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How to choose a composting toilet for the cottages, compare 3 different designs between

How to choose a composting toilet for the cottages, compare 3 different designs between

Classic «toilet toilet type» with cesspit and exude unpleasant odors in the toilet as a country few people are attracted. Some people prefer to equip the toilet with the use of a septic tank, a considerable number of cottagers picks today and the toilets, which began to be used on our sites. In order to understand how to choose a composting toilet for the house, you first need to sort out their varieties, which we will tackle in this article.

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The main advantage of composting is that it works offline, there is no need to spend time on the arrangement of sewers or digging pit latrines. Products of human activity in such a device, is converted into compost, or liquid with virtually no smell, organic wastes are either cleaned or processed using chemicals.

There are several types of portable toilets depending on the type of purification of waste – composting, chemical, peat and electric. Consider each of them read more.

Peat biotoilet – free fertilizer

This eco-friendly option which completely eliminates the use of chemicals. Peat toilets are called composting, since recycling them, though compost is a great fertilizer.

Peat toilet

Whether a peat bio-toilet has many advantages — eco-friendliness, security + obtained in the processing of fertilizers

Budget of a peat toilet

A budget version of a peat bio-toilet of cheap plastic. The construction is convenient, practical, if you are not too concerned about appearance is a good option to give

This toilet needed to equip the ventilation, so it requires a stationary plant. The size of it is little more than a conventional toilet so that it will fit in any room that you decide for him to take. Externally, peat toilet is a little different from the chemical – it has two tanks, only at the top instead of water is peat. In these toilets there is no water flushing.

When waste gets to the bottom of the tank, they are covered with a layer of peat, for this there is a special lever. Part of the liquid waste is removed by evaporation through the vent tube, the other part absorbs the peat. If the toilet is to use too often can lead to excess fluid. In this case, you need to use the hose that outputs the filtered fluid. When the lower tank is full, the waste is unloaded from it in the compost pile as fertilizer, they cannot be used immediately. Only a year on the compost, they will become organic fertilizer, useful for fertilizing plants.

From peat toilet lower capacity has a large volume. If you purchase a toilet with a capacity of 120 l, the structure of a family of 4 people it will need to be cleaned once a month.

Peat biotoilet

For this toilet need to periodically renew the reserves of peat, but with the purchase of raw materials for the composting toilets work today no problem

Peat toilet

Peat toilet, featuring a classy contemporary design, with ventilation coming through the roof — a stark contrast with the shed with a cesspool

For the correct installation of ventilation you need to install a corrugated tube for ventilation into the hole on the lid and bring the pipe through the wall or through the roof (pipe length – in the range of 4 m), the output through the wall under an angle of 45°.

Electric toilets are comfortable but expensive

This toilet can only be set if there is a power outlet. He looks very similar to the toilet. For fan and compressor requires power from the mains. It is also necessary to equip the ventilation through the wall or through the roof.

Waste in that toilet first separated into solid and liquid. The compressor dries the solids, turning them into powder, their collection is the lower container, liquid in the hose is drained into a drainage ditch.

Electric toilets

Electric composting toilets of the same model in different colors. The contemporary design allows even in the country in field conditions to create warmth and comfort

Electric toilets comfortable to use, consumes low power, has a convenient cleaning system. But it can only be set when there is electricity, and it costs dearly.

Chemical toilets – convenient choices

Chemical toilets for cottages – small and compact, easy to transport and install in the right place. Every portable toilet has two compartments at the bottom is the tank waste, at the top of the seat and the water tank. All chemical toilets have the same design, they differ in the volume of the tank waste and some functions for convenience.

Chemical toilets

Portable chemical toilets — very compact and lightweight. It is the compact design distinguishes this kind of country portable toilets

The toilet may have elettropompe or manual flushing, a measure of the degree of filling of the tank waste.

Chemical toilets work in the following way. After rinsing waste water, they fall into the lower tank. Here the chemical preparation processing in the product is odorless, drains dezodorirutm, the process of gas formation is minimized. The choice of toilets, based on the use of chemical products, quite broad.

The figure demonstrates the chemical toilets

The figure shows that the chemical toilet — after flushing the water and waste moves to the lower tank, where it is processed by using chemicals

Different toilets use different drugs:

  •  the composition of the bacterial preparations are live microorganisms, the product of such processing can be used as fertilizer;
  •  liquid based on ammonium are harmless, their chemical component is decomposed in an average week;
  •  formaldehyde toxic drugs can be used if there is an opportunity to pour waste out of the site and green areas.

Use the bottom tank of this toilet, conveniently sealed, so that there is no bad smell you feel after filling it have to be removed from the top of the container and put it in the seat reserved for the drain. After that, the tank needs to be cleaned, re-fill chemicals, and attach to the top of the container.

When selecting the toilet, pay attention to tank size. If the toilet is supposed to be used infrequently by a small number of people fit a tank capacity of 12 l, for frequent use it is better to choose larger tank.

There are also cassette chemical toilets. They are stationary, and the waste container is located behind the door in the back of the cab. There she gets to clean and wash. These toilets are hygienic due to their low weight they are easy to carry. As the drawback is the need to continuously buy the chemical.drugs.

Each composting toilet, although it operates autonomously, needs to work for specific components. For the operation of electric composting toilet requires electricity, chemical for the purchase and replacement of drugs, for peat toilets need peat, which also constantly need to buy.

Modern portable sinks and portable toilets

Using modern portable sinks and toilets, can be organize in the country comfortable, even if you have not yet completed the house, or you do not plan to water and sanitation

But it is not so big trouble, if we consider the whole ease-of-use of this important device to maintain the cleanliness of the site and your comfort. We hope that our short review has helped you figure out which toilets better and choose a suitable option.

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