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How to sew curtains for the cottage: the most popular options and workshops

How to sew curtains for the cottage: the most popular options and workshops

Approaching the holiday season. In warm time of the year more and more people prefer to live outside the city, in nature. This means that you need to consider not only your home, but interior in which to spend part of the spring, summer and warm early fall. Perhaps blind to the cottage made by hand from inexpensive but practical fabric will be starting the upgrade your summer home.

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What should be the country of blinds?

Of course, country curtains to please the eye and fit the place for which it was intended. But there are a few parameters that you should consider, choosing «clothes» for Windows of suburban housing.

Curtains in the country

It is not necessary to sew to give the curtains a luxurious, because this is a country house in which everything should be simple, cute and functional

Here’s what you need to pay particular attention to:

  • It is better to give preference to natural materials such as linen, cotton and chintz.
  • The curtains should be practical. They should not quickly fade and very dirty.
  • The choice of fabrics for Windows also depends on their location. For the Windows overlooking the Sunny side, choose the thick curtains of dark matter, and for Windows, oriented on the shaded side, leave a light and bright fabrics.
  • If you live in the country year-round, you need to get another set of curtains and winter.
  • Do not overload the model with numerous ruffles and decorative elements. Simple and cute – this is our motto.
  • For veranda or pergola is best to choose a material impermeable to water PVC fabric.

And please note that the country curtains should be easily removable, so as mounts should be for them to use rings or clips.

Curtains made of natural fabrics

In this case, light and lovely Drapes attached to the cornice-rod by means of rings and pegs to remove them simple

Sew country curtains in different styles

The style most preferred by vacationers, is called «village». It is popular not only in our country but also in Europe and even in America. Just in different countries, it acquires its own distinctive characteristics.

Quilting in the Russian spirit

For the realization of rustic Russian we need the most simple natural fabric. This is usually «merry» cotton, linen or cotton. Suitable solid matter, and with a small figure. Looks great shower curtain, made by patchwork.

Patchwork curtains

Patchwork curtains look very elegant, despite the fact that sewn can be made of new fabric and scraps left over from other jobs

For curtains from scraps need to measure the window to determine the parameters of future paintings curtains, and then make a pattern of details. Preference should be given to the major elements that the curtains were not too heavy because of the abundance of stitches. Sewing patchwork technique involves the use of geometric shapes. Most often it is an isosceles triangles or squares. Looks spectacular only combination of dark and bright parts.

Pattern from patchwork cloths

For future patchwork cloths definitely need to make a pattern on heavy paper or cardboard, carefully numbering all the details

To cut out the parts from cardboard, without seam and numbered them to avoid confusion when connecting. To the underside of the material applied patterns and draw out their contour chalk, remnant or marker. Cut each item will be subject to the seam approximately 0.5 cm To the seam was on the wrong side of the work, the parts need to connect, attach them to each other, right sides.

Stitched on the sewing machine or hand-made sutures should be smooth. To hide the reverse side of the product, it needed a lining. The resulting edges of the curtains can be decorated with braid, lace or ribbons.

Secrets of patchwork for «bulk» tissue learn from the video:

Curtains in the Russian country style decorate not only Windows but also doorways and also a berth.

Bring French country style

Rustic style in France, was named in honor of one of the provinces of this country. Namely, Provence. To create this style of cotton is also quite good, but you can still use flax and even Batista. All these fabrics are natural and good will in the country.

Examples of curtains Provence style

When choosing fabric, you can give preference to plain fabrics blue, blue, lavender and white flowers or use material with a pattern

Except fabric and sewing machines to work we need:

  • Accessories. For decoration of the product is well suited satin ribbon and thread in the tone of one color from the main material.
  • The tools and material. Prepare the paper patterns, measuring tape, chalk or a remnant, pins and a very sharp pair of scissors.

The fabric is better to buy with a margin of 10-15%, in case of possible errors in the measurements. The minimum width of the fabric should be 3 meters.

Be sure to measure the window and adjust the following dimensions, based on the results of their own measurements. We have to sew a simple version of the curtains in the style of Provence from the two halves with a transverse strip. The width of each half is approximately 80 cm, and cross lines – 15-20 cm.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the work, it should start with patterns. A piece of paper, folded in half, placed on a large table or on the floor. Draw the contours of future paintings at half their actual size and cut them.

When transferring the pattern on the fabric, don’t forget to do the seam. In the upper part of the piece that will be attached to the eaves with the help of pegs, the allowance shall be not less than 5 cm For other seams is enough to leave 1 cm.

In detail, the cut of the fabric, skalyvaniem pins edge that you want to stitch so that the seams were straight and neat. Then decorate with a ribbon edge, and then collect the finished curtains in the style of Provence.

A loft in Provence style

A loft in Provence style looks very elegant, though simple. Lots of light, large window with flowing translucent curtain

Don’t forget the tie backs that hold the curtains when they are open. They can be made from pieces of cloth from the curtains or decorative cords, ribbons, flowers.

Sew curtains in the style of American country

As any other rustic, country is characterized by simplicity and naturalness.

For a country often choose natural fabrics:

  • not too bright;
  • floral;
  • in «cell».

