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Choosing curtains for gazebos and porches: design secrets

Choosing curtains for gazebos and porches: design secrets

Open porch or gazebo is a favorite place for recreation of the inhabitants of the cottages. In the hot afternoon the roof arches shelter us from the scorching sun or summer storms, and in the evening create relaxing for a pleasant meeting with friends and family atmosphere. But in order to make the stay comfortable, and the surrounding space is more intimate, open construction wall cost to make, choosing the appropriate curtains for gazebos and verandas.

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Kinds of outdoor curtains for gazebos

Street curtains are designed to not only fulfill an aesthetic function, speaking on a Prime focus design, but also to solve practical problems:

  • to protect from the sun’s rays and annoying insects;
  • skillfully hide the flaws of construction and advantageous to emphasize its advantages;
  • with the onset of cooler days to keep warm indoors.

On the market of curtains can be divided into three types: cloth, PVC cloth and protective awnings. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them you can simplify your task of selection of option that will meet all expectations.

A cozy gazebo overlooking the garden

Well-chosen curtains can create an atmosphere of warmth, leaving a great opportunity to enjoy the scenic views and fresh air

Leaf tissue

Street curtains of conventional textiles, making them ideal for glazed pavilions and structures for the open execution. They do not impede natural ventilation, creating comfortable conditions for rest.

Very impressive look curtains of silk, organza, chiffon.

Light and airy fabric curtains

Light fabric hanging from the curtain or the curtain, in the form of shirring, bring the interior of the gazebo or veranda of the notes of lightness and airiness

The more dense and heavy fabrics such as canvas, linen or teak, it is more convenient to hang on the type of Roman blinds, forming them into neat folds.

“Sail” in the garden

Slightly waving in the wind of leaf, resembling the sails are a worthy decoration of Mediterranean style interior

Curtains made from natural materials such as straw, bamboo, hemp, able to emphasize eco-friendly building style, naturally fit into the landscape design. Particularly impressive curtains made from natural materials look as the framing of verandas and pergolas built of wood.

Rope curtains-threads

Rope curtains, yarn, decorated with beads, beads and tiny leaves, and having a translucent light structure, striking in its uniqueness and beauty

Bring hints of romance and to create an atmosphere of privacy will help the curtains made from Blackout fabrics. Due to layering and the special structure of the fibres makes the fabric completely keeps the light, shading the room is 90-100%.

Blackout curtains to create an atmosphere of privacy

Original work variants by combining fabrics with different densities, when the Blackout curtains complements the transparent veil, creating an effect «day and night»

But curtains of textile is good only in a warm season. They will not save you from gusts of wind and rain. And the life of the product even with careful care and gentle mode is limited to 5-7 seasons.

To shades of light and translucent fabrics frightened insects, experts recommend after each wash to impregnate them with a special water-based compositions, which can be purchased in gardening centers.

Protective awnings

To spend time comfortably outdoors, you want not only in Sunny days but also in bad weather. For these purposes, is the best suited protective curtains for gazebos.

Awning curtains – reliable protection from rain

Awning curtains are the kind of barrier that protects the inner space from the encroachments of insects, rain and other climatic somersaults

In the expanded condition these curtains are great at keeping you warm. In the cool days to create a comfortable environment under the arch of the roof of the gazebo, you can safely turn on the heater without worrying that the heat to evaporate out.

Dense fabric for curtains – a combination of aesthetics and functionality

The curtains of the tent or barrier fabric is the most popular option that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal

The basis for their production is the tarpaulin, coated or covered with polyvinyl chloride Mylar fabric. Sales are also synthetic mesh coated with acrylic and Teflon coatings. Extra coating ensures material’s resistance to fading and degradation by UV rays. Treated material can withstand temperature extremes from -25°C to +60°C.

Roll the curtains of acrylic paintings

Acrylic fabric is often used in the manufacture of blinds – structures with U-shaped grooves that provide a tight seal on the sides

Acrylic fabrics have good water-repellent properties. The density of the material averages 280 g/mTwo, which gives it high strength characteristics. Canvas and acrylic are renowned for their ability to scatter penetrating through them the sunlight, creating an interesting lighting effect in the room. The only disadvantage of the material is its stiffness. This leads to the fact that the frequent folding and storage of the curtains folded is not the folds appear folds and cracks.

In addition, such protection lays an imprint on the exterior and interior verandas. Therefore, the choice of products should be approached thoroughly, carefully weighing all «for and against».

Transparent PVC curtains

Colored and clear PVC canvases now adorn a gazebo.

A gazebo, decorated with colored PVC cloth

Soft curtains of PVC material for external and functional settings is very similar to the fabric you can wrap to lift and tie

The difference between colored and clear PVC canvases only in the fact that the second is made without adding cord tissue.

If the focus on qualitative characteristics, the PVC curtains are more practical and more reliable than their competitors. Fabric made of PVC materials, has many advantages:

  • They are lightweight, but durable.
  • Well drawn, but retain the original form.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Easy to work with and sew.

