Kitchen in white and blue tones

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Interior in white and blue tones, can make memorable any kitchen. Even with a minimal expenditure a combination of white and blue to allow for individuality cuisine and make it fresh. Spending the minimum, you can achieve a new image for the kitchen, which is not just a place where just doing the cooking.

Features white color ↑

The white color adds visual spaciousness and freshness. In particular, it would be appropriate for a small kitchen. Pure white, milk color, cream creates a rest for the eyes and will help you to relax. Of course, the kitchen in this color range will look gorgeous, but not practical. Too much white can create a sterile effect of the room. But against this background, it will look like any shade of another color. Its purity allows you to create an interior that will suit many tastes and mores.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

For example, it may be a kitchen in the white-blue version.

Features of blue ↑

The color blue is a cold color. Cool colors are calm, create a sense of coolness. If the blue pick with bright warm tones, you can get a very different feeling of freshness, summer and fun. With various combinations and its variants with other colors you can create different designs.

Attention! Blue color in the interior will be able to reassure, to develop intuition and make thinking orderly and peaceful.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

But if the blue will be many, particularly with regard to dark shades, it will be able to contribute to the emergence of depression and apathy. It is therefore necessary to work with blue more cautiously, not going over the top with his presence in the interior. Don’t make the kitchen completely in blue. Because you’ll get dull and quite the same type of room. The blue color is best used in individual elements and some accents. For kitchens that overlook the Sunny side, you can use a lot of blue. In this embodiment, the design of the kitchen should be based on the blue color, too much bright light will diminish and the lighting will not seem too Intrusive and hard. In addition, the blue color will be like «cooling», to serve as a plus for the hot room.

The types of blue ↑

The blue color can be represented in different variations. To such colours include: Indigo; aquamarine; blue; sky blue; blue; cobalt and color of jeans.

Each of these shades has its own power of influence. So the interior in the cobalt range will be very different from the same interior in sky blue. If you will combine different shades of blue, you can achieve excellent results, creating a unique design. Blue color, you can perfectly pick any of the metals. Metallic luster and the cold blue give the opportunity to make the kitchen presentable.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Blue – and-white kitchen ↑

Kitchen in blue and white tones are always full of purity and spaciousness. These colors in particular are suitable for small kitchens because it can visually expand the space. The color white is the best background on which you can play with different colors, creating their own unique accents.

Attention! In the interior, where there are white and blue you can relax, and here will rest your eyes.

The blue color often associated with romance and the sea. Huge use of this color give an opportunity to make its different shades and their combination in the interior in order to create a particular effect. The white color relates to achromatic, which means that it will look great in combination with any other colors.

The combination of sky blue with white will increase energy and create a calm environment.

Light blue shade of Indigo will mute the emotions and preferred for active people.

Too much of this color can cause depression, so its combination with white you have to plan in advance. It is revealed that blue and white kitchen will dull the hunger and therefore, prepare and consume food it is not worth it.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Different types of design ↑

The kitchen is the warmest place in the whole apartment. And the shades of white and blue will add to the coolness. This is a classic that is always in fashion and will always look relevant. And blue-and-white kitchen will perfectly fit into the interior apartments, it will not make dissonance. Designer styles can be varied.

Empire ↑

The Empire style is perfect for large kitchens. Often the emphasis is on furniture with blue upholstery, curtains, lamps. Often in this situation, kitchen sets designed in white color scheme. Golden decorative elements will give the interior a finished look. For example, you can use this hardware to make the finish panel, use the gold threads in textiles, to take figurines, dishes.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Art Deco ↑

Kitchen in white and blue tones in the style of art Deco is quite functional and practical, and requires expensive processing. For the design used natural stone, wood and leather. If this kind of food you are stopped, you should be prepared to spend a tidy sum. Many designers have the options of kitchen furniture in this style, executed in blue tones.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Modern ↑

But the blue-and-white kitchen in modern style, has a motto: «Nothing more!». You can make a choice of furniture in favor of white or blue tint. The main thing is to stick to the correct proportions. Before the room was cozy and low-key, decide correctly the issue with the lighting: small lamps, built-in spot lights. This is a wonderful option for small kitchens.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Minimalism ↑

In minimalism most importantly clear, concise, and complete line. In most cases, the emphasis is on a white background, and blue is used in the role of bright spots: dishes, lamps, napkins. With the help of flowers you can smooth the situation with a missing decoration.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Country ↑

Country style implies comfort, which will be presented blue-and-white kitchen, it is inherent in calm shades. Bright furniture veneer, pediments and walls will look great with blue or sky-blue tint.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Eclectic ↑

If you don’t want to drastically change your kitchen, then choose an eclectic style. For this you will need to add only the elements. For example, if you have a kitchen set white, then you can hang the curtains, lay a tablecloth and use utensils blue tones. It does not need to spend a lot, but it will give the kitchen a new look.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

You can dilute the interior with yellow, orange, red and green colors. But don’t overdo it with them, they will create a home atmosphere and comfort, bring warm items in the interior. There is no need to use the static details in the decor. For example, cups and bowls of bright shades are interchangeable, so it is easy to give the situation a different perception.

Kitchen in white and blue tones

Conclusion ↑

Plus the blue-and-white kitchen is that it is not dependent on fashion trends. If you are not going to change it, you can safely choose this color scheme. You need to consider and on which way you look the kitchen window. For the kitchen, which bad covered need to choose a lighter tone.

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