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Stationary grill out of brick with his own hands, setting up a picnic area

Stationary grill out of brick with his own hands, setting up a picnic area

Come warm days gardeners rush to their stations. There comes a time of spring chores. But in the General bustle it’s important to feel the beauty of awakening nature and breathe clean air without city smog and fumes. Work is work, but we dedicate it an entire week, and travel to the country should, first and foremost, be fun. Any field trips we accompanied the traditional kebabs. So why not build on the plot barbecue made of bricks with your hands? It can always be used as directed. After all, who knows how to relax well, and work the will of the soul!

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Zoning places for a picnic

When we only have an idea how to make a grill out of bricks, you should immediately mentally to tie this structure to the terrain. The size and appearance of a building may depend on where it will be.

General requirements for the site are simple:

  • the Playground should be smooth;
  • consider the wind rose to the smoke of cooking does not interfere with the neighbors, were not included in the recreation area or to the house and suffocated cooks;
  • the proximity of the site to house necessary, because it is easier to provide her with water and light, moreover, will not have far to carry the dishes and food.

It is important to plan out the picnic area.

Picnic area

A picnic area in the country should not be overloaded facilities. Enough of the brick grill, coasters products, comfortable benches and portable table

Grill – it’s not even BBQ, where the design of the stove pipe is always present. It is an open and simple structure. However, there are also complex buildings with more than one working surface, and two located on either side of the brazier. In the combination model, can enter the oven, smoker and grill. If water, you will need and washing.

The easiest option when brick grill master in the form of a skeleton, which houses the Dutch oven and the grill for meat or stops for the skewers. However, without the work surface will be uncomfortable, nowhere to put dishes, food and spices used in the cooking process of barbecue. Therefore, it is also necessary to provide.

Braziers made of bricks

Each of these grills is not overloaded with functions, but one that has the working surface is still a bit better

The materials needed for construction

In principle, any drawings for a simple brick barbecues do not need, except for the exact calculation of material requirements. Use a sketch indicating the dimensions, it will help you to understand.

For the construction will need:

  • cement;
  • slaked lime;
  • reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh;
  • wire to strengthen the brickwork;
  • sand;
  • metal corners;
  • heat resistant brick.

Where the brick would not be exposed to excessive heat, expensive heat-resistant brick can be changed to the usual red. For roasters will need a pallet of metal and grille. Don’t forget about the tile, which we will use as a tabletop.

Preparation of the solution

Will have to prepare two kinds of solution: for the Foundation and for masonry. You can facilitate your work and to use for preparation of masonry mortar ready mix

Organize the foundations of buildings

It is a mistake to assume that tight enough to compact the ground, cover it with gravel and lay paving slabs, to consider the ground under the grill ready. Any movement of soil can lead to the destruction of the buildings. It would be a pity wasted time and materials. So will not rush and fill it with a solid Foundation.

Choose a small but functional facility for which the base 120х120см. it will be sufficient. Mark prepared the construction site with the help of pegs and strings. Dig a hole the size and depth of 25cm. Set the form into which pour the solution prepared based on 1 part cement three parts sand.

Pouring the Foundation

The Foundation provides strength to the building in General, so when the construction does not need to hurry: sooner than two weeks from the date of casting he will not be ready

It is necessary to reinforce the base. For this purpose you can use reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh. If you select the mesh, then it will have to pave twice. First, pour the solution on one-third of the height of the base, then placed a layer of mesh, then cover the base by a third and vystelim another layer of mesh, then fill the base to its full size.

If the base will fit the rods, they are placed after pouring half of the base. Evenly laid out three rods 100-105cm length, and then pour the rest of the volume. To subsequently rainwater freely flowed from the sides of the grill, make a pad with a small (1 cm) bias. To the Foundation gained strength, leave it for two weeks alone.

The first row of masonry

If we want to build the grill simple, but quickly and accurately, you need to make a kind of «fitting». On ready to continue working the Foundation laid row of bricks dry. This preliminary estimate allows you to continue to use only halves and whole blocks. If the grille and tray were prepared by us in advance, you need to consider in the future the construction of their exact sizes. Line future of masonry fortified, fixed and will be our binding guide.

Stationary grill out of brick with his own hands, setting up a picnic area

The first row of bricks you need to lay out clothes for dry, but given the fact that between the bricks there will be a solution

Brick is hygroscopic: it readily absorbs moisture. If it is not pre-prepare for the upcoming work, he can absorb all the moisture from the mortar. The structure will become unstable. To avoid this, the day before work the brick should be well wet. Either pour water in containers or carefully poured off with the garden hose. Before starting work, the bricks should be wet inside and dry outside.

Prepare a mortar of 1 part cement, 3 parts sand and one quarter part of hydrated lime. The consistency of the mortar should resemble thick cream. Still have to check all the measurements, and prepared to lay brick in mortar in strictly pre-planned order. Between the bricks space should be well filled with mortar. To reliably imbedded blocks in the solution, they should whack on top of the handle of the trowel or a hammer.

The erected base of the grill

The first row of buildings serves as a reference for all subsequent, which will be laid in a checkerboard pattern: each subsequent’m glad it turns out is offset relative to the previous half-brick. To begin posting a series of need from the corner, and then fill the side walls.

Execution of masonry

The mortar should be distributed between the rows and not to forget about the lateral surface of the bricks, the excess is carefully removed

Plane facilities must be regularly checked, using for this purpose the construction level and plumb. This must be done not less than three rows, otherwise, the building may come out skewed. The masonry must be reinforced at the corners with metal wire. If additional finish of the grill is not planned, you can use a piece of garden hose to make the joints of the brickwork a neat appearance.

Stops for grill and roaster

For the base under the pan is required between the opposite walls is to place metal corners or reinforcing rods. On them and laid out the base of the furnace from the bricks. This role is played by metal pallet. The basic requirement for the firebox is easy to clean from ash.

In the area of the furnace must be left blank solution side gaps in masonry. This will provide a flow into the air chamber. After all, without oxygen supply, the combustion process is impossible.

Install the drip tray and grille

The construction of the brazier and setting the pan, grill and countertop is the finishing touch. Their quality depends on the appearance of the facility and your impression of the work done

The grille can be installed on metal rods, which are pre-mounted in a brick wall, or on ledges most of the brickwork. Such projections are formed if the bricks are laid not along and across the wall. They need to extend inside the brazier on the same level.

The device of the working surface

Countertop should be in harmony with the General appearance of the stove and be comfortable to use. You can take a solid floor or paving tiles. For the working surface it is important that it was sturdy and well washed.

Ready grill brick

Job is almost done, but experts suggest two weeks to give the opportunity to your grill to dry out until the beginning of its operation

If the location of the BBQ was planned to bring running water and drain, it is better to plan ahead, because the pipes are easier to display through the base. So they will be less noticeable, and the overall appearance of the facility will be aesthetically pleasing. Is not excessive and the lighting of the site. In the fresh summer air to rest in campaign barbecue better in the evening when it is not hot. Now you know how to quickly and easily build a grill out of brick.

Even with the single option of brick grill you will introduce the video:

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