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How to make a patio at the cottage

Indigenous urban residents are unlikely to know the word «patio», not to mention its value. In fact, nothing abstruse in this word there. Patio is a small paved with stone or other material open area. Its main attributes is a small table and chairs or sun loungers for relaxation.

How to make a patio at the cottage

For many owners of cottages and private houses the land is not a place for growing vegetables and other fruits. Instead of coming gardens the beautiful gardens. The flowers and shrubs are planted not only so, but in accordance to a specific style of landscape design, many of which the arrangement of the patio will be a great addition. Besides, what could be nicer than sitting in pleasant company among the blooming garden?

How to make a patio at the cottage

Patio in the yard is a fashionable novelty, which is very popular (even the inferior terrace, an open area). Build it by yourself. About it and speech will go.

The location of the patio and the furniture for it ↑

Before proceeding to the construction of a patio at the cottage should be determined by its location. A great option would be to place the site under the canopy of a large tree, near an artificial pond or pool. In this case, you can at any time enjoy the scenery of their own land. If you want to save space, a patio can be build right on the porch.

How to make a patio at the cottage

The dimensions of the paved area is not amenable to rules. So it all depends on your preferences and possibilities. But with the installation of the furniture is the main rule – its amount should be minimal. The optimal set consists of the following elements:

  • Table;
  • Chairs or armchairs;
  • Sun loungers

Additional items for the site can be a garden swing, and an umbrella. But when you install them do not forget that patio should be large enough. Furniture is better to purchase from vines and wood. This material will give the area of naturalness and naturalness. But not the less effectively will look and seat of the forging. The preferred colors are bright and warm shades.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Optional installed lighting elements. Also the platform can be equipped with a grill or barbecue. In this case, the functionality of the yard will be much higher, because in addition to simple get-togethers can be cooked a wonderful meat and fish dishes.

How to make a patio at the cottage

The stages of work ↑

Before you start creating a patio at the cottage with your own hands, you must decide on the material for paving.

It is important! Paving cannot be replaced by stacking solid concrete and other options.

Indeed, in this case, lost the entire Spanish Mediterranean accent, and the patio becomes the most common site.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Better for patio use only durable material which will successfully take the test of moisture. This can be artificial and natural stone, paving stones and clinker. If you want to make the wooden floor, you should use only those types which are suitable for the construction of terraces, and even better – artificial decking material.

But the basic material you will need sand or gravel for backfill.

The Council! It’s better to get gravel, as it, unlike sand, has better drainage qualities for patio.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Necessary tools ↑

Having defined the place and material for a patio, you need to be certain tools that will simplify the work. So, the main devices are:

  • Shovel;
  • Level;
  • The device for ramming;
  • Rubber mallet;
  • Hard rope

As can be seen, the Arsenal is quite small. Every owner of most of the tools should be at hand. But in the case of any shortage, buy them at specialized stores is not difficult

Projects to build a patio at the cottage ↑

Before proceeding to the main construction works should be moved to a future patio area in the country on paper. The draft will allow to estimate all the future work. Those who are not confident in their own taste and capabilities can contact the specialist in creating projects for the stage. The rest can try to make a patio with your own hands.

Rough draft from a professional as follows.

How to make a patio at the cottage

This includes not only the patio area, but also the arrangement of the whole plot. This project will cost quite expensive. But if you decide just to install an outdoor small patio the following services to anything. And the project can serve as a simple sketch of the future patio showing all sizes.

Getting started creating a patio ↑

Making a rough draft of the site, you can begin to work. The first thing the future perimeter of the patio should be marked up. To do this, at a small distance from each other set of pegs that are connected by wire or tight rope. The resulting markup will be a good reference point for further work. It should be noted that the shape of the pad can be any. However, the most popular are rectangular and circular patio. In the first embodiment, the pad is easier to build, but the second looks much more attractive. Therefore, you should take into account your own strength and capabilities.

How to make a patio at the cottage

You should then remove the top ball of soil (approximately 15 cm) and remove all vegetation. Educated pit is filled with sand or gravel and leveled. If you use sand, it should be wet, then it will be easier to negotiate procedure alignment.

It is important! The sand level should be about 10 cm.

The next stage is the paving. Using multi-colored stone tile, you can create wonderful patterns, which will undoubtedly give the General appearance of uniqueness and elegance.

Between the tiles must be tightly fitted. In addition, the surface must be perfectly smooth. So after installing each new feature, you should check them with a level.

Patio created with his own hands, almost ready. Left to do some concluding manipulations. To paved area looked finished, set the curb. And after, patio completely covered with layer of sand or gravel and left for some time. This will fill all the cracks. In conclusion, all is washed away with water or swept away with a broom. This will not only clean the patio, but even better tamp the tile.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Patio decking ↑

A patio made of wood, looks attractive. However, it will not be as durable as this material is susceptible to moisture and other weather conditions.

But there is a solution. To equip the platform with decking. It is an artificial material that is in appearance indistinguishable from the real tree. It is convenient (plates have locking connection) and practical (moisture and sun will not spoil it).

To make it a patio will not be difficult. The first step is to assemble the frame of metal or timber, and then just to impose the decking and secure it.

Important! The frame should be sturdy and stable. Using for manufacturing metal, you can weld.

How to make a patio at the cottage

How to make a patio at the cottage

Sets and functionality ↑

Patio is a place where you can just sit nice. However, adding to the functional elements decorating the table and the overall design, it will be one of the best places for hanging out.

How to make a patio at the cottage

The first thing to think about furniture. Above it was already told, what materials it should be made. But that’s not all. Is to determine its type. Can be installed in patio stationary or portable models. Even on high-quality material weather conditions have a big impact. Therefore it is better to use portable furnishings that during the cold weather can be removed from the area in the room. If the choice fell on the fixed options, you should make sure there is a waterproof coating that will protect from rain.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Also not superfluous will be and installing partitions that can hide from prying eyes or to save his shade from the hot summer sun. It is made from different materials. You can install a decorative grill, wall of blocks or awning. You can also build a natural wall of thick small trees and shrubs.

Mandatory and will be installing lights for the pad. If a patio is located close to home, you can put them on the wall. In other cases, the lighting is mounted on pins or posts.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Lakes should be treated separately. Next to the patio will look great artificial ponds, pools and fountains. However, their installation is more laborious. It is easier to make a mini-pond. For the base might work for a regular barrel. Additionally, you can use various plastic molds, which will be dug into the ground and decorated with various decorative materials.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Ideas decorating patio at the cottage enough. Also, it is possible to show imagination and come up with something of my own.

Decoration flowers ↑

Below patio is even better blend with the overall landscape design, it is possible to make different colors. This can be done in several ways.

You can build a small raised flower bed with an area of 0.5-1 square meter. However desirable is the presence of drainage holes.

How to make a patio at the cottage

If the platform is equipped with a partition, you can let her vines. This partition can be used as a table if it is wide enough.

To visually unify the garden and patio can be due to so-called planting pockets. Free plates plots planted variety of plants (preferably flowering bulbs and annuals). This method is used by many professional designers.

Properly designed patio will become one of the favorite places of the whole family and close friends to spend free time at the cottage.

How to make a patio at the cottage

Additionally see how to make a patio at the cottage with their hands on this video

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