Landscape design

Landscape design on slope

The owners of land on the slope are in an ambiguous position. Standard techniques for placement of the beds here are unacceptable and the improvement of such area involves significant financial costs. However, after studying existing approaches to the design, the owner often concludes that the advantages of this situation. Landscaped area on a slope will help to develop and to translate into reality professionals. The presented ideas can transform the area, making it a unique, immersing in the beauty of mountain scenery.

Landscape design on slope

Strengthening of the slopes on the site with his own hands ^ a

Improvement begins with the works on strengthening of slopes on the site. This will prevent further destructive processes that can damage buildings and landscaped design.

Preparatory actions ↑

Strengthening of slopes using various methods and designs. Landscape design allows you to apply in the preparation of the site stones and concrete blocks, beauty and gabions, logs and grass pavers. For proper strengthening of slopes, it is necessary to study and calculate the following:

  • how close are ground water;
  • what slope is the slope;
  • the geological features of the ground;
  • is there a danger of undermining the plot by the close location of the reservoir;
  • to take into account the pressure of the soil on the slope;
  • to determine the material to strengthen;
  • to designate the area in need of firming.

With a small slope landscape design can solve the problem of consolidation of the soil, by planting trees and bushes with developed root system. With a significant value tilt will require terracing or the use of geotextiles.

Methods of strengthening of slopes ↑

The most simple and inexpensive option of landscape design for strengthening of slopes in the area – planting of plants with extensive root system. This solution is acceptable provided the small magnitude of the slope and its square. Plants are planted in the cells that play the role of reinforcing the structure. Further, well-developed root system is intertwined with the fastening elements and does not allow the occurrence of landslides or soil erosion. The leader in this method of strengthening soil juniper, is also recommended to plant Chinese BlackBerry, lilac and hawthorn.

Landscape design on slope

Landscape design on slope

The slopes on the dacha often reinforce fences made of slabs of concrete, Sandstone, brick or limestone. The advantage of this method of landscape design in the following:

the high level of opposition to external destructive factors;

  • does not require a lot of care;
  • does not prevent the growth of green plantings;
  • durability.

Erecting such fences are subject to certain conditions:

  • lays a strong Foundation;
  • the minimum height of the fence is 1 m;
  • the thickness of the fence is 1/3 of the height;
  • mandatory equipment drainage system (runoff slope water should not wash away design)
  • fences are built from the bottom up;
  • it is recommended to build the cascading structure;
  • it is necessary to provide a slight bias in the direction of the slope.

Landscape design offers the possibility to pay like building flower beds, decorative staircases, lanterns.

Landscape design on slope

Another option for reinforcing the slope on the plot is the use of rocks and logs. They digged in the earth, after analyzing the soil type and surface condition. We should not forget about the appearance of the site and to take care of the drainage. A low-cost method of landscape design is acceptable on small and large slopes.

Landscape design on slope

The modern development of landscape design are offered at the resettlement site on the slope to apply a geotextile. This product coil, consisting of polyester and polypropylene fibers has the following advantages:

  • water resistant;
  • the protection of soil from freezing;
  • the convergence of water prevents mixing of soil layers;
  • plasticity;
  • has a high resistance to damage;
  • ease of installation on soil.

Landscape design on slope

Another option, appropriate for the development of landscape design on slope, the laying of the geomat. This waterproof material is a polypropylene grid, superimposed on each other and United as a result of exposure to high temperature. Are monofilament features:

  • do not contain toxic substances;
  • UV resistance;
  • maintaining the natural beauty of the landscape;
  • not afraid of aggressive substances;
  • resistant to low and high temperatures;
  • easy to install.

Landscape design on slope

The methods of landscape design in strengthening the slope can be done with your hands or seek the help of professionals. Their choice depends on the preferences of the owner and further plans for resettlement site.

Design options ↑

Landscaped area on the slope opens up broad prospects for the implementation of vivid imagination and bold ideas. Given the need for significant financial investments in the improvement approach to the planning of land on a slope requires special care and planning. The development of design works of landscape design is always preceded by the study of technical indicators of water supply and soil characteristics. Special attention is given to the location of future commercial buildings and recreational areas. Already starting from their location, plan the construction of future terraces, stairways, retaining walls and other elements of landscape design. When landscaping on a slope must take into account its location relative to the cardinal directions.

