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The recessed Seating area in the garden and the pool: interesting delights from designers

The recessed Seating area in the garden and the pool: interesting delights from designers

If you’ve heard the expression «conversation pits», we know that Americans call the sunken rest areas or living rooms. This is a fairly new, not yet managed to become traditional, design method, which is popular for use in creating luxury houses. A special area located below the main buildings, arrange not only in the courts, but also in swimming pools and in large interior spaces of residential homes.

The contents

These cosy venues often have a rectangular or circular shape. The area within which people are close enough to each other, has to maintain intimate informal conversation. Confidential atmosphere and good for family time and for entertaining guests.

Spectacular Playground

This area can be considered multifunctional. It is designed for a large company, it offers a wonderful view on the coast

If you place such an area in the yard, under the open sky, the appearance of the area becomes much more effective. Even in the most minimalist version, these living rooms look incredibly luxurious. Note that there is no elegant furniture for decorating this original construction is not required.

Safety first

To make the flooded room in your yard are attractive, but in this building there are some features that you should consider. After all, a country station, usually attended by the representatives of the family in several generations.

  • Little children playing dangerously close to structures that can fall down negligently and to injuries.
  • Inside the steps leading up to it, which is not so easy to go down and then to rise, elderly family members and disabled people. And help them will be difficult if steps are traditionally narrow. Together they did not fit.

These design flaws are unlikely to cause you to abandon the plan. But you will consider them when planning the steps and in the process of decorating this room. It should be not only amazing but also safe construction, attracting everyone’s attention. And this is the most important.

The construction of the recessed area

This room is not quite completed, but it is made taking into account the interests of all family members. Her whole inner part is made soft and the stairs are wide enough

In areas with windy and dry climate to use the recessed areas undesirable. There in structure of this type can quickly accumulate large amounts of dust, which will have to fight. For particularly humid climatic regions, such construction is also not suitable, because they will be constantly flooding with water.

Choose the form in accordance with the style

Most of the venues for the zone make round or rectangular shape. We have talked about the fact that every building in the area should be properly written in a single selected one style. Sunken living rooms are no exception to this General rule.

Style living room

Sunken living room fully corresponds to the style of the site. That is why it looks very organic. Pay attention to the hearth, which forms the center of the site

If we are creating a modern station and selected a minimalist style, it is most appropriate for the design of rectangular shape. For art Nouveau it is preferable to use a circular contour. Art Deco or avant-garde may require not only a polygon but also the living room of irregular shape.

Furniture for outdoor living room

There are for such structures one General rule: the height of furniture, which is located inside buildings, shall not exceed the height of the stairs. Then it will look particularly harmonious. And the height of steps determines the proportions of the original space. The area of this type should not be overloaded with furniture.

An inexpensive option

Even that trendy construction can be inexpensive. And no one can say that this variant of furniture for the living room recessed bad

It is optimal to have here comfortable sofas with pillows and elegant coffee table that is placed in the center. Sometimes have the TV, but keep in mind that the venue for talks should be separated from the area in which is home theater or TV.

A nice addition to traditional furniture could be the fireplace. This is usually the fireplace — not too complex structure. However, the open space allows you to install gas equipment, and even outdoor street home. If you put the fireplace, with a large side, he will be able to perform an additional function as a coffee table.

Elegant living room

But to create such a living is spent not small money. It is very comfortable, and can perform its functions in any weather

To have everything at hand, can be embedded in the hollow base of the furniture or stairs drawers. Original look and stools, slide out from under the sofas. Furniture upholstery, as a rule, do solid.

The choice of colours depends on the environment and the preferences of the owners. No specific recommendations on this issue no. Need color accents are arranged with the help of pillows. If there is a desire, it is possible under leg lay mats or mats.

The middle of the price range

In this case the furniture is not used at all. Its role successfully plays the deck, that simply put mats and pillows. Very convenient in case of bad weather

Area of penetration in the water

Most effective can you call the site of penetration, if it has a inside pool. Of course, this option can be used only in the warm period. But for the hot summer like a living room may seem like a lifesaver. This idea is shocking. You can equip the outdoor living room is right in the artificial pond, equipping it with soft sofas, easy chairs or outdoor chairs comfortable and a small table with refreshments, fruit, snacks.

Living for romantics

If in the daytime, this living room looks so attractive, imagine how good it will rest for the night when the stars will Shine from the sky, and their reflection from the water

The recessed area is within the bowl of the pool and slightly covered with water. This option is appropriate only in very hot climates, when being in for some time ankle-deep in the water will bring peace, not a cold. In fact, the living room moved to the part of the reservoir, which can be called shallow.

Guests will appreciate the innovation, but a full dinner in these conditions, the file will not work. Crumbs from food can spoil the water in the pool. But drinks will be very handy. On the Playground, it is appropriate to build a removable canopy. By day, he will protect from direct and reflected sunlight, and at night you can enjoy the starry sky.

Living room with pool

Combined with the pool lounge can be used in the hot season, when even the night does not give the body needs relief, and the water in shallow water such peace to ensure can

Another option is a stand-alone option inside the bowl. Living here can be built so that water from its internal part was separated by solid walls. This interesting variant can be used only in the warm season. Inside the living room will be much cooler due to the fact that its walls are washed by the water. Moisture in the structure itself does not penetrate, because it is heavily insulated. This fact creates a special feeling of comfort.

Separate sitting room

Such separate sitting room — currently the seat of the coolness. There always needs to be fresh. And this is exactly what is so necessary on a hot summer’s evening

From the recessed area to one of the sides of the pool held track. Usually this is the side that is closer to home. This is a convenient solution, because it facilitates the delivery of products from the kitchen. The parameters of penetration remain at the discretion of the owner.

If the living room to drop lower, it will not cover those who are on the shore of an artificial reservoir, water views. Besides deep the guest rooms seem to be the most isolated from all other parts of the yard. In the heat they seemed concentrated in coolness.

The area under the umbrella

A good day to go down into the recessed living room and spend the hottest hours in the shade, but there is a danger of suffering from solar rays. To avoid this, you need umbrellas or canopies

Very impressive is a room with glass walls. Of course, for these purposes, use special material. Glass provides the desired insulation and at the same time it allows to see the internal part of the basin. Insulated area can contain every conceivable comfort. This evening lighting, and outdoor fireplace or hearth, and a stereo or home theater.

Is such a pleasure are many, given the level of difficulty of construction and engineering installation. But such structures give the opportunity to obtain a completely new experience. This is something new and different than yet can boast of few.

Winter lounge

Open living room, located on the water, used mainly in the warmer time of the year. But as you can see, there are no rules without exceptions

For those who want to imagine all the benefits of such a platform, we offer this video. Sure it will cause you only positive emotions and the desire to bring this miracle to life.

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