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Waterfall on the dacha with his hands — step-by-step example of the construction

Waterfall on the dacha with his hands — step-by-step example of the construction

The creation of ponds, fountains and waterfalls in a private garden – modern trend in landscape design. With a small pond any garden will be transformed, this is one of the best places on a hot day when the water is fresh and cool. The pond will be much more picturesque if it will decrease the flow of water from a man-made waterfall. Waterfall in the country with their hands can do it yourself, this requires some building skills, correct calculations and the presence of creative imagination. If your site already has a pond to make a waterfall would be easier. If the reservoir is not, you need to find a place – the presence of the waterfall always implies at least a very small pond where the water will drain.

The contents

Step 1 — select the shape and depth of the design

The shape of the pond to move the water from the man-made waterfall, can be any. If you like clear geometric forms in garden architecture, pond, you can make round or rectangular. If you prefer a more natural shape, the contours of the bowl can have any shape, not too complicated to make it convenient to carry out construction work.

The pond can be shallow if you don’t plan to make him fish and underwater plants. If you want the pond to please you underwater flora and fauna, its depth should be at least a meter, and better and deeper that fish and plants could survive the winter, not freezing.

Stage 2 — digging

You have decided on the size and shape of the bowl, now you need the planned circuit to drive pegs and pull the rope. The earth formed in the process should be free from stones, roots and other debris. Put the land in a separate place, it will come in handy when building a waterfall and pond. Earth from the walls of the bowl will crumble, it is inevitable. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically moisten and compacted. When the pit is ready, fill the bottom of the sand layer (10-12 cm), and carefully tamp.

The excavation for the pond right oval

The excavation for the pond correct oval shape, the walls and bottom thoroughly compacted. A depth of slightly more than a meter will allow breeds in this fish and aquatic flora

Step 3 — work on the waterproofing of the pond

This is an important stage of the work, made from high quality of waterproofing depends on how long it will last waterfall for garden.

For waterproofing it is better to use a film made of PVC it is durable and durable. But if you choose butyl rubber, pond with a waterfall can last several decades. Vystelim the pit a layer of waterproofing so that a significant portion of the material (not less than 1.5 meters), was located over the pit, that the film could be a good fix.

If you chose film waterproofing, water in the winter will need to pull – freezing fluid volume will increase and damage the waterproofing layer.

A layer of waterproofing membrane

A layer of waterproofing membrane protrudes above the surface at a great distance, that will guarantee it is secure that the film does not move out into the pond, it fix stones

Finish pond

Directly over the layer of waterproofing on the shore of the pond decorated with stone, sealed concrete solution. It is quite lovely, and the way this finishes — simple and practical

The most practical option – concrete waterproofing of the pond. Initially, the bottom of the pit is lined with a durable plastic film, the film is laid over the wire frame, covering the walls and bottom of the future pond. With concrete, you first need to fill the bottom reinforcing in the concrete layer of the lower part of the frame. When the bottom is about a day hardens, pour the walls.

Plastic bowl

To create the pond you can use plastic bowl. It is convenient to fix, the waterproofing layer here, you are not required to clean a pond, it will be convenient and easy

Step 4 — create a waterfall

Here are two possible options:

  • Waterfall in the garden using the finished shape. You can buy in a specialty store. It can be a beautiful vessel or sculptural composition.
  • A large cascading waterfall. If you decided to do this design, you will need a natural stone. The Sandstone for this purpose is the most comfortable material, but can use small boulders. To water flowing evenly and smoothly, you need to use a flat stone for the cascade.

If you want to get strong, crashing down on the rocks and the stream in the upper tier miss the flow between the stones, which are closely adjacent to each other, and the lower tier place at a distance to the water stream could be broken and foaming. Thanks to the stones with a rough surface falls can be transformed into several separate jets.

The selected stones are placed properly, masonry sealed with cement mortar.

Waterfall pitcher

To create this waterfall used a special pitcher. The vessel can select any size, it can be a sculpture, and any other suitable arrangement that you can buy in the store

A cascade of Sandstone

In the design of the waterfall and create a cascade use of Sandstone. It’s a simple design, where the flat stones laid in several layers and the water flows into a waterfall a single stream without obstacles

Step 5 — select and install pump

If the waterfall is not more than five feet (this option is preferable, because it falls just to look), you will have enough pump power of 70 WATTS. At high cascade you will need a more powerful pump. Try to choose a pump with adjustable flow, then the jet power can be adjusted at will.

Diagram of a pond with a waterfall

This diagram shows the location of the pump supplying water to the cascade

The pump will pump water to the top of the waterfall with a hose. The pump design better hide under rocks, to all its parts, cables and hoses, not seen by the eye. The hose that connects to the buoyancy of the water hole in pump design, extends to the top of the cascade, a second hose, which draws the water remains at the bottom of the pond.

Step 6 — decorating designs

The most pleasant stage – decoration of the waterfall. Artificial waterfalls in the country – is the main decoration of your garden, the best place in the summer heat, so the shore of a small pond to be attractive and picturesque. For registration of banks used stones, plants and garden decor. Here you will find useful and earth, which was formed in the process of excavation.

Framing the coast can be made of Sandstone or rounded stones, alternate stones, to do with both sides of the cascade masonry Sandstone-like edges to restrain the spray. Good material for the decoration of pond pebbles.

Decor pond

The decor of the pond with waterfall used gravel, boulders, pebbles and Alpine plants. In your garden you may receive a cozy area with a gravel garden and a pond. Pebbles and gravel will not allow much to grow the plants, the area around the pond will always look neat

The pond is especially beautiful if you use a few aquatic plants. In an artificial pond well accustomed yellow pods, water lilies (nymph), piste TeliaSonera. Flowering plants in the water will turn your pond with a waterfall in a fabulously beautiful area, plus they purify the water.

The pond is always wet, so there good to grow any flowers. If your pond waterfall is visible from only one side of the garden, plants should be planted on the opposite side. If it is easily visible from everywhere, most of the banks to keep open, and plants to plant groups.

A pond with gravel banks

Will look good pond with gravel banks, against which will stand out for its greenery and flowers plants

A pond with a waterfall you can arrange the Seating area to put a garden bench on which you can place the pergola. The water will grow well rose Bush which you can use to decorate the pergola. Usually water area is a favorite place of all family members. For children here it is possible to place the garden sculptures in the form of dwarfs, funny animals.

The backlight of the glowing stones can be placed off the coast, at the bottom, to highlight the cascade, and the lanterns are beautiful shining colors keep the float on the surface.

Pond by night

A few colored glowing stones, which are located under water, and your pond with the waterfall at night will be the mysterious beautiful area

Garden waterfalls your hands to create pleasure and relax near the pond in the summer heat or in the evening, in the shade and coolness, doubly enjoyable. Should consider formal registration of your pond with a waterfall. In the evening and at night floating lanterns, or glowing rocks will make your pond a fantastic.

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