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Garden fusion: the search for a harmonious combination of incompatible

Garden fusion: the search for a harmonious combination of incompatible

Sometimes a creative person when making your garden plot is very difficult to give preference to any particular style. What to do if you like the elements of landscape design, belonging to different areas and choose one to the detriment of the other does not want? We offer you a simple way out. For those who like to break the established canons and is willing to experiment, a creative style of fusion, in which in a United and colorful design, you can weld the disparate elements.

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What fusion is different from other styles?

This wonderful style is very young. In fact, it is one of the few positive manifestations of globalization. The English term fusion meaning «synthesis», «the merger» or «mixing», a synonym for global (global).

Experts attribute the emergence of this trend to the 90-th years. It was during this period of American decorators began to massively introduce elements of Eastern style in landscapes and interiors in classic spirit. Surprisingly, though the details, it would seem that absolutely should not be combined with each other, very organically looked together.


The mix of styles is a sign of our time that globalization contributes to the mix of cultures of various peoples. The mutual enrichment of different directions creates an amazing style fusion

When to use this style?

If historical tradition or ethnic gardens you want to introduce modern trends, it remains only to choose the design of the landscape in a fusion style. It can simultaneously and completely mix the elements of high-tech and classic Japanese style, Mediterranean motifs and details inherent in the modern garden. It turns out some fragments of conceptual and formal landscape completely compatible.

In connection and mixing of eras and directions can be born of their own creative writing. It will combine the ideas of the owner of this particular plot and the embodiment of their designer. The result will be the manifestation of the individual qualities of a very specific person who is not accustomed to close their own needs within the framework of established canons. Please note that all made without regard to external dictates, save the indescribable warmth and comfort inherent in objitem, living place, created with love.

Country and modern

Country style, which is carefully reproduced on the site, it is very effectively complements panels of metal, made in the technique of laser cutting

Do not think that it is enough to gather a lot of all sorts of items in one place and it will be fusion. This is not so. As with all others, without exception design directions, this also needs to present the artistic taste, allowing you to see something in common in the seemingly different elements. If harmony is found, and in the Eastern landscape can fit glass or plastic, and will be appropriate Baroque carved furniture made of modern metal.

Immerse yourself in the creative process

There are many possibilities to achieve the desired effect, combining different colors and textures. But it is necessary to consider in more detail the main features of landscape fusion.

To create a unique Alliance of modern and traditional styles, simply effectively combine natural materials with synthetic. Can you imagine how innovative materials can revive mossy tradition. There are absolutely new opportunities. You can, for example, to make a bright accent color, absolutely incredible way to put together different textures.

The panels for the birch trees

Birches very organic look at the background of metal panels creating the illusion of perspective. All of the elements of harmony

All this will allow traditional architectural forms tune in a new way. Artificial materials that are used for decorating a modern garden plots, a lot. We will talk about those which are used most often.

Spectacular glass elements

Glass is a material that is appropriate everywhere. He will come to the area a special charm, making it unusual and attractive. Glass original:

  • feeders for butterflies;
  • stained glass screens, partitions;
  • unusual garden lights;
  • drinking bowls for birds;
  • unearthly flowers.
  • the magic of the sculptural group;
  • glass granules that adorn the banks of the Creek;
  • fountains.

You can use the already finished glass forms. With the help of bottles, for example, decorate a retaining wall of concrete, fencing for terraces, pavilions and other buildings. Glass garden sculptures can be gigantic, and very petite, seemingly fragile. Large glass elements look spectacular only in combination with water.

Glass screen

It may well be that this section will end just two or three meters, but this amazing cover of glass makes it infinite

Durable and strong concrete

If the concrete you plan to use as a decorative element, it is polished and painted. This is pretty rough stuff almost unrecognizable. However, concrete has other qualities, which should not be forgotten. Among them, for example, durability, reliability, long life.

