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Garden sculpture as the most simple and effective way of decorating the garden

Garden sculpture as the most simple and effective way of decorating the garden

The attitude to country site nowadays has changed. If earlier it was a place for the cultivation of vegetable crops and fruit trees, today an increasing number of owners of summer cottages want to equip in their area comfortable and beautiful place to stay. Hence the huge interest in the various areas in landscape design. There are plenty of ways to decorate the garden, some of them are difficult and time-consuming, others simple. The latter include decoration garden sculptures.

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History and modernity

The sculpture can be called one of the most ancient art forms. Most ancient civilizations used the statues and various images on marble and other materials for decoration of palaces and parks.

The perfection and beauty of the ancient forms of man and captivate today, so classical fans choose to decorate your garden the ancient colonnades, fountains, vases and sculptures. Today for sale is a lot of plaster molds and sculptures in the antique style. Articles of plaster is inexpensive, this is a great way to decorate a garden. But in this case to use the other garden decor not recommended classical antiquity and perfect, but do not combine well with other landscape elements. Every element of the décor needs to be positioned correctly, so if possible, it is always better to consult a designer. Sculptures must conform to the style of the garden, each of them carries its own meaning.

Considerable importance is the observance of proportions for large antique forms require a large garden, small garden figures you can use on any site.

Antique sculpture

A perfectly proportioned antique shapes attract many people. This angel in a quiet corner of the garden will create a peaceful atmosphere for reflection and contemplation. Each sculpture has its own mood — do not forget that choosing them for the garden areas

Even if your garden is unremarkable, with few vegetation and flowers, garden sculptures can greatly spice up its appearance. With them the garden will sparkle with bright colors will lift your mood even in gloomy day. You can create original garden landscape. On the dacha you can use any attributes of landscape design – pots, flower pots, columns, fountains, statues and figures of animals, birds, fairy tale characters. Very interesting to try yourself in the role of designer and try to create interesting compositions in separate zones and parts of the garden.

Varieties of garden sculptures

Consider the varieties of garden sculptures. Specialty stores today offer a huge selection, but if you feel creative, you can do a lot with their hands.

The most common form of sculpture – a three-dimensional image of a living creature (human, animal, fairy tale character). Figures can both small and life-size or greatly exceeding natural dimensions.


Ceramic three-dimensional figure of a cat life-size forms funny group in the company from a living sibling

Today in garden design and use of the monument is a plate with various images, is installed in a vertical position. The stele was established by the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians. Stela will be appropriate in a secluded corner.


Stella goes well with antique sculptures such forms as vases and columns. Would be appropriate on the wall and on the wall at the entrance to the grotto, if your garden is shady corners and complex shapes

Monument – it could be a bust, statue, arch, ground plate. The function of the monument is to remind of something or someone. Often on the monuments can be seen the inscription.


Monument — in this case a bust of a charming antique girls, not necessarily something to remind you, it creates a nice area surrounded by flowers and climbing plants

In a special group can be distinguished garden figures – they are used not only familiar, but a variety of materials that you have at hand. It can be wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, plaster, pebble. Figures can be any size and can impersonate anybody. They can be three dimensional or two dimensional, flat.


Figurines of hedgehogs made of cement and pebbles, pebble thorns as a non-traditional material particularly attract the attention of

Sculpture what materials is better?

If you want to install the garden is very beautiful and durable sculpture or song – please note the bronze. Sculptures from this material look exquisite, richly, effectively, the bronze figure will adorn any area. The material allows us to study the smallest details, so the figures look like living.


Bronze is particularly good with figures of children — material conveys the subtlety and clarity of lines, body proportions, they look just alive

Very popular are stone, ceramic and wooden sculptures. Wood is good, but short-lived. Therefore, it is recommended to treat different wood protective impregnation, extending the life of the material, or paint colors.

Figurines made of wood

Barnyard wood figures of animals in a special way polished, painted, forming a single fun ensemble. With this arrangement, the yard not only will not seem empty, it will attract attention and lift the mood of both adults and children

Very popular today topiary (green sculpture). Generally topiary is curly, artistic trimming of trees or shrubs, when the plant shape like a sphere, cube, pyramid or even some living being. Topiary is an ancient art, originating in Ancient Rome.

The figure of fantastic creatures

The figure of fantastic creatures in the Park of Montreal, Canada, there was held the festival of contemporary topiary enormous size. In your garden you can start with creating simple shapes haircut or grow topiary forms using a frame

Not so long ago the Americans invented the wicker frame topiary filled with seeds and soil. With proper care, the plant grows to fill the frame. The result is a variety of green sculpture. If you want to decorate a garden topiary sculptures – purchase a frame, or to plant a tree or shrub, easy to for cutting – thuja, barberry, yew, cotoneaster.


Kettle — frame topiary figure. To grow such a miracle is not too difficult, the main thing — time to pour the contents of the frame and periodically remove long grass

Principles of location of figures on the site

Garden sculptures draw attention to various parts of the site. Antique shape look beautiful in lush greenery and open space, rose is the best flower that accentuates the nobility of the classic forms. Small figures of gnomes and other fun creatures will decorate the children’s area or track flowerbed.

If you’ve got a big front part of the garden, decorate it with delicate figures of animals or ancient gods, place a fountain or beautiful vases of flowers.

Animals need to be placed taking into account their natural features. The water «to settle» ducks, frogs, herons, swans; on the rock or the rock of birds; on the sand – lizard or crocodile; from the lush green grass on you can see anyone – funny dog, cat, tiger or fantasy creature. However, the location is in the garden, several sculptures should be done with the following rules – they should not be visible all at the same time.


A new trend in the art of creating garden landscape sculpture called eco-joke. It is a joint creation of nature and human hands. Let’s say you have a plot there is a small hill, surrounded by trees. A mound can do it yourself. If you include imagination, the hill can turn into a human head — the varieties of cane are hair, mocha skin. The surface and can be sanded, especially if the soil is mixture of clay. Such figures are in the shadow of the nooks and crannies

Much more interesting to discover the sculpture and their groups, walking around the garden, when they suddenly emerge before my eyes. Guests will be able to appreciate every song, and you enjoy the fruits of his imagination.


To create such composition is required to saw and dry birch. More thin branches are the limbs of the figures, a trunk — trunk, with faces you can dream up

Figures of animals and characters of fairy tales, placed in the garden – is a constant positive, uplifting. They spiritualize the garden, make it alive, unique, unique.

from barrels and pots

Two charming couples created from plastic pots and metal drums, flowers instead of hair, funny face, good combination of colors — they will make you smile

The design phase of garden sculptures a significant advantage – almost any sculpture you can move to another area if you don’t like the way she looks at selected for her site.

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