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How to make a bird feeder with your own hands: an analysis of some of the best designs

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands: an analysis of some of the best designs

How nice it is on the suburban area to enjoy the sounds of nature and listen to the lively chirping of the feathered family. To attract to the site of these little helpers, which destroy all kinds of pests, you should prepare them a little «gift» — feeder. The winter is a real test for birds. Under the snow they are quite difficult to find food to maintain vitality. Feeder will be the salvation of birds in the winter months when they are forced to escape not only from the cold, but starvation. There are many options for how to make a bird feeder with your hands, allowing you to make an original design from scrap materials.

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Things to remember when making any feeders?

The range of ready-made feeders are wide enough. But still much more fun to use your imagination and build original and nice design out of discarded scrap materials. In addition to a useful and exciting venture possible to attract the whole family.

Regardless of what design will have the product and that will act as a material production, a good bird feeder should have:

  • The roof that protects the food from atmospheric precipitation. Wet snow or rain, food quickly becomes unfit for consumption.
  • A wide opening, allowing the bird to freely penetrate trough and get out of it.
  • Resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes material, the use of which will allow you to create a bird feeder, ready to serve not one season.

So you’re not limited to just wooden material, essentially the feeder can be made from anything.

Feeders of different materials

Street a bird feeder can be made of wood, a package of juice or dairy products, plastic bottles, any unnecessary boxes

Make a classic feeder out of wood

Wooden bird feeders in the form of miniature houses are made of boards and plywood. The variant refers to a variety of hopper feeders in which food enters the bird «dining room» portions, which greatly facilitates the owner of the sitting birds.

Making wooden bird feeders

Design details are cut from boards in width and 20cm-thick plywood 16mm

Making wooden bird feeders

Given a drawing of the bird feeders, made in exact proportions, to facilitate fabrication of the side walls of the structure

Instead of plywood, you can use the plexiglass for mounting in which the side walls shall be cut through the grooves with a depth of 4 mm using a milling machine. The optimum size of the side walls, made of Plexiglas, is equal to 160х260 mm. For fixing the side panels to the end walls, you can also use screws.

To connect the parts of bird feeders from wood can be used as hardwood edges and glue, and ordinary screws. The corners of the product, be sure sanding . For the arrangement of the perches used round bracket (e.8), which is attached to the edges of the collar into the drilled 10 mm holes.

Now you can attach the roof. For this left half of the roof is firmly fixed to the side walls. Separately fastened together, the right half of the roof and the ridge. Only then with the help of furniture hinges the two halves of the roof together into a single structure. Formed in the assembled product the gap between the plexiglass and the bottom design allows you to adjust the power feed: one filling of the trough may be enough for 2-3 weeks. Due to the transparency of Plexiglas to easily monitor the amount of food for the birds.

Beautiful and functional design is almost ready. As a finishing touch, the product can be covered with a layer of varnish or paint.

Other original ideas

Variations in the manufacture of suspended «canteens» for the feathered set. The most common and easy to create the option of building feeders from plastic bottles or juice pack.

MK to create the feeder from a plastic bottle

It is preferable to use containers, of a capacity of at least 1-2 liters, which will allow you to visit the feeders and enjoy «Goodies» not only the little titmouse and sparrows, but pigeons and other relatively large birds

At the top of the packing slotted holes for threading fishing line or cord. Fastener length should be 25-40 cm on both sides of the container with scissors or a knife opposite each other are two spacious entrance, allowing the birds freely to enjoy their meals. For the manufacture of simple construction takes no more than 15-20 minutes. The finished product is easily fixed with the help of lace in a convenient location near the house and filled with your favorite bird treats.

Another option easy-to-make bird feeders from plastic bottles:

Here are some examples of original designs:

Original hanging bird feeder

With a little imagination, can be of the most ordinary bottles to create an original bird feeder that will be a real decoration of the site

Variations hopper feeders

Simple to manufacture and easy to care for variations hopper feeders

Thinking through how to build a bird feeder, not necessarily «to reinvent the wheel». Suffice it to recall examples of arrangement of known functional structures and with a little imagination, to create interesting by hanging «dining room», which will delight a family of attractive appearance, and feathered guests with delicious treats.

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