How to make a track to give their own hands

The beauty in the country – the key to successful relaxation. A huge role in the comfortable arrangement of the suburban area play a tastefully decorated garden paths. They not only decorate the space but also prevents contamination of footwear in the rainy season and ensure ease of movement. The arrangement of the tracks in the country with their hands, as well as the design of home or garden, requires creative imagination and desire to create something beautiful and aesthetic.

How to make a track to give their own hands

The arrangement of the tracks in the country ↑

If a suburban area is small, then it is advisable not to plan paths that intersect at right angles. This location will visually reduce the space. If necessary, you can change the location of beds. For the convenience of tracks in the country needs to connect all country buildings, as well as the most visited areas of the site.

Before the country to do the tracks, it is necessary to pay due attention to the layout, and preparing the ground for the laying of the material.

Warning! It is advisable not to make mistakes when performing these works. Otherwise country track can very quickly come into disrepair.

How to make a track to give their own hands

The device tracks in the country consists of the following steps:

  1. using pegs, sturdy twine, you will need to mark the line of the future tracks;
  2. then remove the sod, dig a trench. You have to perform well sharpened shovel to the edge of the path turned smooth as possible. The depth of the trench should match the thickness of the sand cushion, usually is 10cm;
  3. sand cushion compacted thoroughly, and on it is placed the prepared material.

How to decide on the material? ↑

All garden cover vary by the type of material from which they are made. To select material for walkways in the country must based on the overall style of the site, as well as material possibilities. For the manufacture of country paths most often used by:

  • concrete;
  • plastic;
  • rubber;
  • tree;
  • paving slabs;
  • stone.

The current range of materials can satisfy your wildest requirements. But no matter what was done to the track, the main thing is to approach the process creatively.

Concrete coating ↑

Very durable and long lasting are considered to be a concrete track in the country. In addition, this option is one of the cheapest. They are settling quite simple:

  1. on the bottom of the prepared trench stacked small stones, which are filled with cement mortar. In order to cover towered above the ground, you need to build a mold, then fill it with mortar of cement;
  2. coating of concrete can be painted in your favorite color or to make mosaics, and stained glass Windows and beautiful natural stones. To do this, they are pressed into wet concrete.
Attention! The strength of the concrete cover depends on the concentration of the solution.

How to make a track to give their own hands

The advantage of coating from concrete is a low cost, and long service life. However, it may not meet all the requirements from the aesthetic side.

The path of concrete slabs have the highest proliferation in suburban areas of Russia. This coating has a high frost resistance, durability, it is quite durable and relatively inexpensive. For concrete pavement are typically used square plate 50×50 cm However, it is worth noting that the much better path that vymeshivaem slabs of various sizes: 20 x 40, 40×40, 40×60 and 40×80 cm Plates for tracks in the country have also some other configuration: the wave, brick, corner, hexagon.

How to make a track to give their own hands

There is also a more expensive coating — decorative concrete. This option is most often stop people who can’t decide what to choose: tile or ordinary concrete. Decorative concrete contains various additives that contribute to its resistance to different temperature conditions, mechanical damage and UV radiation. For longer service life, these tracks every year you have to handle the moisture barrier means. The cost of decorative concrete is approximately 2 times higher than a traditional paving slabs, and it significantly reduces the demand for it.

The plastic coating ↑

Wonderful inexpensive option for most gardeners track of plastic. This is quite a practical product, but keep in mind that the beauty they are inferior to natural materials. Often the plastic garden track set gardeners-gardeners. Commonly used flooring 30×30 cm, which are very simply connected to each other by hooks. The reverse side of these products is equipped with a notched surface that promotes good adhesion with the soil. Height plastic of the tracks is about 5 cm.

It is important! When deciding on the type of plastic, it is necessary to consider the reliability and rigidity is required properties for long-term operation.

How to make a track to give their own hands

Plastic track for summer very easy going, great to wash, easy to move. With their help, the redevelopment of the garden is done in a few hours. On plastic trails no problem to move after a rain, because of their rough surface prevents the fall. Nappy cover with imitation grass is great to massage the soles of the feet.

The plastic coating is not stagnant water, it flows down into the gaps. They can also be used for arranging access to the outdoor pool. The plastic is frost resistance to -50°C, which gives the option to leave these products for the winter. Due to the fact that the installation of plastic track does not require much labor costs, this type of coverage is much cheaper than most other materials.

The coating of rubber ↑

This coating has some advantages. In the composition of the rubber tracks do not exist harmful, hazardous and toxic substances. There is no fear that children will hit a hard surface, the rubber track is soft enough. Coated rubber has excellent sound insulation properties. It needs no special care, does not get moldy and spoil.

