Update kitchen Samokisha film

For those who want to update your kitchen furniture with the lowest cost of the family budget, a great solution is replacement or restoration of the Cabinet door of the old headset. There are the following ways to update kitchen fronts:

  • pasting a self-adhesive film or photo of the laminated base;
  • painting;
  • decorating molding, ceramic or rattan panels;
  • varnishing;
  • replacement.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

The coating of facades ↑

The most simple and economical from the point of view of expenses of time, money and effort, the method of updating the kitchen, is the coating of facades of self-adhesive film or Wallpaper. Using vinyl film, with imitation of natural wood, stone, ceramic tiles, marble, or Wallpaper, with various, appropriate in the kitchen images, you can achieve a great result.

In order to upgrade kitchen furniture using: adhesive tape, knife, scissors, ruler, centimeter, plastic scraper, fittings (handles and hinges), tape measure, square, rubber roller, sponge.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

The order of performance ↑

Step 1. To measure and remove the facades.

The Council! When disassembling, it is recommended to number the doors and cabinets, in order that, after the completion of the restoration it was easy to set everything in its place.

Step 2. Remove the knobs and the hardware (hinges).

Step 3. Remove the part you plan to restore all types of dirt, especially grease stains.

The Council! The bumps and cracks can be eliminated fine sandpaper and fill with plaster or soil-a minimum of.

Step 4. To cut the tape. On the reverse side is the centimeter grid to accurately mark the fragments corresponding to the size of the reconstructed facades. You must leave a margin of 2 cm for the bend. If there is a pattern, it is important to observe the symmetry and the coincidence of the pattern on adjacent elements headset.

Step 5. Glued fragments of films to the facades. To do this, the film is separated about 2 cm of the protective paper. Then side adhesive piece is applied to the surface and stick. Scraper must be carefully smoothed the glued part, «driving» all air bubbles. Next, glue film, not completely, but parts of 5 cm each time carefully smoothing out the glued part from the center to the edges.

The Council! If formed small air bubbles then they can be removed with a needle, the larger bubbles are removed with a knife.

Step 6. To place the restored items. If necessary, you can change the handle, which is also necessarily «refresh» headsets.

The same method is wrapping kitchen fronts Wallpaper.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

Painting of facades ↑

To update the kitchen units are: primer, brushes, paint, spray gun, screwdriver, plastic film.

The order of execution of the painting ↑

  1. Remove the facades.
  2. To remove the handles and fittings.
  3. To prepare the surface for painting is to thoroughly clean and degrease.
  4. Cover the floor with plastic wrap. Put on the floor the parts to be painted.
    ?It is important! The room in which the work is done, should ideally be ventilated.
  5. To put in details of the primer. Wait until dry.
  6. By using brushes or spray gun to apply paint in several layers on the surface of parts. Wait for complete drying.
  7. To install the fronts into place.
  8. To fasten the handle.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

The decoration of the facades of the molding and panels of ceramic tiles ↑

This method of restoration involves the decoration of facades and decorative details. You can use wall tiles or molding, separately or to complement the molding pattern of the tiles.

For decorating, you should use: glue for wood, silicone sealant or cement glue, decorative elements (molding, tile), miter saw, spray gun, glossy deck paint, drill, furniture accessories, screwdriver, marker.

How to update kitchen plates ↑

Step 1. To number parts and cabinets headset, remove them thoroughly clean with a damp cloth of all dirt, wipe dry. Remove the knobs and mounting hardware.

Step 2. To prepare the room. If possible, work with coating is best done in the air. If the restoration of the kitchen is spent in a room, you need to ensure good ventilation. Cover the floor with tape.

Step 3. Mark the location of the covers.

Step 4. To prepare the lining or tile. Strip cut cross cut saw into segments of a desired length, shpilevaya the joints at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 5. Glue the tiles or strip the markup.

Step 6. Cover the surface with primer, using spray gun.

Attention! The primer is applied from a distance of 15-20 cm and dries in approximately one hour.

Step 7. Apply deck paint. You can use different stencils to create unique patterns. To achieve a perfect result, apply another layer of paint.

Step 8. Replace the handle and themselves restored facades.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

The decoration of the facades with rattan inserts ↑

To update the kitchen with rattan inserts, use the following materials: cloth, rattan, lining of wood, brushes, scissors, furniture nails, varnish, sandpaper, hammer.

How to update kitchen units ↑

Step 1. Measure the height and width of the facades. The measurement purchase rattan fabric in roll.

Step 2. Soak the cloth for about half an hour. This is necessary so that, after drying, the canvas well stretched on the surfaces of Cabinet doors.

Step 3. Pick rattan canvas color decorative wooden plates. If you are not able to find the perfect shade of a tree, it is possible to achieve the desired result by applying the acrylic lacquer. The varnish applied 4 coats, allowing to dry and polishing with sandpaper. The edges of the fragments of the wooden slats need to be washed down at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 4. Rattan canvas spread on the floor, covered with plastic wrap.

Step 5. Mark on the canvas items size. To cut with scissors. If desired, the canvas can be closed the entire facade.

Step 6. Attach details of the canvas to the door with a stapler, making sure that the staples were on the edges. In this case, they will close wooden plates.

Step 7. Edges sanded with emery. Coating acrylic lacquer.

Step 8. Furniture nails to nail the wooden planks so that they are concealed brackets which are attached rattan insert.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

Varnishing of wooden facades ↑

Another budget way of restoration of the kitchen is lacquered wood surfaces. To upgrade the kitchen with varnishing use: nail, brush, sand paper, primer, sponge.

The order of execution of varnishing ↑

Step 1. Remove the facades and stand on the street.

Attention! Due to the high toxicity of paints, similar work need to perform outdoors.

Step 2. Carefully remove the skin from the components which are subject to restoration, the old varnish or paint.

Step 3. Rinse cleaned surfaces with a damp sponge and allow to dry.

Step 4. Apply the primer. Also leave some time to dry.

Step 5. Apply several layers of varnish.

Step 6. Once dry, paint back all the restored parts into place.

Update kitchen Samokisha film

Replace facades ↑

The most radical, yet most expensive way to upgrade kitchen cabinets is a complete replacement of all doors with the new one. The savings in this case amount to no more than 50% of the cost of a new kitchen, when you consider the cost of measurement, removal of old facades, delivery and installation of new.

Facades be to the buyer without holes for handles and hinges. Drill holes by yourself or you can contact the experts from the furniture salon who will perform such work for a fee.

The process of replacing the facades ↑

  1. To dismantle the old facades.
  2. To remove the exact dimensions.
  3. To buy or order new.
  4. Drill holes for handles and hinges.
  5. Tie loops.
  6. Install doors on the site of the dismantled.
  7. To fasten the handle.
  8. Remove protective film, if available (usually on the elements coated with plastic or enamel).
  9. If the fronts are made of acrylic plastic, to undertake the processing of special composition (to be ordered together with facades).

Update kitchen Samokisha film

Conclusion ↑

In order to determine the most appropriate way to update the kitchen furniture, it is first necessary to consider the availability and capabilities of family budget.

How to hang kitchen furniture self adhesive film you can learn more from the following video

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