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Children’s sandbox with cover

Sandbox — a great helper in the care of the child. Because it is always in one place, enthusiastically producing various sand structures. However, the security sandboxes in parks and yards is questionable, because there might be debris, broken glass and simply harmful bacteria. Therefore, a good alternative is to make a sandbox of their own, where the child can play in safety.

The basic nuances of the sandbox ↑

At first glance, the sandbox may seem simple, even basic element of manufacture which is easy. However, there are some nuances. Yes, to make it really simple, but here it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. For example, the passage of moisture through the sand, or protection from animals. So with all this it is important to get acquainted beforehand.

Children's sandbox with cover

It is worth considering the following points:

  • Location;
  • The size of the structure;
  • Sun protection;
  • The safety of the sand.

To start is to determine the location of the sandbox. Before starting work, you need to choose a place that will always be in sight. Although the child is in complete safety during the game, unexpected situations are different. Therefore it is necessary at least occasionally to pay attention to him, worrying about security.

Children's sandbox with cover

Also, you should choose the size of the sandbox. Often here recommend a square with sides of 2-3 meters. This is the most convenient option, which does not require special care and provide sufficient space for child’s games. The sandbox should not be very deep, 30-40 centimeters will be enough.

It is also worth remembering that the baby’s going to be a long time under the sun. Therefore, the sandbox is placed in the shade or to equip it with a small canopy. You can pull the light grid, not to hide the sun completely.

Children's sandbox with cover

The Council! Do not place the sandbox under a tree for protection from the sun. Falling leaves will quickly contaminate the sand, which it will have to change.

The basis of such games is sand. But it is worth remembering that this is not just a place to play, and a full environment for bacteria. It is therefore important not only to protect it from Pets, but to hide from the rain. In this respect, a remarkable attribute is a simple cover that you can close the sandbox at the time when the child is busy with other things. This will protect the sand from debris, animals and rain.

Children's sandbox with cover

Preparing ↑

If you want to make a sandbox, you need to prepare. It is important to select suitable materials and prepare the site for future construction. In addition, before starting work, need to plan future construction, by which we can understand its appearance.

For production you can use the following materials:

  • Wood;
  • Plastic;
  • Stone;
  • Brick.

In fact almost all the materials which you can use to make the walls suitable for this task. But most prefer it to the wood. It is not only safe for the baby and its games, but also environmentally friendly. In addition, it is quite simple and does not require any qualification.

Next you need to choose a place to work. Should allocate land according to the size and shape of the future sandbox. It is recommended to pick out a plot, who regularly gets under the sun. This will help to remove damp and moisture in the sand that will prevent the child to play. In addition, the moist environment promotes growth of bacteria.

The plan to develop a rather easy, it’s a simple design. It is enough to draw future Outlook of the sandbox, mark all the dimensions and attachment locations. In the future it will help to avoid mistakes due to carelessness. You can then proceed to work.

The Council! Do not make the sandbox too big. Even a square of 2×2 meters will be enough for several children. A place you can save considerably.

Preparation of the area for work ↑

Now you need to prepare the future place of work. You should take the pegs and mark them all corners of the future sandbox. It is important to carry out measurements with a tape measure, not to be mistaken with markup. After all, it will continue to be the land of the.

Next you need to remove a small layer of the earth. This is necessary in order to avoid mixing of sand and soil. If you pour it just on the grass, soon it will be dark, and when wet will turn into a big ball of mud, from which it is impossible to mold. In addition, the availability of land in the sand promotes the growth of plants in a sandbox, which would also prevent games.

Children's sandbox with cover

To dig is to a depth of 25 centimeters. We should remove all roots and plants below in the pit was only one ground. Next you need to create a small bed of sand. To do it should not be particularly large, will be enough 5-7 inches. The layer is leveled, and then covered with agrotextile.

Children's sandbox with cover

It is important! Other material not suitable for this task. AGROSALON has great durability and perfectly protects the sand from the ground mix.

