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A compilation of 4 interesting ideas on the layout of the pool

A compilation of 4 interesting ideas on the layout of the pool

A small pond, overgrown with lush water greenery, beautiful modern pool, a meandering babbling brook, any pond in the country is not only a beautiful example of rustic design, but also a wonderful travel destination, especially in summer. What are the options of arranging the surrounding space the most popular and accessible? Consider a few interesting ideas, most of which is suitable for ponds on a small suburban station, and for lakes and pools of vast country estates.

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Idea #1 — a cozy gazebo by the pond or pool

A full place for family gatherings and tea parties can be considered a gazebo is a small semi-open room with a roof, which usually set the table and seats.

A wooden or stone structure near the pond quickens the overall picture and even a neglected corner of the garden turns into a favorite vacation spot. Drinking tea or beer after a hard day on the outdoor terrace overlooking the pond – is not this the dream of a tired vacationer?

Wooden gazebo

A perfect example of the gazebo with bridges, located directly above a shallow pond. This wooden structure on the shoulder to anyone who is friends with a saw and a plane

The choice of material for construction

What will your gazebo depends largely on the surrounding buildings and clearance of the reservoir. If all the buildings on the dacha is made of wood, it is logical to assume that the next creation will be a wooden. Suppose the Bank of the old pond lined with natural stone, as well as support country fence, therefore, the Foundation of the building can also decorate the stone decor. Brick, like stone, perfectly combined with any materials, including synthetic.

Gazebo by the pond

Almost all natural building materials – stone, brick, wood – in harmony with the surrounding greenery, so you can use the material that remained after the construction of the house

Examples of country houses by the water

Difficult to build a gazebo in the middle of the pond when a Foundation is hidden under water surface. This idea is easily doable, if the pond, for example, an artificial pond is not filled with water. Enough to make a solid Foundation on metal pipes and on a platform at the top of the set construction.

The gazebo on the water

All wooden parts under water, must be treated with special composition, which protects the wood structure from rapid decay and destruction

Much easier to start building right on the shore ready-made pond. The only thing required is a flat area close to the water.

Gazebo on the coast

The design of the pavilions on the shore may be different from the compact little house with Windows and door to fully open delicate structure, protected from rain reliable roof

Another interesting option is the composition of a shallow pond, plants and stones surrounding the structure. It is better to implement, if the gazebo has already been built, and the creation of a pond while in the plans.

The gazebo by the pond

In the design of water space around gazebo can be use a moisture-loving plants, especially with bright blossoms, stone and sand mounds, statues, fountains, bridges, small waterfalls

Always appreciated the originality, so it is best to come up with your own project. For example, the surface of the water to break the stone embankment, and on the island, right in the middle of lakes, to place a gazebo or something similar to it.

A gazebo with a path

Wicker canopy in the form of a hemisphere can hardly be called a gazebo, however, it is convenient to stay if under it to install a bench and a table, and perhaps a rocking chair

Build this gazebo

Consider how you can quickly and easily build a small recreation room, which resembles more of a summer house. If the project is not to finish, instead of Windows and doors to leave empty openings, would make a perfect gazebo. In any case, the structure will look great on the waterfront, and from his Windows open nice view of the sea.

You should pay attention to the Foundation – wooden frame rests on the tire, filled with concrete. This option allows you to raise the structure above the ground.

The Foundation of the gazebo

For strength and economy of concrete tires can half fill an old broken bricks or rubble, so 8 tires will go through 8 bags of gravel and sand and 2 bags of cement

Frame constructed of three-meter boards, floor covered with boards, then cover the roof. On top of crates can be stacked slate, flexible shingles treated or impregnated boards. For wall use battens.

The frame of the gazebo

To reinforce door and window openings, you need to install supports, fixed with bars for Windows — horizontal to vertical

Finishing – coating of wood preservative and paint in a contrasting colour. The processing of wood required, as near the pond always high humidity.

The finished gazebo

Beautiful gazebo by the pond with a convenient and functional point of view: it can be used as a playroom, a place for family gatherings and even as a guest house

Idea #2 — summer kitchen right on the beach

When the summer kitchen and pond nearby composite to combine these two objects. Place the cooking often becomes the dining room along one wall equipped with a stove or a grill in that empty space set the table and a few chairs. The pond next to the dining room – a great opportunity during lunch to get aesthetic pleasure from lying right at the door of the water surface with water lilies, tall grass and sparkling streams of mini-fountain.

Summer kitchen

The coastline can be arranged on your own: planting water plants, decorate with stones, arrange in a shallow descent or just equip wooden footbridges

A summer kitchen with a terrace and views of the pond can easily become a favorite place for recreation for children and adults: on the terrace it is possible to equip a children’s area, or set a large table with sofas. The best places to shelter from the sun’s rays in the heat and not to invent, but in the pond or pool you can always swim.

Outdoor kitchen at the pond

A summer kitchen or dining room can have an open veranda with a large table that easily fit not only household, but also

Idea #3 — a patio surrounded by water

A small courtyard adjacent to the main building, called the patio. Typically, this is a flat area of stone or hardwood flooring, which is installed on the table for guests. If the area is a bit separate from the house and complement the scenic pond would make a perfect place to relax among nature.

Patio pond

The Central place on the court usually takes the arrangement of the table and chairs, but the table, whatever it was comfortable, can be replaced by the fire pit or flowerbed

Wood flooring

Even a small pond can be improved by arranging around it the arrangement of wooden flooring with lounge chairs and the same bridge

Green fence

To truly relax is possible only in a relatively isolated place that is easy to create using the hedge of high Bush

When the pond is in a remote corner of the garden or on the opposite side from the house, do not have to build a special area with table. Enough to put a comfortable bench or chair, sitting on which you can read, draw or just enjoy the views.

The chair next to the pond

A soft comfortable chair with Ottoman, rippling streams, a small waterfall, warm flames — in such conditions you can escape from everyday problems and fully relax body and soul

Bench by the pond

To the wooden bench looked lonely and lost, next you can position the object of similar material fence, or a small bridge

Idea #4 — flower garden in the pond

For truckers that do not accept the passive rest in the easy chair, there is a great opportunity to occupy yourself with interesting work in my free time — namely, the care of flowers around the pond. It’s enough to plant along the banks of aquatic plants, and on land – water-loving flowers. The pond is surrounded by a lush flower garden is a great place for lovers of natural beauty.

Flower garden by the pond

Ruggedness is famous for water-loving lilies, which can turn the pond into a veritable little garden of Eden. This contributes to the rich colors of plants

When decorating the area, you can use any flowers for flowerbeds with irises, dahlias, peonies, carnations, asters. But it is better to choose low-maintenance plants that bloom all summer long and different vivid colors, for example:

  • bright blue sage Asherah;
  • pale pink thrift Primorsko;
  • yellow shrubby cinquefoil;
  • purple loosestrife loosestrife;
  • red flax macranthon;
  • white and purple clematis;
  • peach, yellow, scarlet English roses.

Bolotnik, canadian and Ceratophyllum will create a green belt of coastline from the pond, but really will make a beautiful pond, floating on the surface flowers – eyhorniya, vodokras, water hyacinth, telorez, potbelly, water Lily, Nirvanic.

Plants by the pond

When the device of the flower bed it is important to remember one rule: the plants, whatever they were, should not obscure their buds the surface of the pond

A bridge across the pond

To be able to better see floating on the surface of water plants, across the pond, you can bridge the gap, which is also a place of rest and walks

Arranging a comfortable resting place in the pond, you’ll create a cozy, isolated from the rest of the world a space where you can escape from everyday fuss and fully merge with nature.

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