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Masked the shortcomings of garden exterior: the basics of refining country areas

Masked the shortcomings of garden exterior: the basics of refining country areas

Nicely decorated territory of a country house – the pride of any owner. But not everyone can boast that it suits all the exterior area. There’s always the unattractive buildings and elements that it would be superfluous to remove, hide or disguise it. But to turn disadvantages into advantages, transforming the unattractive built in samples of exquisite landscape design task, which is able to decide anyone. The main thing – to show imagination and apply skills for the realization of ideas.

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Decorate unsightly fence

Erecting a fence around the perimeter of the site, everyone tries to protect himself from the curious looks of passers-by and local area from the encroachments of unwelcome «guests». Dull but solid fence, its appearance can ruin even the most cozy and picturesque garden.

The fence is decorated with roses twine

Decorate unsightly fence you landed on the perimeter of the vines. Vines, avivausa walls will help make the garden more vertical volume

Using the registration fence climbing plants can successfully decorate its walls, but to complement vegetable garden collection of outstanding samples. In addition, climbing plants will protect the building from destruction, hiding it from slanting rains and reducing the heating of the walls.

Many of the vines are attached to the walls using suction cups, firmly fixing the micro pores of the surface, thereby contributing to its destruction. To avoid this, it is sufficient to vertical surfaces to secure the hooks and tension between the ropes, and on which will trail plants.

Flowering vines can grow in areas with little shading, but the greatest decorative effect show only with the abundance of sunlight.

Orange ‘gramophonic” of Campsie

For the decoration of the southern wall fencing ideal flowering annual and perennial vines: morning glory, campsis, Wisteria

For the decoration of fences, located in a small shade better to use undemanding to light twining and climbing plants: maiden grapes, lemongrass, ivy, hops, celastrus. To successfully decorate low fence you can use hanging plant potted plants: pelargonium, nasturtium, asparagus, begonias. Placing the containers on the upper rim of the buildings, you can create a beautiful «alive» a curtain of cascading greenery.

To turn the fence into an original art object by using any available materials: pieces of stained glass protectors, shattered mirrors, broken tiles.

Original installation of fence

Very impressive on the fence will look artificial window, decorated with curtains and decorated with flowers, the container, exposed along him nailed to the sill

A great addition to this composition «bogus» will make the old door leaf, performing the function «emergency exit». A solid wall can be a background to embed expressive decorative object: wooden carts, flower garden, fancy garden chairs, antique fishing net.

Solid wooden fence may serve as a support for multiple shelves, which is convenient to exhibit the same container of flowers or to arrange a collection of old tools, hopelessly cluttering up the shed. But decorated with simple drawings and ornaments the fence will give the area a special charm.

The painting on the fence “Village in Buttermilk”

Transform a boring fence into a bright decoration of the site will help bright paintings made by the hands of both adults and children

Decorate the walls of country houses

Hanging planters – perfect design unattractive walls of outbuildings on the site. They are irreplaceable in cases when for any reasons it is impossible to plant along the Foundation trudging plants.

Cute flower pots on the fence

Improvised suspension miniklubi attractive primarily original compact form, bright green color and a long flowering period fragrant buds

Elegant hanging pots, making a vivid touch design, will draw attention away from an unsightly object, and to visually transform the garden. Among a basket of plants with special decorative features: Impatiens, begonia, Petunia.

Filling minicuento perfect fragrant and medicinal herbs. Planting herbs in pots, have the opportunity not only to enjoy the aroma and flowering crops, but also have on hand fresh herbs to create culinary masterpieces.

Hanging containers of greens

Mobiles hanging containers decorated with clumps of vegetation and herbs, is able to transform an unsightly wall and a rickety old fences

To mask unsightly building, you can use lattice strips of openwork or trellis. The main advantage of this design is mobility. If desired, it is always possible to shift or move, making the exterior a variety of.