However, you can use synthetics that mimic natural tissue. Its benefits for the garden in that it will not fade, will not yellow from the sun, will not shrink and do not wrinkle.

To correctly calculate material requirements, making the necessary measurements. To determine the length of the product to measure the distance from the cornice (the top point of the curtain) to the sill or lower part of the radiator (the bottom point). Add to the result 6 cm for hemming the products below and 3 cm to tuck in the top part of the canvas. To determine the width of the product, need the length of the cornice to increase 1.5-2 times depending on the thickness of the forthcoming draping.

American country style

Approximately so will look like the curtains we made. The only difference is that these are attached to the eaves not with the help of lace and decorative loops

The most simple pattern – a rectangular canvas. Cut the tissue. Not to use pins, can be mounted on the sewing machine mode long lines. It allows you to tack the foot rails. It bent the top edge sew the lace for curtains. Next, you should handle and side seams. The edges of the tape should be removed in the seam and the ends of the cords to leave outside. Pulling them free, it will be possible to adjust the degree of drape of the curtain. We just need to Refine the bottom and hang the finished curtains on a cornice.

Features of the rustic style for different rooms

Rustic style versatile and very suitable to give, so it can be decorated all the rooms with regard to their features.

Sew Roman shades for kitchen

The most relevant design for kitchen curtains called curtains cafe. Rod, fishing line or twine secured in the middle part of the window. It strengthens two small canvases. The upper part is decorated with swags or curtains with tie backs.

Another option that will look seamless on a country kitchen is Roman shades.

Roman blinds in Provence style

To create Roman blinds do not need large pieces of fabric: you can do a flap, which is enough only to cover the opening

Detailed master class on making Roman blinds look at the video:

Living room, bedroom and dining room

If your country has these facilities, then decorate them with long curtains in a rustic style, with pickups. As an additional decoration of panels, you can use lace or fabric ruffles, satin ribbons, cords, buttons and beads.

Numerous ideas for curtains in a country style presented in the video:

Tailoring of curtains in Mediterranean style

Another style which is chosen by the cottagers, is a Mediterranean.

Characteristic features include the following:

  • the abundance of light in the room;
  • over-sized Windows;
  • preference to get a translucent or completely transparent fabric;
  • fabric should be plain or with floral ornaments.

Prepare necessary materials for work:

  • the fabric that we chose with all the recommendations listed above;
  • scissors for fabric;
  • a tape measure or a measuring tape;
  • pins and needles, thread;
  • sewing machine.

To sew the curtains for the cottages with his own hands, it is necessary to make preliminary measurements, which subsequently will guide us raskraivat fabric.

The curtains of the two paintings caught

For starters, you can simply attach a fabric to the window to check the position of the pattern and how the finished blinds will look in the interior. Measure the width of the window. Tissue we need more than double the value obtained measurement. That is, for two-meter window will need four metres of material.


Orange and other warm colors transparent or semi-transparent curtains, typical of the Italian direction Sunny and cheerful Mediterranean style

Determine the length of future products, making the measurement from the point where it will be installed the upper edge of the cloth, to the level desired length. When calculating the parameters of the product, be sure to add 15-20 cm to the seams, the hem and the part of the canvases that will be placed on the ledge. To cut the material, lay it on the floor or on a large table. If the curtains are composed of two webs, the folded product width in half and carefully cut along the length.

Sewing easy curtains

Steps of creating a simple curtains: cutting fabric on the floor, fixing the folds with pins, distribution and fixation of the folds at the top of the canvas, work with a sewing machine

On all sides of the panels except for the top edge, draw bending, fixing them with pins. Made a basting stitch on the machine. Now the canvas looks neat. The upper edge is folded around to the wrong side, fix with pins and stitch. On the outside of the seam you can hide the braid. The resulting top-ACC use for attaching to the eaves. Now from the available material master holders.

A more sophisticated model can be stitched using the following scheme.

Scheme curtains in country style

Everything good about this scheme is that given a specific size. This means that by measuring your window can be counted schema data in accordance with the actual parameters

Beautiful curtain-arch

Arch you can decorate the window opening in the kitchen and any other room. Everywhere she would look amazing naturally and gently. Sew the arch from a single piece of fabric. It should be a piece large enough to the ends of the arch, hanging to the sill or even lower.

The first version of the pattern of the arch

The advantage of this option can be considered that when cutting there is less waste: arch turns expressive and beautiful

To create a curved shape such curtains can be used two ways.

  • The arc can be cut in the bottom of the canvas. The edge of the arch should be treated with bias binding, you can even decorate it with Ruche. The upper part of the arches is laid in inverted box pleats.
  • In the second method, cut not one, but two arcs. The upper arc on the slice B is stretched, it is sewn a special tape for fastening to the cornice. Fabric cut on the bias, hangs beautifully, creating soft pleats. The edge of the arch passes through the bottom arc. Her sheathe, if desired, decorated with Ruche.
The second option is cutting

This option is good that the beautiful folds on the arch are obtained in a natural way, based on the methods of cutting

For clarity, we offer you to watch a video on the topic of creating curtains-arch:

As you can see, no special knowledge in order to sew for summer curtains do not need. But it is the curtains, tasteful, transforming the interiors on the eyes, gives it a completeness. At the cottage you will spend three months at least. Create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

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