Concrete, glass, water

Very unusual use of glass bottles into the concrete, found a designer who invented and turned into reality this spectacular waterfall

No wonder it is the concrete used for the construction of retaining walls, construction of swimming pools, sculptures and fountains. Often carved garden benches on concrete supports, not to mention the various platforms, walkways and recreation areas. The use of concrete in the construction of the summer kitchen makes this utility room is truly fundamental and expands its functions.

Absolutely indispensable metal

What metal is the most common artificial material used on the garden areas, creating a fusion. What metal do not! While the course is metal of a different kind: forged, cast, welded and sheet. On the basis create:

  • small architectural forms;
  • amazing beauty of decorative walls;
  • fully functional sundial;
  • original birdbaths.

Of metal make a wonderful decorative figurines that attach to trees, set at the entrance to the house. Often they serve as stands for flower pots. Thanks to the possibilities of laser cutting metal small architectural forms have delicacy and lightness. Use korenovskii steel allows to realize the most daring design fantasies.

Metal gazebo

New technologies give us the opportunity to look at prospects for the use of metal in the garden. Modern metal is very thin, but very durable lace

Plastic – the hit designer delights

Plastic is used in transparent and colored versions. Style fusion like it was designed for this versatile material. Plastic make:

  • bright decorative panels;
  • charming sculpture;
  • bird feeders;
  • flower pots.

About how divers can be used waste plastic bottles, we have talked on our website.


Coupled with light, plastic elements on the surface of the pond and next to it create a bedtime story that captivates, fascinates, and gives miracles

The sculptural forms of plants

The presence of sculptures in the garden, original furniture, and giving special sculptural form plants – all of these spectacular techniques are used for decorating the area in the spirit of fusion. Plants of a certain shape can be placed around the garden to repeatedly translate the author’s intent.

Sculptures from plants

Your garden should offer you and the people close to you happy, good mood. This all means, of which the creation of such sculptural groups — most pleasant

Often a special form of trees and shrubs give with their topiary. The hedges and topiary sculptures transform the area, give it an original look. Framed in this way, the garden takes on a special significance and the magnitude.

Sets bright color accents

Bright colors characteristic of fusion. They can be safely used, if you want to emphasize a single part to select it, make it more noticeable and eye-catching. To create color accents with the help of the garden furniture and even multi-colored pillows scattered in the area.

Bright accent

If what you’ve created on your site, don’t have an exact name, don’t worry. That’s the fusion: you are certainly in the trend

Accent color can create a veneer of basin or fountain, which attracts attention with the cobbled lanes and even the roof of the gazebo. Special attention should be paid to the selection of flowering beds of plants. Clearly visible artificial parts allow you to tie garden plants and other elements of its design into a single composition.

Accent color in the flower bed

The flowers themselves are perceived as something bright and positive. Here it is possible natural elements to complement artificial to correct accents

A variety of water bodies

Waterfalls and fountains, creating a cool or wrap soon from them a mist water spray, are especially in demand. Thanks to them, the garden gains the necessary momentum. It’s not surprising that the flowing water is included in the list of circuses, which I want to watch forever.

Especially in demand lately are the waterfalls with flat water spouts. They can bleed from the walls, fall from the roofs of various sheds, to flow even from the tops. Element of fountains, pools, and ponds can be sculptural group.

Waterfall countertops

Unusual waterfall with tabletop is a design gem, which can decorate any garden, no matter what style it was created originally

Spectacular lighting design

Creation of light scenes – a key point of fusion. Illuminated water jets, fountains and waterfalls look much more attractive. Properly lighted plant sculptures take on a special mystique and mystery.

Original lighting

Another item that will always be «to the court» is the backlight. It will enhance any design refinements will cause them to sparkle brighter, more positive.

The unusually-lit area will never be empty. The appearance of the evening garden can be drastically transformed with the help of modern achievements. The most popular are programmable lighting, fiber optics. Special attention in the design of the site is given to the combination of components having different texture.

Use all or some of the above methods will make your garden especially expressive. Walking on it will bring you real pleasure.

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