.

Is a one-piece compact design, easy to carry, can be used indoors. This plastic container is easy to wash, clean from dirt, if necessary, you can easily replace the sand. The sandbox is located approximately 40kg of sand.

The Council! Due to the broad capabilities of the manufacturer manufactures plastic design for kids incredible shapes and colors very often in the form of a large toy.

When choosing a plastic sandbox, you need to take into account the views of children, because they will be treated as a new toy. Let it be their choice under your control.

Control the quality of sand ↑

An advantage in purchasing high quality plastic sandbox will be able to supply the necessary sand.

Take this seriously. Despite its apparent irrelevance, the sand quality has a very significant meaning. You don’t want the baby to drink water from the tap, and use purified. And with the sand, it is better to use purified, and is guaranteed not contaminated with radioactive or chemical substances. Ask a certificate to the sand from the seller, do not be lazy when buying a plastic sandbox to unpack and look at the sand.

Good quality sand will be solid, dry and easy to pour in the hand, almost never sticking to the skin. More than the sand of organic substances, for example, river silt, the easier it remains on the skin. This is one of the validation criteria of the clean sand to a plastic sandbox.

In addition to clean, sand is the processing operation by haltiwanger reducing the sharp edges of the sand grains. Due to this, the less sand scratch the surface of the plastic sandbox and does not irritate the hands of children.

Plastic sandbox for children

Stationary plastic sandbox with cover ↑

Plastic sandbox for children, can have dimensions of about 2 x 2 m boards with the height of 30-40 cm it contains all the elements necessary for the comfort and convenience of the games. Has sides that spilled the sand, comfortable benches, so that children could sit during the game. The roof is in the form of a canopy covering the whole playing area, allows you to protect children from the sun.

Thanks to the roof the children can play on the air without fear of overheating or burning in the sun. The roof will protect from sudden rain, you will be able to take his child out of the sandbox clean and dry.

The presence of a plastic cover for the sandbox is necessarily retrieved

Seats with backs will enable yourself to a stay during the games. At the same time, the seats are arranged and made into a cover. You can close the sand if you don’t use, or at night from falling debris and insects, or bad weather. Cap will not allow Pets to dig in the sand and use it as a toilet, will prevent the sand from getting wet, dirt from blowing in a strong wind.

Plastic sandbox for children

Because there is a big stationary design set directly on a constant, move it around the yard as described above, will not work.

Another option plastic construction is a modular sandbox. It consists of 4, 6 or 8 modules. Depending on how many modules you will be using the sandbox you can gather square, rhombus, hexagon or other shape, which choose. In the same way governed by the size of the sand field.

This sandbox has no roof and bottom, so the moisture that falls from rain, it will go into the ground. Bumpers are molded from soft plastic. This modular system weighs only 16 kg, it is easily transported and installed. If you need heavier sandpit to keep the children moved her on the site, you can fill the sides with water.

Manufactures such products company “ASPLAST” specializing in baby equipment. Material used for casting roll linear polyethylene. The modules are painted in bright attractive colors: red, yellow, blue, green. The price of this fun for children – approximately 6000rubley The sandbox if necessary can be easily dismantled, transported to another place or storing it for the winter.

A country with a plastic sandbox ↑

Plastic sandbox with lid convenient to give. For a period of time when you won’t be at the dacha, plastic sandbox can be closed with a lid. So you save the purity of the sand, will not have next season to do it you replace or clean of debris. Plastic construction requires no special care and periodic repair and repainting like wood.

Plastic sandbox for children

In addition, this is another plastic container, which in the country is never enough, with careful use it will last many more years.

Summary ↑

Among the huge selection of plastic sandpits for children, you can easily find the most affordable and attractive option. The main problem is the risk to purchase a fake product is based on Chinese raw materials. In addition to low strength and intolerance of the sun, it can be downright dangerous to children because of harmful additives in plastic.

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