There is one important reason for the choice of AGROSALON — moisture. If you use a film or other options, the water will not be able to go into the ground, remaining in the sand. It does not only spoil the fun, but will result in unpleasant odors, because the liquid will simply stagnate. Agrotextile also excellent moisture, but it protects against plants and insects that live underground.

The walls of the pit should also be covered with a material. Then fill the hole with sand to ground level. Pin the edges of the material do not need, they will be crushed by the body of the sandbox.

The construction of the building ↑

Then begins the phase of construction of the housing. As the most common solution is a tree, it will be discussed. First, you need to take 4 of the bar length of 50 cm. They are the basis of the whole structure, being located at the corners. Slightly less than half of the length of the bar going into the ground that will ensure the sustainability of the sandbox.

Children's sandbox with cover

The Council! You should process these sticks by special trains. You need to protect them from rotting and insects to sandbox able to stand for a long time.

Further, the bars are a bit sharpened and hammered on the perimeter right in the sand and agrotextile. It is extremely important to pre-check all the measurements, because you can pull those stakes would be pretty difficult. The depth should measure at the top of the bar, leaving the level of the desired height of the structure.

The Council! Before clogging is to grind the top part of the bars, as the rest of the wood for the sandbox. This will avoid splinters and other injuries which the child can experience.

Children's sandbox with cover

For construction you need to take the Board thickness about 2 centimeters. Length of boards depends on the size of the sandbox. You need to provide a construction height of about 30 centimeters, which is enough for three boards of 10 inches wide. Not necessarily adhere strictly to these dimensions, you should focus on the height of the protruding bars.

After processing wood it is necessary alternately to form each wall of the sandbox. Need to minimize the cracks between the boards so that the sand does not spill between them. The bottom Board should cram the agrotextile to the ground to fix it.

The Council! It is better to calculate the length of the nails and their location, so they do not protrude from the bars. Otherwise the baby might get hurt.

In the end, the case of the sandbox is ready. Further, it is recommended to cover it with some makeup or paint to protect from rot and insects. As it will always be slightly damp sand, this measure will not be superfluous.

Children's sandbox with cover

Cap manufacture ↑

The last stage — cover for the sandbox. This is a prudent step that will allow you to hide the sand from rain and Pets who love going there to the toilet. It will also protect against falling leaves and other debris, which in the future will have to clean the sandbox.

It will be made of a few boards knocked together. The design is very simple, there are no secrets here. Also there is no need to grind these boards, so as to open and close the sandbox will be parents. The child will not be in contact with this.

Children's sandbox with cover

An alternative may be other options for lids. For example, using several loops, you can turn this element in folding benches, which are folded to completely cover the sand. This option is quite convenient, because it creates a place for children and parents.

Children's sandbox with cover

Also there are other versions of caps, including:

  • Sliding;
  • Folding;
  • Sash.

And many others. Doesn’t necessarily make the cover of the wood. You can use ordinary tape or other fabric that does not absorb moisture. Secure it by means of special fasteners or clips, you can make a simple and practical protection from rain and debris. And animals are under this covering will not fall.

Final preparation ↑

After all these steps it is important to prepare the sandbox for games. First you need to cover all the wood with varnish or any other protective structure. Can and does paint, however, sometimes the texture of the wood looks much better. In addition, you can apply different pictures on the surface of the sandbox that the child liked this place even more.

Children's sandbox with cover

It’s time for the final step of filling the sandbox with sand. As there are many types of material, you need to choose the appropriate option for this task. In the sandbox they usually use:

  1. Quartz;
  2. River;
  3. Sea;
  4. Career.

And some others. It is recommended to use specially designed for these tasks sand. He’s already pre-cleaned and annealed to eliminate various bacteria. If had bought regular sand, then these procedures need to clean.

The Council! Special stamps for sandboxes often contain substances that are unpleasant for the animals, but safe for the baby. They are also often painted in different colors which will further delight baby.

For a better understanding of the process, it is recommended to watch this video. It shows all the nuances of the construction of a sandbox clearly that will simplify the task for a beginner:

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