Spectacular trellis with clematis

To design tapestries are best suited plants with slender graceful stems: clematis, twining honeysuckle, ornamental beans and sweet peas

Often built in populated areas starting in the summer kitchen, barn, workshop and ending with the toilet, have architectural heterogeneity. The easiest way to create a unified ensemble, through which you can successfully provide masking each of the buildings – making the overall color scheme.

To create a complete picture it is also desirable to give a unified architectural features: making elegant Windows, to decorate the facade, to consider the elements of thread, shape and color of the roof. To bring buildings into a single ensemble help also improvised tents, various pergolas and espaliers, decorated with openwork foliage.

Vertical flower garden out of an old bike

«To revive» the architectural composition will help the installation of improvised means, for example: the old bike into a vertical flower beds

«Play» uneven terrain

The appearance of the area often spoil all sorts of uneven terrain: trenches and mounds. Since the surface alignment is a very costly and time consuming process, visually «smooth» irregularities help decorative techniques.

«To beat» the pit or depression at the site easily, by establishing a small decorative pond.

The bridge over the pond

To visually smooth out the uneven terrain helps the placement of improvised bridges and decks, which are the basis of the support posts

«Block» the roughness will help even a high tiered flowerbed, an area which is slightly larger than the size of the basin.

Prepare low outbuildings

In the design of buildings for household purposes, which are present at each site should be guided by the principle: «if the defect cannot be hidden – don’t hide it».

Even unattractive compost pile and the boxes can be turned into a spectacular art object. To give the compost pile more than attractive enough to land next to her pumpkin, zucchini or cucumbers. Under large spreading leaves will successfully hide unsightly but necessary in a pit for composting of plant residues.

The design of the bin with compost

Planting cucumbers in the compost box can be done successfully two tasks: to cover unattractive place in the garden and provide a rich harvest of fresh vegetables

To turn concrete wells and boreholes in the attractive elements of the decor by decorating the walls of the structures. Mosaic, made of colored tiles and bright with broken tiles, colorfully shimmering in the sunlight, will create the plot, the atmosphere of holiday and beauty.

Decorate technical wells and barrels of fertilizer will help all the same flowers. A great solution for building mobile beds will serve the old ladder. Containers with flowers, exhibited in several tiers on the stairs, close the object and create a wonderful cascade. In the case when you want to allow access to the well or the hatch, the ladder without any hassle easily rearrange.

Tall mallow to decorate the area

Decorative drawstring for old barrels rainwater can be tall «green» the beautiful mallow, tree peonies, hibiscus, sunflowers and topinamburov

Desk – a necessary thing for the plot. In addition to the direct purpose it performs the role of open «pantry» to store residue materials, cans, improvised tools, pegs…

Desktop design for garden

To give the old desktop a completely new look is possible, only having painted it in a bright and colorful shade

Refine old trees and stumps

Old stumps of trees, which are very difficult to eradicate because of the deep branching roots, there is certainly by any stretch.

Patchwork on the stumps

«To beat» left by the saw cut, turning them into interesting accents of garden, you can make them a garden stool or stand under outdoor pots with flowers

Old ugly trees that is not pleasing lush blooms or even dried up, there may be a beautiful support for climbing vegetable crops: cucumbers, decorative pumpkins, curly beans. Completely cover the dried branches of a tree able woody vines: grapes, Actinidia, clematis.

Song for the garden using dead tree

Give brightness and originality of the tree will help the hanging pots of flowers that can be purchased at gardening store or make your own

To make pots in each pot at a distance of 2-3 cm from the top-side drilled 3 holes, placing them on the circumference at a distance of 120 degrees from each other. Extend through the holes 3 of the same piece of aluminum wire or thick fishing line and fasten them with knots so that they kept the container. Loose wire ends collected together and fix on a tree branch. The bottom of the containers vystelim expanded clay. Containers filled with potting compost, planted flowers: nasturtium, Lobelia, pelargonium.

Outbuildings, developed with imagination and skill in the original art objects, will become a worthy decoration of the site and the proud owners.

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