To eliminate contamination, enough to wipe the surface soaked in soapy water with a cloth. In the case of repairs to correct the defect, you can use adhesive PVC.

Sheer curtains – the effect of open space

Many people choose sheer curtains, focusing on aesthetic parameters. After all, they do miss the sun’s rays, creating the effect of open space

Transparent film excellent let the sun’s rays, not breaking them, and therefore can easily replace the glazing. Using such veils you can safely furnish the space are textile upholstered furniture and never worry that it will deteriorate from moisture.

If you compare the qualitative characteristics of transparent and colored PVC paintings, the first is still inferior to the second.

The successful combination of transparent and plain curtains

It is interesting to see products that combine transparent and colored cloth. Decorative insets in the openings of the gazebo more intimate

A significant disadvantage of all polymeric materials is that they retain moisture and store heat when the temperature of the environment. Being in the heat in the gazebo, the walls of which frame PVC fabric, it may seem that at the time were in the greenhouse. For this reason, in the walls of the gazebo, framed by plastic curtains, it is not recommended to install a grill and heaters.

If often to raise the curtain for ventilation and put curtains on them will be creases. To get rid of them some masters recommend to fix ropes curtains on Sunny days to warm the material is self-dealt. The main thing – not to pull. Otherwise, you can only ruin the material.

Criteria of selecting outdoor curtains

The choice of a particular type of curtains depends on what task they must perform.

But in any case, there are a number of requirements that apply to street curtains for gazebos and porches:

  1. The strength of the material. The fabric must be able to withstand intermittent wind loads.
  2. Resistance to weather conditions. They must reliably protect the inhabitants from any kind of precipitation.
  3. Combination with other design elements. The tent must be in harmony with the architectural ensemble of pavilions and General design of the site, adjacent to the building.

If the focus on the color palette, the design for porches and gazebos are more suitable for curtains, painted in natural shades. Street curtain light shades do not load the structure and not visually overload the space.

Street curtains with floral ornaments

To diversify the interior space and smoothly integrate it into the surrounding landscape, you can choose curtains with floral ornaments

If solid tissue seem boring to bring in the atmosphere of vivid touches will help paintings with contrasting ornamentation.

Colorful curtains for porch

Colorful curtains colorful shades will create a special festive mood, making the interior more bright and saturated

It is better to choose tones that are in harmony with other notable elements of the landscape design of the plot. Otherwise gazebo will look on the plot as a foreign object.

Those who seek unusual solutions, will surely enjoy the style of the openings of the curtains of bamboo.

Bamboo roller curtains

Like Roman fabric curtains bamboo blinds are able to gently diffuse the light of day, bringing into the room a romantic atmosphere

As an alternative to traditional curtains and perfect horizontal and vertical blinds made of bamboo.

If you dream of creating «Paradise», it is necessary to consider the idea of decorating gazebo canopy.

Gazebo canopy like a fairy-tale Palace

Garnish with the construction of a four-poster bed, complemented by Drapes of fabric, you will get a fantastic effect, making the gazebo look like a fairytale Palace

If you have the opportunity, purchase the Pro stock two types of curtains: for everyday, leisure and special events. Then, at a gala event held in the cosy gazebo, you can surprise the guests, profitable emphases of design using fancy fabric curtains.

Ways of fastening of curtains

The method of fixing of street curtains in a lot depends on the material and design features of buildings.

Fasteners curtains

Fasten the curtains by means of special straps and hooks, which are bolted to the screws on the perimeter of the open space in the gazebo

Hang curtains, fixing with clamps, which can be done in one of two options:

  • rotary elements;
  • sliding system;
  • braces with straps.

The system with the use of swivel brackets is considered the most reliable. To install it through the eyelets, evenly spaced around the perimeter of the canvas, insert clamps, spring-equipped rotary mechanisms. When turning the bracket the curtain is fixed in the expanded position, and the canvas stretched.

Fastening system with rotating brackets

Fastening system with rotating brackets allows you to hold heavy weight canvas, not allowing them to break even in windy weather

Placing the eyelets around the perimeter of the canvas, you will get the opportunity to deploy the curtains completely or partially, and after the operation free to twist them into a tight roll.

Porch or gazebo is an open space, daily exposed to aggressive environment. Therefore, when choosing a guide for fixing of curtains you should choose products made of stainless materials.

Not less convenient and a sliding attachment system of street curtains to the veranda. The method involves the installation of guide rail and connected with her clips, or installation of rope hanging on his rifles.

The sliding mechanism of fixing of curtains

A sliding mechanism of rails and rollers allows you to move the curtain horizontally, providing a complete open wall or, alternatively, to create a dense screen

If you plan to hang the light fabric, the cables can be replaced with metal beams and latch hooks – sewn to the curtain straps. To tension the canvas, you only need to put it on the holes on the bracket and fix them with straps with clasp.

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