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Make a house for the squirrel with his own hands of logs and edging of boards

Make a house for the squirrel with his own hands of logs and edging of boards

Reason for the acquisition of a suburban area is often a desire to leave the city bustle and stress, to be closer to nature, to relax, to breathe fresh air. If the site is close to a forest or Park area where there are squirrels, friendship with these fun animals can bring a lot of pleasant moments. Squirrels are curious and friendly animals that often nests close to human habitation, if you do not see in this neighborhood danger to himself. House for squirrels with his hands is the manifestation of care and attention that animal will surely appreciate.

The contents

Step-by-step building balcatta

The choice of material for comfortable dwelling

The little rodent has its own preferences that you should consider, choosing the material for future house. In nature, proteins prefer to settle in the hollows of oaks or conifers. This wood and should be preferred. You can make a house out of birch and aspen, but is a rather risky choice. If a house for squirrels to build out of poplar, this building will definitely be empty.

Squirrel in winter

Squirrel — cute animal, which will thank you for a warm house

The principles of creating a home for a rodent

Protein – animal nature, which is evident even depending on the area in which she lives. American protein local farmers do not like, because they pose a serious threat to crops of corn and grain. There persecuted rodents exhibit a striking livable: a house for them can become even a cardboard box, bucket or plastic containers lying around in the attic.

Gift proteins from bikers

Patriotic squirrel is a proud and legible, but the feeder from the bikers drew the attention of the

Patriotic squirrel is a proud and picky. How to make a house for proteins that it was not empty? You need to consider that each individual requires a private space, although squirrels prefer to settle families. Therefore, the best option would be a two-storey house with an internal partition.

When creating a house should not be used with toxic and odorous materials. The more natural the product, the more likely that the animal will want to live here. Too much house is not necessary to build proteins can freeze. Inside the dwelling it is better to place the moss or cotton from an old mattress – protein shut extra slot and equip the cozy nest.

The necessary tool

Before work should prepare a tool to have everything at hand.

  • a square for cutting;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • wood saw;
  • drill;
  • nozzle «ballerina»;
  • sandpaper;
  • screwdriver;
  • waterproof glue is odorless;
  • screws;
  • pencil.

You can now get to work.

The use of an edging Board

To build the most simple, but comfortable enough for proteins of housing need edged three-meter Board with a width of 30 cm and a thickness of 1.8 cm, the Drawing of a house for the squirrel enough to keep in your mind, because there is no much complexity in the proposed design no. You can verify this if you consistently do the following:

  • measure 55 cm Board and cut billet: it turned out the rear wall of the house size 55х30 cm;
  • on the rear it should be noted at the 5 cm top and bottom – these loose parts will come in handy in order to for them to attach the house to wood;
  • the side walls should be cut so that there were two parts 45х25 cm;
  • for the device internal partitions cut out detail 20×25 cm;
  • top lid house should be 30×30 cm, and the bottom – 25×30 cm;
  • two small plates are useful for the manufacture of porch;
  • in the upper left part of the facade should be using «ballerina», to make the entrance hole with a diameter of not more than 7-8 cm.

As you can see, without drawings, to make all the details of the future house. Now you only have to assemble the design itself. All parts of the home should be thoroughly roughened with sandpaper so that the animal is not hurt. First, the Foundation of the house need to assemble with glue, and after making sure that everything is in order and fix it with screws. If the glue has a sharp smell, refrain from using it.

Building balcatta edged Board

Stages of construction of balcatta edged Board

Use the logs to build a house

Houses made of logs are more like proteins in their natural housing – hollow, so they settle them with pleasure. Need to build a log should not be in diameter at least 40 cm work Order:

  • cut a wooden circle with a thickness of 4 cm is the roof of the future house;
  • next item — a piece of wood of length 40 cm which will form the basis of the housing;
  • in the wood should be hollowed cavity of a size such that the thickness of the bottom and walls was approximately 3 cm;
  • make your entrance, fasten the roof and attach at the entrance of a thick branch for porch.

Similar belectric looks natural, so the problems with his design of the plot may not be.

The house from logs

Similar belectric looks natural and matches any design

Features of installation of the finished design

Ready belectric not need to varnish and paint the squirrel this «beauty» just scare. Besides, natural is always more attractive and more durable artificial.

Erection of house for squirrels

Five meters from the ground height, providing the animal a sense of security

During installation you should consider:

  • five meters from the ground height, providing the animal a sense of security, so to place belectric below is not necessary;
  • the inlet should be oriented to the East or, at least, to the South;
  • consider the most common wind direction in your area to the entrance to the house was not insufflated;
  • house better to screw than to nail: take care of the trees.

Now that the house is ready, expect furry neighbors. Little trick: arrangement next to the house the feeder can significantly reduce your waiting time.

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