Kitchen in green and white tones

Every day we see hundreds of colors and shades, and by habit do not even notice how diverse our world is. Although doctors and psychologists have long noted that each color has different effects on mood and health.

Kitchen in green and white tones

Man is part of nature, because the natural colors he is closer and dearer. Green and all its shades cause involuntary Association with grass and trees. Along with blue is the main color of nature. In turn, white is the beginning of all beginnings, purity and tranquility.

The combination of white and green in the interior create a sense of peace and relaxation. Perceiving these colors, the brain rejects all the negative thoughts and just resting.

Kitchen in green and white tones

Unfortunately, many are accustomed that the kitchen is not a place to stay. Here cook, wash and clean. And you can just relax in the living room or the bedroom, but it is not so. Crafted design and well-chosen palette of colors can turn the chore into an exciting experience.

Example of kitchen in white and green colors you can see in the video – from unsophisticated, at first glance, the interior breathes comfort and tranquility.

But nature abhors monotony in anything, even green has several sides. And regardless of what shade you selected will depend on the perception of interior.

The richness of emerald ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

Dark green, rich color emerald. That color just blows wealth and luxury. He leaves no doubt in impeccable taste of the owners of this kitchen. This shade does not tolerate frivolity and bright highlights. Next to his restrained nobility can stand only clean white.

Choosing emerald hue for your kitchen, you need to understand that not every style of interior is able to make it. He rarely gives the incremental patches and focuses on himself all the attention. So we have carefully selected all the accessories and furniture. The severity of forms or ostentation – no matter how important, high nobility.

A stranger, entering emerald-white kitchen should immediately understand that here every thing is part of a whole and is in the right place.

Kitchen in green and white tones

Best emerald shade of green fits to elevated interior styles:

  • Classic
  • Baroque
  • English style
It is important! If the kitchen has an apron of emerald color, it needs bright light. Otherwise it will merge with the overall interior.

Warm pistachio ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

The warmth and family comfort, ease and tranquility – it’s all about pistachio green. One of the most popular shades in modern design. Neutrality can be combined with other colors, and play on contrasts.

The use of this color is not limited to the strict stylistic framework, and combined with white creates a feeling of comfort, which does not want to leave. In this kitchen look very harmoniously painted fruit. It can be Wallpaper, apron or curtains. The main thing is that it was easy.

The soft pistachio hue does not give sharp contrasts, so the transition between it and the white shall meet as often as possible. For example, if the kitchen is a white table, the chairs for him pistachio. The same applies to combinations of ceiling – floor.

Kitchen in green and white tones

It is important! Not depending on the dominant color in pistachio kitchen work surface should be white.

To integrate pistachio color in virtually any environment, but particularly true, he looks in styles that are characterized by airiness and lightness:

  • Provence
  • Country
  • Minimalism

Frivolous lime ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

Lightheadedness isn’t always bad. Bright green almost yellow lime perfect for the modern kitchen. The feeling of a hot summer and a holiday. This shade matches perfectly with white and likes dark inclusions. In this kitchen there is no place to cold and dark.

Lime green positive charges, the use of this color in the kitchen interior is especially true for those who seriously wakes up in the morning. Even when the window is gray and gloomy, there will always be summer.

The most courageous decisions and non-standard forms, drawings, and stencils. Lime color takes all. Thanks to its softness, it does not create sharp contrasts, so the designers make them yourself. In these kitchens often use a sharp zoning.

Kitchen in green and white tones

Kitchen in green and white tones

Interesting! if all white kitchen to make a few lime stains, her perception changes dramatically.

Of course, the strict interiors of difficult to take this color, but modern styles use it very often.

  • Hi-tech
  • Pop art
  • Minimalism

By choosing these styles, you can consider lime as the main color of the kitchen.

The tone in the design ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

Despite the attractiveness and ease green not like frills. Combining it with white, it is important to prioritize, and then the interior work harmonious.

Many people make the mistake of severely overloading the selected color, and then the green soft, and delicate, turns into an aggressive color, which will put pressure on eyesight.

To avoid this, we consider several variants of a combination of white green kitchen when it looks very harmoniously.

White furniture, green walls ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

The combination of white kitchen green walls, harmonious look in most interiors. White furniture is always elegant and festive, and interestingly, it never goes out of fashion. Therefore, you can be sure that this kitchen will always be relevant.

At this ratio, colors are often used pistachio and lime shades, as the emerald is very much in contrast.

Suitable for walls as Wallpaper themed print and a painting. If the walls are solid, the picture may be on the apron or table top. No less stylish looks green dishes on a white table.

Kitchen in green and white tones

Is very important combined green kitchen with white appliances in this case, the apron and the working surface should be green, like the walls, but a half-tone brighter.

Such a combination is not strict stylistic limits, it can be used in a sophisticated Rococo, and functional hi-tech.

Green furniture, white walls ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

Interesting combination for white green kitchen. Unlike many songs, it allows you to use as a soft pistachio and rich emerald. Green furniture attracts the eye and even the prints here are unnecessary. Figure possible on the curtains or an apron.

This combination allowed a number of patches of black, but to apply them it is necessary very accurately and only as small accents.

«Chip» such interiors is a game on contrasts. There is no place for smooth color transitions and each line is a clear border color. Often this combination is used in the strict interior such as art Deco and classicism.

Horizontal division ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

The combination of white top green bottom, on the right, is the most eye-pleasing way to distribute color. It is most associated with nature, and therefore harmoniously fits into any style from pop art to Baroque. All will depend on the design of furniture and your color.

In the horizontal division it is possible to use the whole range of the green, but special attention should be paid to the junction and patches of other colors. Very stylish in the interior looks black countertop with green backsplash, which are the transition.

Details and accents ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

Perfect for fans of experiments and innovative solutions. Bright accents, abrupt transitions, all this can be achieved by the inclusion of flowers. The less logic the better. Complete freedom of imagination and boundless field for expression.

But don’t overdo it with the mixing. Between design and chaos there is a fine line that you need to catch in the interior, so as not to get in the end tasteless painted kitchen.

Kitchen in green and white tones

Will look good themed stencils or broken lines. The main thing – less of severity and more emotional frivolity.

The ideal option is considered shades of pistachio and lime, it is lighter and does not create discomfort. Unlike emerald, which is necessary very carefully. This rich color attracts attention, but in this kitchen should not be accents, the entire interior should be perceived as a single unit.

Conclusion ↑

Kitchen in green and white tones

It would seem that only one color, and many options for its use. There is no limit to human imagination, and with only two colors, perhaps to create a stylish kitchen but also a hundred percent exclusive.

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