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Wooden carport how to build a shelter for your car

Wooden carport how to build a shelter for your car

Planning arrangement of territory of the suburban area, each owner-motorist must allocates a place to accommodate one or even two cars. But even with a garage on the site, don’t always have time and desire every time you come into the yard, to drive a car. Carport with their hands – a great addition to a stationary construction. The main advantage of the arrangement of the canopy is able to leave the car outdoors-free travel facilitated by the rapid evaporation of moisture, thereby slowing down the process of corrosion of metal elements of the car.

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Sheds some structures exist?

Choosing a building material for decorating the canopy, many owners of country sites stop your choice on the tree. Sheds made of wood, in comparison with metal structures have a number of advantages, principal among which are:

  • Environmentally friendly material;
  • The lightness of structures erected;
  • Ease of installation and processing (polishing, painting or varnishing);
  • Low cost.

The carport are of two types: stationary design and extension to the building.

Annexe to the wooden carport was created together with other structures on the property a unified and harmonious architectural ensemble, with the building should use the same finishing materials. To improve the stability of the structure the additional concreted pillars, or place them on the previously prepared concrete pad.

Attached carport

Attached sheds are a sort of continuation of the existing structure. One end of the canopy rests on the wall of the house, and the other stands

Independent stationary structures sheds

Carports made from wood can be a freestanding stationary structures. For the arrangement of such structures are used at least four support stands

Planning to build a shed, with capacity for accommodation of two or three machines, the number of racks may increase to eight or more. On average, during the construction of the carport for multiple Parking spaces, pillars installed around the perimeter of the pad at a distance of a meter and a half from each other.

Select the optimal dimensions of the structure

Deciding to do on the site the carport, we must first determine the size of the future building.

Canopy, calculated to accommodate two cars

The dimensions of the building structure depend on the number and size of vehicles to be stored under her roof. But in any case the length and width of the canopy has one or two meters to be smaller than car

To accommodate a vehicle length of 4 meters, you will need a shed with a size of 5×2. 5 m For storage of larger cars such as minivan or SUV, you will need a tent size of 6,5×3,5 m.

As for the height, it should be calculated taking into account the height of the machine itself and the possible load on the upper trunk. At the same time, too high design is not the best option because there is the possibility of loosening of the roof with strong gusts of wind and rain oblique hit.

A plan for the construction of single carport

The optimal ratio of the size of the carport to accommodate one car. On average, the canopy height does not exceed 2.5 meters

Planning to build a structure with a height exceeding three meters, should provide a powerful arrangement of cross-beams, which will cover the entire canopy perimeter, thereby increasing the durability of wooden buildings. The roof is also worth to perform a gable, since this arrangement is considered more reliable.

The stages of building a wood shed

Step #1 — laying the Foundation

When choosing a place to host the canopy should be preferred «strategic» points of area: sites in front of the gate near the garage, along the garden or vegetable garden. This will give the opportunity to use the awning not only for the placement of the car, but if necessary for storage of garden equipment, firewood and harvested crops.

Area under the arrangement of the canopy

Place under a Playground should be on a small hill that will prevent the accumulation of wastewater during rain

Council. Place under the pad it is better to choose on a small hill that will prevent the accumulation of wastewater during rain.

For the same purpose around the perimeter platform dug ditches which after completion are covered by grates.

The construction of the canopy of trees with their hands, like the construction of any building begins with the laying of the Foundation. For the arrangement of such a relatively lightweight design you can use columnar or pile-screw Foundation. The variant of the installation ready Foundation blocks or burying themselves supporting pillars. For laying this Foundation should calculate the number of supports, and each of them to dig a pit depth of not less than one meter.

Installing the supports for imparting structural strength to the bottom of the posts nailed to the cross cutting boards and concreted.

Council. To extend the life of wooden poles should be pre-treating them with antiseptic composition components which will prevent wood rot.

Fastening the support pillars

The vertical support columns to the base of the structure can be fastened also with brackets and corners

The very ground beneath the canopy can be concreted or put paving slabs.

Phase #2 — construction of the frame

Set the vertical supports. To create a uniform slope of supports throughout its length, mounted to the longitudinal beams, the position of which is carefully checked at the first two racks. Then place opposing longitudinal beams, determining the required level of inclination with level and Reiki. The angle of inclination of the longitudinal beams, are laid in the grooves of the upper ends of the supports should not exceed 3%.

The technology of fastening of the longitudinal beams

Fastening the longitudinal beams to the supports is performed by means of steel angles, fixed on screws

As the arrangement of the gable and gable roof impossible without stacking truss system. Mounted on the supports are placed the rafters, securing them to the longitudinal beams, keeping the distance between them is 70 cm Extreme rafters laid on the beam, stepping back 8-10 cm from the edge to leave space to install the gutter. Connection of wooden frame elements is advantageous by cutting the ends of the shelves «vpoldereva».

Step #3 — installation of roof design

On obreshetiny frame stacked roofing. Among the most popular roofing materials are: polycarbonate, wood, corrugated.

The main advantages of polycarbonate are: low cost, ease of installation and excellent performance. Deciding to pave the roof with polycarbonate sheets, it is enough to measure the dimensions of the frame and with the help of power tools or a hacksaw to give the necessary form and size of leaves.

Council. Working with cellular polycarbonate, it is important to follow the perpendicular arrangement of the channels of the sheets relative to the surface of the earth. Due to this arrangement, penetrating into moisture will readily evaporate.

Installation of polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are fixed to the frame with screws, the diameter of the holes which should be slightly wider than the size of the screws

Under the action of temperature changes, the material expands and shrinks. A small amount of diameter hole will prevent cracking of edges of the fixing.

To keep moisture and dust out of the cavity in a covering material, top and bottom edges of the closed solid or perforated tape, and mounts using rubber gaskets.

Planning to do the roof of wooden planks, they should be treated the surface of the waterproof mixture. This will allow for several years to extend the life of the roof construction.

The canopy, covered with sheets of corrugated

Choosing a roofing material, corrugated sheet, it should be noted that the sheets are placed with a small overlap, and their fixation is performed first at the corners and then across the surface of the product

Fix the sheets to the frame using galvanized screws, put on rubber washer-gasket.

Video example of the construction work

To decorate a canopy to protect your vehicle from the elements, you can equip one of the sides of the frame a pergola with climbing plants, wild grapes, clematis, rose.

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