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Decorative wooden well with your hands — build together!

Decorative wooden well with your hands — build together!

Each owner of a private house, want to turn farmland into a beautiful and comfortable area for relaxing. This element of landscape design as a decorative well in the country, blends in harmoniously with the style of the site, may become its embellishment. Not necessarily, that the well was operational, especially if your house is connected to a centralized water system. A beautiful well can be purely decorative, or, for example, a cover for wells equipped with electric pump. You can create a decorative well with your hands, the materials for this to get difficult, but with time and patience you need to be. But the result will not disappoint.

The contents

When creating decorative well it is important that it looked organically in the space of your garden, and the materials you can use different – shaped beam, siding, round log. If you have recently built wooden cottage, perhaps, to buy material for a structure is not required. Besides decorative fountains made of wood have the property fit perfectly in the design of any area, and surround them with flowers and herbs is a snap.

Here according to this scheme you can decorate the well caisson

Here according to this scheme you can decorate the well caisson. However, it is necessary to take care of fast access for maintenance of equipment

Phased construction — step by step

Decorative wooden well not need to have a secluded place that he stood alone. It should look harmonious in the surrounding landscape, forming a single whole with it. So there you go:

  • To create a decorative well with your hands, choose a large container – a barrel or cistern. For the capacity you need to dig a hole the appropriate size on the sides to leave a free space (up to 20 cm). At the bottom of the hole you need to pour a layer of sand (20-30 cm), with the installation of the tank, its upper part rises above the earth at the same distance.
  • When the tank it will be pinned and covered with earth to the edge of the pit. The base of the well you need to surround it with logs.
  • For the strength of the structure around the well poured the Foundation to a depth of about 30 cm After the lower part of the well is ready, you can start laying well. By the way, decorative log wells can be put directly on the ground, handling the pre-tree.
  • The bottom row of logs are easy to attach to the substrate with anchors, and then perform well on a meter laying height or slightly higher.
  • Inside the formed square the rack mounted base for the roof. For fastening use nails. Each rack is fitted with two shot down by a house brick, then they are connected with crossbars.
  • To the racks is attached to the reel and handle to lift water, although for decorative well these elements are optional.
  • The roof can be not only gable, but three – and four-directional, it’s a matter of taste.
  • Install the decorative cover, the final stage, it can be any shape – round, square, alternatively it is possible to arrange the lid in the top of the pit a bed – such a picturesque well will look great.

If you want the long well long retained its appearance, the material need to be processed preservatives, varnish, paint or stain.

For the design of the roof you can use different materials. Natural tile always looks a winner, it’s expensive, but for the roof of the well it will take a little. Will look good a well, the roof of which are made of the same material as the roof of the house. For example, bright metal or soft bitumen tile. The roof is made of bamboo will give the well Oriental flavor, straw or reed roof is suitable if you love country style. The plank roof, especially in combination with thread, will make a well eye-catching decorative element. Interesting shape for the roof – tent, sometimes appropriate and flat roof.

Examples of design options

The well-chamber

The well has long been a very important part of the Russian court. Although today, in the presence of wells in the area there is a pressing need, this tradition was so strong that to see in the country well, let alone decorative, want many owners of private houses. The chamber – traditionally Russian form involves the use of thread, skating on the roof, wooden animal figures.

Close to it you can do a picturesque fence, surrounded by flowers and climbing plants, to put a carved wooden bench to rest. If you find an old wagon wheel, it can be used to successfully complement the paintings. If the well is located near a pond, through he can throw a wooden bridge. Thus, you can get the whole town in old Russian style.

This well is on a concrete base

The well stands on a concrete base that is decorated with large stones and garden figures

The original wells

Original wells with selikatny roof on three pillars and a gabled roof on two pillars. Instead of the cover arranged inside a flower bed, where beautifully blooming and evergreen plants. The wells look great on the background of grass and trees in the background


The well-chamber is one of the most popular forms where the beautifully timbered masonry, carving and skating on the roof

The ensemble of wood

Well, the bridge and the door of the house is made of light wood, although the style different, in General, the buildings form a unified ensemble on a plot of

A medieval well

In the design of the well in the medieval style used stone gray and gray wood antique (boards or logs). At the base of the well is ground, concrete or natural stone. Beams and roof are also of gray materials. This well looks nice surrounded by bright colors, like a visitor from the distant past.

Well in medieval style

Well in medieval style, built of stone, with wooden supports and roof. For masonry you can use the tree with the effect of aging or old boards and logs. The coloring adds a track of stone and lush bright vegetation

Well in a marine style

Decorative furnish of wells allows the use of a variety of materials, creating exactly what you like. If you are a fan of marine style, a well can be issued accordingly. For example, wrap its base with a rope and use the wheel as a handle for the gate, hang a decorative anchor on the beam and instead of the usual bucket to use beer or wine barrel.

Handle with the steering wheel

When making decorative wells often instead of handles for lifting water is used the wheel, this decorative element is a bright, attractive detail

Well with garden sculptures

Cute garden sculptures at the well to form a composition that pleases the eye and attracts attention

We figured out how to build a decorative well in the country or local area, considered how they can be a decoration of the wells. Does not need to exactly reproduce the described options. Landscape works on the site – is primarily creativity. You can use forging elements when creating a well, to mix different styles to combine various materials. As long as your well and the area in which it is located, creating a pleasant space for leisure, harmoniously decorated and aesthetically appealing.

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