Modular kitchen economy class

Furniture for the home, as the music for the play. Pick successfully and the music will sound. This is especially true of the kitchen where the person spends a lot of time. Cooking and socializing with family mostly takes place in this cozy corner. And if you combine the living room with a kitchen, and friends to buy a Cup of coffee much more convenient. The design and practicality of the headset will help the owner to be in a great mood when cooking your favorite dishes. And it is so important!

Modular kitchen economy class

Categories and types of dining room furniture sets ↑

Involuntarily recall the days when in the selection of furniture was not much diversity. Typical samples of furniture sets can be found in almost every family. The standard of wealth was not considered the original design, the richness of its decoration or practicality of things, and their banal existence. Fortunately, modern man has the ability to choose the kitchen, even the color of your mood. Not to mention the design of the forms will delight the most sophisticated eyes.

Appearance of food are:

  • direct;
  • corner;
  • U-shaped;
  • island;
  • peninsular;
  • double row.

Categories of food are divided into:

  • Body – represent one piece design with standard size. Violenceinjury in the room with the wall lengths and ceiling height, is made according to the standards of construction. For example, apartments in high-rise buildings.
  • Modular headset in the form of different blocks, United by one style. A wide range of sizes of the modules facilitates their recruitment for a specific area. It is convenient to use them for non-standard facilities.
  • Individual dishes – made exclusively for the customer project. In this case, there is the opportunity to try their design skills and to surprise everyone.

Modular kitchen economy class

According to statistics, currently the most popular among the consumers acquire modular corner kitchen economy class.

Features and benefits corner kitchens ↑

Corner kitchen economy class have the following advantages:

Efficient use of space. With limited space of room is simply impossible to install the kitchen of the body type. In this case, use the corner modular kitchen economy class. Each side of the premises involved and carries a functional load, providing optimal comfort;

Zoning of the territory. When you need to combine the living room or dining room with cooking area, you can not use the additional separating elements. Corner kitchen itself will act in this role;

The Council! Corner modular kitchen economy class can be ordered with decorative trim on the back side.

Practicality and functionality. Thanks to the compact layout of kitchen utensils and equipment significantly saves time on cooking. The process is not so time consuming.

Modular kitchen economy class

There are following forms of corner kitchens:

U-shaped. Located along three walls of the room. Has a solid feel. Designed for medium to large areas. It is desirable that between the opposite parts of the headset the distance was not less than five feet.

L-shaped. Very compact and suitable for both small and large rooms.

It is important! Corner kitchen economy class compact. They are cheaper than standard. Choosing them you can pay more attention to the quality of material and finish, not to save them.

Material production ↑

The main materials modular corner kitchens economy class are:

Chipboard. Cheapest option with good quality. Plate sturdy and durable. The material is easy to handle and create different shapes. Afraid of is that the ends unprotected contact with constant moisture. These moments in modern industry are solved by using a quality socket strips.

MDF. A good inexpensive option. It is less stable than its predecessor. But flexible and you can create a corner kitchen with a streamlined shape.

Plastic. Affordable, but the durability leaves much to be desired. Version headset very glossy plastic stamps and requires constant care.

Extruded rubber. Ideal for those who love bright colors and fashion in the interior.

Stainless steel. Looks strictly and formally. Suitable for large kitchens. In small areas may look pretentious.

Wood. Classic expensive option for the wealthy. Creates a sense of wealth and stability. Goes well with any accessories. Well dried and treated wood is not afraid of changes in temperature.

Modular kitchen economy class

Attention! Experience shows that any of considered options of material will last a long time if a corner kitchen is made of professionals.

Styles angular modular kitchens ↑

In the design of the small corner kitchen sets economy class is applicable to all known styles. But to modular corner kitchen looked perfectly necessary to select it in the shared key with the other interior elements:

Minimalism, acceptable for economy class. A small number of elements, strict straight lines and closed plane. The natural color of wood. A sense of simplicity and elegance.

Japanese style. Harmony, smoothness of forms. No artificiality and intrusiveness. The soft colours of the facades, finished with veneer for economy class. Natural wood for premium line.

Hi-tech metal plus glass. The style, originally designed for offices. He quickly gained popularity among private interior. Ideal for cheap kitchen sets. A minimum of parts, panels, metal different shades. Perhaps the addition of plastic.

Modern, is the synthesis of the above styles, taking the best of them. It is universal, will satisfy the aesthetic needs of any person. It is possible to combine different modules, showing their creativity.

Country – a homely style. Prefer natural material in the Foundation or finishing furniture: veneer, solid wood. The colors are natural, found in nature. Invalid too flashy shades, saturation of metal.

Modular kitchen economy class

Color ↑

As a rule, it is desirable to move away from dark shades of furniture. They tend to visually reduce the space. Corner kitchen in this design needs additional design techniques to effectively highlight it for you.

For modern small corner kitchen economy class preferred the following colors:

  • intense flavours with hints of citrus, is able to dispel the sense of limited space in small kitchens;
  • shades of Scandinavian motifs – open, muted, calm (blue blotches on a light gray, dairy tone);
  • fashionable beige more interesting accessorizing;
  • corner kitchen in al colours are acceptable, especially with the addition of silver;
  • looks great wooden kitchen the color of walnut – gentle and expressive;
  • kitchen sets dark wood is rich, but looks impressive only on large areas.

Modular kitchen economy class

The location of the modules ↑

In fact, it is easy to place modules corner kitchen economy class in a particular room. The ultimate goal – the cooking process should be as convenient as possible. There is a certain logical sequence.

Installation plate ↑

Usually a stove attached to the gas communication. Their output and will place its provisions, plus or minus a meter to the side.

The location of modular lockers ↑

Food and cooking utensils should be within the working area of the cooking. They should be placed right and left of the plate, respectively.

Sink ↑

Often it is placed at the corner near the kitchen Department with utensils. The rules between the stove and sink must be a distance not less than half a meter. Waste containers, detergents and cleaners are below the sink. Rack-dish drying rack above it. Place dressing products to organize next.

Along with the usual rectangular, are available in the corner of the sink. They are specially designed for small corner kitchens economy class.

Modular kitchen economy class

Cutlery and further utensils ↑

Wardrobe for these facilities can be strengthened over the module with the products. And near them put a cooling chamber.

The Council! All other table-cabinets for storing kitchen appliances come with free, convenience.

Conclusion ↑

Selection of small corner kitchen economy class in the first place depends on the task set before it by the consumer. Whether it’s the functionality and practicality or the emphasis is on the design of the furniture – not so important. A wide range of kitchen sets is able to satisfy any requests. If you consider the price, quality and convenience, then the corner option is undoubtedly occupies a leading position. And its modular design makes corner kitchen is available to almost everyone.

To consider the design of a small corner of the kitchen will help the following video:

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