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A step stool: photo, video, drawings

Ladder is a versatile and very useful device for everyday work on the farm. Hard to imagine her replacement during the repair at the height of a meter taller than a man, or the collection of an abundant harvest of the trees. Advantages to the perception of the ladder-stool-chair adds, and the fact that it can be done without any specific knowledge, and without significant expenditure of time. Sometimes I even have a step-ladder, stool and chair of several species, about which will be discussed in the article. A common visual representation can be obtain by viewing a special video:

For mounting the construction of the necessary stepladder carpenter’s glue, nails, hinges with corners, as well as the desire to make a chair or a stool. For the manufacture of the ladder-stool-chair will need certain tools and materials. Among them:

  • Board or a very durable plywood;
  • drill;
  • the jigsaw;
  • sander;
  • hammer;
  • chisel.

Stool-ladder with their hands ↑

General schematic view of such a stool in a completed form and drawing (already it is possible to do with your hands):

A step stool: photo, video, drawings

We don’t know for sure whose head first appeared the idea «crossing» ladders and stools, but we can only rejoice in the ingenuity of the individual, whose invention of the stepladder-stool – helped in the household of a great number of people. Useful stool can be in the kitchen, pantry or other similar place to reach out with his rise to the top shelves of the problematic but still necessary.

This stool-ladder can be done by hand from scrap materials. In this article you will learn one way how to make stool—ladder that helps to climb to the top shelves.

First we need to take the source material for the ladder. For example, as source material goes otfugovannymi old window frames. Tree, used to make such products, perfectly preserved. All thanks to the generous coating of a thick layer of paint, to protect from negative influences. But still, they should carefully examine, as a rule, boards to make the sides of the window frame, already dry out and become unreliable material for building creativity.

After preparing the wood to build the stool-ladder in the first place you need to put together the seat with your hands, which continue to focus in creating the entire stool. The seat should be pretty high (over 2 cm), and have a pretty significant size to be able to sit on it. Here it is better to choose size 35*35 cm.

A step stool: photo, video, drawings

The legs of the stool should be the length of about two feet, to be wide enough to create a proper focus on the ground and ability to withstand the weight of a person.

In order to connect the components of the stool and they disintegrated at the first load, it is necessary to attach with your own hands foot stool-ladder seat.

The step is done on the same principle as a stool, according to the above drawing, with only one difference that the size of its smaller stools-ladders. As you can see, the chart shows that with one pair of legs of the stool are shorter than the other. In this shorter pair of legs of the stool necessary to make a hole having a diameter of 12 millimeters. It is necessary for the rods, which would rotate the whole structure.

For fixing drilled holes for the screws around the core holes. Install the rods into their designated holes of the stool and make sure that their centers were located at the same distance from the legs of the stool-ladders.

A step stool: photo, video, drawings

To provide increased resistance steps, it is necessary to work hard on the fulcrum that she was good not only in the open state, but folded. You need to drill and attach another wooden plank from the bottom edge of the legs of the stool-stairs to her popereka.

To get rid of aesthetically unappealing many caps screws, they can be glued with glue, then cut with a hacksaw. Due to visual similarity, they are not very contrastivity in its color.

A step stool with your hands ↑

This item home use is also intended in order to reach the necessary things, among many others «need» things to clean up, which is not enough growth. A step stool is a stool-ladder, except that in the more usual state design similar to a stool, and a chair. The clear advantages of the chair listed below:

  • there is no need to store a stepladder, and chair separately.
  • chair-ladder can be used as a seat in daily life;
  • just one twist to the above construction allows to turn it from a chair to a stepladder to need a small repair or something to get it from the great height;
  • the use of the chair is not only the apartment but also in suburban areas, commercial buildings, storerooms, etc.;
  • the availability of the workmanship and choice of material from which will be made chair.

But actually the scheme of the chair, which was mentioned earlier:

A step stool: photo, video, drawings

What is the manufacturing process of this step stool? You need the following sequence to perform the procedure:

  • first made the main support of the chair. In General, it is shown to the left.
  • then made the rest of the seat with the back of the chair stepladder. The back of the chair should not be solid, and with free space where you can put your foot.
  • in the upper part of the structure of the chair, in the middle of the loop are installed as those installed on the door.
  • test the chair design and the correct execution and sequence diagrams. If everything is working as it should, then the 180-degree turn of the chair should be a quality ladder. If something doesn’t exactly need to look for the problem and solve it to achieve the desired result.

Step ladder stool with his hands ↑

Pro features making this a useful tool in the economy as a ladder-stool, we suggest you to view the video:

What is the universality of application and use this step stool? That it can be used in many situations – namely, the stool can be:

  • folding;
  • transformer;
  • stationary.

Folding stool is more convenient in practical use among the living space, where little space. The transformer is a stool that one movement can turn into a full ladder. Stationary stool-ladder – this is when the legs are positioned under a significant slope and have a cross bar, and each of them can be used as a step. Schematic drawing of the ladder-stool is this:

A step stool: photo, video, drawings

In the diagram stool ladders:

The extreme legs of the stool should be placed so that they rested on the floor with a 90-degree angle and the long angle of 70-80 degrees, but the basis of their need to stand firmly on the floor. Long legs are connected between a three wood, so they play the role of steps. For each step before that has to be carved a certain recess in which they are placed. For the strength they are filled with carpenter’s glue and hammered nails.

Next, you should attach the straps to the shorter legs of the stepladder stool. For greater reliability they are attached thus: one at the top and bottom, and one diagonally on the legs of the stool. Also, to fix the design of the stool diagonally, connect small and large feet on both sides.

Here are three step-by-step guide to creating a design of a ladder, stool, chair your choice. But put together, a ladder, a chair or stool a little, he still needs to see that it lasts as long as possible. This is achieved by additional processing after completion of the Assembly of a chair or stool, not shelving them. As a protective treatment use of antiseptic impregnated with additional moisture, varnish, stain, lacquer or paint. To avoid jamming during layout ladders ladders-stool-chair, all loops, all rotary parts should be lubricated with oil, and in the case of regular operation lubricate with a certain period.

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