Kitchen design in Oriental style

Kitchen is the most multifunctional room in any home. Here you can see the constant changes in temperature and other conditions that have a negative impact on the furniture and walls. Therefore, the main condition for the arrangement of this room is practicality. All furniture and wall coverings should be of high quality.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

However, practicality also must be covered with beauty. Therefore, many trim the room in different ways. Increasingly popular is the kitchen in the Oriental style. It is this design and will continue it.

Types of East areas ↑

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Before moving on to the kitchen setting, you should understand what trends exist in the Eastern style, and what you can use in kitchen design. All share four main areas:

  • Japanese style;
  • Chinese;
  • Arabic;
  • Moroccan

Each of them deserves special attention, therefore, should consider the styles separately and in more detail.

Japanese style ↑

This area should combine minimalism and functionality. When choosing this style it is necessary to abandon a large number of elements. All elements should play any functional role. If the object is useless in the kitchen in Japanese style it is not the place.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Minimalism is also extended to color. Relaxed preferred are the bright colors, the contrast to which will suit individual elements brown or black. It can be various beams, window frames and so on. But, if you wish, you can dilute the room and other colors or patterns.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

If possible, it is better to work over the front door. Finally to give the kitchen manners will help the Japanese sliding door with intricate patterns.

Chinese style ↑

Red and gold are the main colors in the design of the room in the Chinese style. Also, the design should predominate natural materials.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Of course, the modern kitchen is unlikely to completely decorate wooden surfaces. But attend they must. The kitchen walls with Oriental Chinese style, you can decorate with various ornaments, paintings or entire scene paintings.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Arabic style ↑

The Arabs faithful. And religion takes them an important place even in the design of housing. For example, the Koran forbids to depict on the walls of animals and humans. That’s why meeting room in Arabic style with these pictures is impossible.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Usually, rooms in Arabic style is primarily a luxury. Expensive furniture with hand-carved, lightweight fabric on the Windows as partitions and other such elements should be present even in the kitchen. Colors can vary but the preferred option is the design of the room in a Golden palette.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

If you continue to follow the traditions, in the dining area instead of the classic furniture, you can set a low table with cushions as seats. However, this is optional and if this option would be to bring discomfort, it is better to put ordinary furniture.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Moroccan design ↑

Moroccan design combines Arabic and Mediterranean styles. This option also prefer luxury, which may appear as in furniture and in the tissues that cover the Windows from the sun.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

As for the colors, the predominant colors are shades of white, blue and terracotta. As flooring is a preference for ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile in Oriental Moroccan style for kitchens, and for the rest of the room was popular due to the fact that she is the sultry day gave a pleasant coolness to the room. In the Arab and Mediterranean countries, it had very appropriate.

To emphasize the style by using various metal decorations. They can serve as an unusual lamps or vases.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Kitchen decoration ↑

After carefully considering each of the above-mentioned description, it is possible to choose. When the future style cuisine will be determined, to proceed to his incarnation. The first thing you will need to carry out preparatory work. If some irregularities on the walls does not play a special role in Eastern style everything has to be perfect. Therefore, each area of the wall to accurately process to even small irregularities were removed.

After you should decide on wall coverings. Oriental style kitchen can be decorated with Wallpaper, paint, plaster, also allowed the use of tiles and mosaics. But hanging panel in this style are not quite appropriate.

If the kitchen is decorated in Asian styles, the choice of colors should be more restrained. It is also worth to give up luxury. Restrained tones with the addition of contrast and thematic patterns will make the kitchen as close to real Chinese or Japanese motive. When decorating the walls, do not forget about using wood. It can be various partitions or beams.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

On preferred colors in Arabic style is already known. Therefore, we can only add, that in this case for the walls to hold back just do not need. In addition to colorful Wallpapers relevant will be the traditional ornaments and patterns.

About the luxury inherent in Moroccan style, was already discussed. However, it is possible to depart a little from tradition and make the room more restrained.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

As you can see, the walls are decorated with traditional colors and ornaments. In addition, there are metal fixtures, pots, fancy shapes and other elements, emphasizing the Moroccan design. However, overall the kitchen looks not fancy, but more simple and comfortable.

But about all under the order. Furniture and decorations-so be sure to go. However, it should be back to the initial stages of development, or rather, to finish.

The walls have more or less clear, so you can move on to the floors. Material selection should also be based on the style. For example, in the Asian version is better to use natural wood. However, the natural material will cost dearly. So it can be replaced with a modern laminate floor. It is much cheaper, but he bravely will take the various loads that are inherent in the kitchen (falling heavy objects, spilled liquid, etc.).

But if kitchen design Oriental Arabic or Moroccan style, it is better not to depart from the classics and cover the floor with tile, as shown in the photo.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

As for the ceiling, then the main thing here is to perfectly complement the overall picture. It can be installed wooden beams. You can also use decorative hand-painted (suitable for Arabic style).

The Council! If space allows, when the arrangement of the kitchen, working and dining areas it is better to divide. This is especially true Arab style.

The choice of furniture and equipment ↑

When the interior of the kitchen in the Oriental style is almost ready, it is important not to ruin all the furniture. Therefore, her choice should be approached wisely, as even beautiful at first glance, the model of the plate or table may not fit in the East dining room.

Furniture in Asian style ↑

Rules for the selection of furniture and appliances are not much different from the rules of selection of finishing materials. So in Japanese and Chinese styles of headsets should be simple forms, and optimum production version is a tree.

But in the choice of colors, Asian styles differ in their preferences. Japanese cuisine should be simple, concise, or even pastel colours. In this case, allowed a variety of bright geometric panels.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

When choosing furniture for Chinese food you should give preference to colors, which have already been discussed above (red, orange and others similar).

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Furniture in Arab and Moroccan motifs ↑

The furniture in these styles can be made of expensive wood species or style of them counterparts. In addition, it allowed the decoration of metal objects, carvings or stained glass.

Kitchen design in Oriental style

Dining area Asian in any direction can be issued in the following way. The table can be of the usual form and color, and instead of the usual chairs fit elbow (the color of which depends upon design).

Equipment ↑

With regard to the availability of household appliances, the main rule for selection is that everything has to be useful. Items that are rarely used, should be invisible.

To make sure Oriental style into the kitchen in a normal apartment, you should watch this video

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