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How to decorate your garden in the Spanish style that was not worse than in Madrid

How to decorate your garden in the Spanish style that was not worse than in Madrid

Those who have been to Spain often unwilling to part with the pleasant sense of emotional holiday, which gives this remarkable country. Maybe this factor is the reason that the Spanish style became so popular around the world. Especially try to learn from those places where the climate is similar to Spanish: the same dry and hot. In the Spanish design of the site was influenced by Moorish, Persian and Islamic gardens. He has a powerful and bright elements. Characteristic courtyard paved with luxurious fountains, terraces with a wonderful view on the landscape, secluded patio.

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Common hallmarks that are common to all gardens in the Spanish style, is a personality, brevity, simplicity, harmony and naturalness. In this case the determining factor is not the size of the area that needs to develop, and a creative approach to work.

Small garden in Spanish style

It does not matter what territory the size we have to realize all of our fantasies. It is important to be able to prove this fantasy

As a private into shared?

Each style is created by all the elements that are characteristic to it. If we talk about Spanish style, it is possible to identify some distinguishing features.

  • Yard. The courts of Spain designed so carefully that no attention is no longer any smallest detail. The courtyard is often decorated with the national arches, generously laced with mosaic accents.
  • Terrace. Terraces are arranged in such a way that they can enjoy the garden, which is located below. The whole yard is generously crammed with plants in pots or pots made of terracotta clay.
  • Fountains. It is obvious that the fountains that can be found in any functional area of the yard, were the result of the influence of Islamic gardens. The use of water bodies is a very characteristic detail. In the garden can be not one but several fountains. Usually their number depends on the size of the site itself. Fountains that are used in Spanish gardens usually have a multi-level form. This is a small but very effective structure that consistently attracts attention, creates a zone of coolness and repose.
  • Pool. Another object caused by the influence of Islamic culture – reflecting pool geometry. Typically, such a pool is in a Central position, being the focal object. From the mirror surface of the pool reflects the pattern of surrounding plantings.

Original Spanish garden needs to maintain the principle of symmetry of the plantings. But times change, and today absolute symmetry is already a thing of the past, giving way to a landscape plant location. However, some symmetric region it is better to keep. They will give the Spanish garden design is necessary authenticity, the charm of the original.

Pool geometric shapes

In the garden have to be a water object. This could be one pool or a fountain, or combination of pool and fountain, or even a few fountains

Choose plants for Spanish gardens

Another feature of the Spanish garden is closed from prying eyes. It looks more like a continuation of the inner chambers of the home, where it is not accepted to lead others. Your come here to relax. The role of the boom often performs high clipped hedge. For these purposes, perfect Western arborvitae, sloe or hawthorn odnopestichnyj.

Large garden

Most organically in the Spanish garden look plants typical of Spain or regions with similar climatic conditions

Fruit trees not too much and they decided to land at the periphery. Most often this is used as cherries, plums, pears and apples. The trunks of the trees masks an ornamental shrub. Choose the beautiful flowers.

Around the reservoir, which is located generally in the Central part of the garden is the rose garden. However, it can be placed around the house and even along the paved paths, running along the perimeter of the site. Often roses are placed in a Bosket – a kind of green room, having the correct geometrical form. The role it can play low trimmed the Thunberg barberry, or cotoneaster brilliant. Within such «room» roses can be planted free-standing bushes or groups. From them to arrange a trellis, and twine varieties – original arch.

Dacoromania with roses and other flowers

Of course, if square footage allows, you can use the other described methods of decorating with roses and other flowers

Terratories pots

Clay pots with plants look very impressive and are the perfect complement to the overall impression of a neat garden in Spanish style

Spanish gardens are completely devoid of lawns, which are replaced by the paving of the bright stone bright colours. In addition to roses and other floral uses and drought-resistant plants in containers with blue glazed decoration in terracotta pots. Quite often the grapes and daisies (leucanthemum), aromatic lavender and spicy rosemary.

Close attention to detail

Often, as a decoration of the Spanish garden Moorish use the fixtures in form of chandeliers, decorated with intricate carving and mounted on a long suspension. Special attention in the selection of these light sources is paid to their colors, symbolizing the immutable values of home owners. Red symbolizes sensuality and love, orange – cheerful disposition and cheerfulness, and yellow – comfort and peace.

Moorish lantern

This flashlight is able to create a General atmosphere of fairy tales and become an ornament to any evening. Most often they use a geometric or floral pattern

As decoration in the garden can be used in carving and mosaic. Frequently used plaster and stone products. By the way, plaster and stucco can be called the most famous elements of Spanish design. An interesting example of combining ornamental and practical functions in Spanish garden, consider retaining walls: they retain moisture well and look attractive.


Mosaic is always great. Although this garden and so can’t be called boring, but that mosaic in combination with a special geometry gives it an Oriental touch

Dive into timelessness and eternity – the most accurate feature for the garden in Spanish style. Best holiday will give us sleep, stay between past and future, on the border of fantasy and reality. Provide the same feeling of ancient iron bars, vintage lamp with patina and walkways, paved with tiles with uneven edges.

Practical advice for fans of the Spanish style

Decorate your garden with items that are considered iconic Spanish style. Is forging, colored and white plaster, mosaic, tiles seltinsky. To maintain the life of every plant in the garden you need to use drip irrigation. This will help you to ensure that the moisture reaches its destination and he spends it in full.

Paved track

No particularly expensive materials for decoration of this track were ever used. Tile, most likely, left over from repairs, and just pebbles brought from the beach

For open ground, you should apply bright colors that can liven up the landscape, but not to suppress its natural beauty. Each track and each patio area must obtain an individual decoration. So they will find their own artistic value.

To give your garden a unique look and at the same time to provide him with the patina of history, you don’t have a lot of money. On the contrary, show prudence. Do not dispose of materials remaining from the construction of your house and utility buildings. Walkways, terraces, retaining walls of these residues will look very good.

Spanish style

Another option for decorating in the Spanish style. And again, pay attention, no expensive accessories. It’s simple, but very impressive

The most interesting for the decoration of the Spanish garden can be found at the city flea market. Antique Oriental style will awaken your passion, make your life interesting and your garden is adorable.

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