Rubber tracks to give absolutely not hazardous after rain they dry quickly and do not slip. Due to the large number of flowers are easy to pick up the necessary tone, which will fit harmoniously into the colour scheme of existing buildings. Most often used 2 types of rubber flooring: tiles and pavers of rubber.

How to make a track to give their own hands

The coating of rubber may be mounted directly on the ground or lawn. However, it is desirable to lay on a sandy pillow. Paving rubber tracks is simplified by the presence of locking of the modules, through which the plate quickly and easily connect with each other.

Attention! To complete the neat appearance of the structure, it is necessary to establish borders.

Track rubber can stand the off season and swelling of the soil. Properly installed rubber tracks will make a movement in the cottage comfortable and quiet, and their service life will be several decades.

How to make a track to give their own hands

The path from the tree ↑

On the construction market there are a wide range of wooden flooring for garden paths. They are treated with special tools from slipping and rotting and is very easy to installation. Very interesting look wooden walkway in the country of the drunk. They usually prefer lovers of natural and natural. The most important condition for such paths are completely dry soil. Otherwise the wood will begin to soak and will soon become worthless.

How to make a track to give their own hands

The following describes the process of making the paths of the drunk:

  • to start, prepare wood saw cut, having a thickness of at least 10 cm;
  • for the best moisture resistance they are covered both sides with linseed oil, previously brought to the boil. This treatment should be done 2 times;
  • then you need to dig a trench and prepare a sandy pillow.
It is important! On top you need to put a layer of polyethylene, it will protect wood from contact with soil and prevent rotting;
  • then fit the saw cut, fissure filled with sand, gravel or finer gravel.

How to make a track to give their own hands

Paving slabs ↑

If the owner of the cottage there is a desire to delight all guests with the beauty of your yard, then for paving the path, you can use paving stones. In this case, it is best to complete the laying of the ready-made tiles with a thickness of at least 5 cm, it is Desirable to avoid very bright or too dark tones. The dark color is quite difficult to distinguish in the dark, and very bright can blind under intense sunlight. It is not advisable to buy the tile size too small, because it is inconvenient to lay.

Warning! You need to pay attention to the surface, tile for tracks in the country should not be slippery. This will help avoid falls and injuries in the rainy season.

How to make a track to give their own hands

What features of paving sidewalk tile?

  1. Tiles can be laid on compacted sand cushion or on a cement slurry which is poured on a layer of gravel.
  2. When laying tile is forced into a little inside. This contributes to a longer life.
  3. Large crevices between the tiles are completely unacceptable. And if they still formed, then they must be filled with cement mortar.
  4. The coating of paving should settle with a slight slope so rain water can drain freely down.

How to make a track to give their own hands

Videos with useful tips on laying paving slabs:

A coating of stone ↑

Natural stone for walkways in the country is one of the best options from an aesthetic and practical side. But such coverage is expensive. For its production are most often used: basalt, rubble, granite, limestone, crushed rock, quartzite, marble. The color scheme of the cover for paths out of natural stone presented in a wide variety of colors and shades.

How to make a track to give their own hands

List of works on the laying paths of stone consists of the following items:

  • first you need to prepare a trench to a depth of 20 cm;
  • then made a sand cushion and stacked stone;
  • penetration is calculated based on the size of the largest stones. For the hewn stones used laying flat with the base of 5-10 cm If the dimensions of the stones are large, they are placed with an interval of 5-8 cm;
  • crevices between the stones are filled with common sand, then pour water.
It is important! If at first the sand will not fill completely all the gaps between the material, then you need to repeat this procedure several times;
  • to decorate the path, it is possible to plant between the stones of fine grass or moss.

How to make a track to give their own hands

Intermittent paths ↑

A separate variety of paths — intermittent (step by step) of the path. For them it is better to use concrete slabs, blocks, cut wood, or stone. If the planned arrangement of curvilinear paths, then it is desirable to put all of the so-called ragged natural stone, it will emphasize the color of the space and does not require installation of a curb.

How to make a track to give their own hands

  1. Before laying the step-by-step path, you need to go on the correct path. Put the plate according to your steps, then walk again, moving them so that under foot was another plate. It is necessary to consider the size of the steps the rest of the family.
  2. Then you need to outline knife outline, to defer the plate and cut part of the divot is deeper than its thickness.
  3. Further, the recess is filled with a concrete solution, it snugly fits the plate and compacted slightly below the level of the pitch.

How to lay stepping track, you can see in the video:

Presents the position of tracks in the country so varied that you want to use multiple materials. But we should not forget about the unspoken rule of landscape design: paving paths at the cottage must run the same type of material. This approach will give the common space stylistic unity. If the scale of the large villas, and the owners want diversity, then it is possible to combine several different coverages, but not more than three types.

Pictures of beautiful tracks in the country :

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