Terracing ↑

Having made the decision to use terracing in landscape design of the plot is on a slope, avoid an overly-long retaining walls in a straight line. This design will give the impression of huge stairs. The landscape design specialists recommend to have the chaotic terraces, ledges or waterfalls. This will create a pictorial representation of the General form.

Landscape design on slope

Between terraces provides for winding paths or tracks and on steep slopes is designed few steps. Retaining walls on the site are made of different materials: natural stone and brick, wood and concrete. Steep better equip retaining walls using cement mortar, on a gentle place will be enough to dry stack.

Landscape design on slope

Original ideas in the design of retaining walls on the site are welcome. Discard straight lines, rounded shapes ensure a smooth transition of the terrain and visually make them less conspicuous. To move away from standard approaches will allow terraces with different functional purpose. Landscape design allows you to place in some areas of flower beds, vegetable beds and planting shrubs. Combining their winding paths will visually create a single picture incompatible things.

Landscape design on slope

The location of the terrace on wet soil suggests the presence of drainage dumping of rubble. It is between the wall and soil across the width of 10-15 cm to Complement the masonry is recommended a piece of pipe that will bring the moisture out and prevent its accumulation behind the retaining wall. The absence of such protective measures will provoke rapid destruction of the structure.

The arrangement of the walkways and stairs ↑

A fixture of the landscape design are neat paths that help achieve a seamless connection between the terraces. To ensure compatibility it is better to run them from the same material.

It is important! To create a good visibility and bright perception of the paths capable of major elements, whether it be stones, tiles, or circles of wood.

Landscape design on slope

The winding shape of the tracks conceals the steepness of the slope, and the serpentine, on the contrary, emphasizes it. Following the rules of landscape design area on the slope, curves, paths to better emphasize the low trees, bushes or evergreen plants.

Stairs on the steep slope of the site will need to be sure. In width it can fit to continue her path or be a little narrower, but not less than 60 cm If the ladder has many steps, it is better to separate them by areas. It is desirable to equip them in the field changes direction. With sufficient size, platform issued a bench, a graceful statue or original pot. The landscape design specialists recommend staircase located in a shady place run from the building materials of lighter shade.

Landscape design on slope

Remember! The beauty of landscape design is required to combine with the safety, material for walkways and stairs pick slip.

Landscape design on slope

Thoughtful landscape design will provide comfort in the evening walks with the help of proper illumination. Methods of registration are many, and to choose the appropriate overall style of the option will be easy.

Landscape design on slope

Floristics of the area ↑

Choosing the concept of floriculture, the best option for landscape design will be the style of the highlands. This necessarily takes into account the location of the site relative to the cardinal directions. In this aspect, the area on the North slope has its advantages, in connection with the opportunity to make it moisture-loving plants, accustomed to the shadow location. For the South side is more suitable for herbs and flowers, able to withstand high temperatures and drought.

Landscape design on slope

Landscape design is developed so that plants have different flowering period. Tulips, hyacinths and crocuses are the first delight of the hosts in the early spring. They can come in decorative bows, Californian poppies and marigolds, and autumn vivid colors of asters and chrysanthemums. Perennial planting will ease the work in the garden.

Landscape design on slope

Landscape design on slope

The trees on the plot with a slope according to the rules of landscape design are planted in a special way. If the house is at the top, next to him, with high areas in the form of arborvitae, spruce or poplars. To create an interesting composition helps barberry or lilac.

Landscape design on slope

Note! Planted trees and shrubs must not block building.

Lower plants are down the hill. To give nobility and refinement capable of evergreen shrubs and colourful flower beds. It would be appropriate juniper, Magnolia, boxwood. The region where the plot is also play a role. Therefore, when choosing green spaces, consider the climatic conditions of its location.

Landscape design on slope

The basic rules of landscape design area on the slope of the following:

  • to organize the division into zones;
  • to build strong retaining walls;
  • to protect the area from soil erosion with the help of a competent drainage system;
  • in the regeneration of places to relax to take into account the wind rose.

Following the recommendations of the professionals in landscape design, the rest on this site will bring harmony and peace.

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