How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

What the mistress doesn’t want her kitchen was decorated beautifully and tastefully. This room plays a big role, because here every day, for Breakfast or dinner, the whole family is going or arrange friendly gatherings. So it’s easy to understand the desire of women to make the kitchen more cozy with the help of various accessories, among which a special attention is given to the curtains.

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

The curtains on the kitchen window not only protect from prying looks and bright light, but creating comfort and spectacular way of facilities. In the interior of the kitchen more attractive, harmonious and advantageous to look bright, light, almost airy, and simple curtains.

Binding style kitchen ↑

Selection of curtains for kitchen design window is largely dependent on the General style decision. Directly the design space defines principles for the use of a particular textile.

Modern style ↑

In that case, if the kitchen is designed in a modern style, it is advisable to use curtains of easy care, slightly shiny synthetic fabrics. Perfectly will look in the interior or Roman Japanese curtains and ordinary blinds. However, more impressive look of the original draperies of translucent light fabrics that will add light and will emphasize the airiness of the room.

Quite stylish look in modern interior kitchens photos curtains. Typically, for print, choose an image totally unexpected for the overall design of the room.

Minimalism ↑

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

A distinctive feature of this style – free space, air and light. For this, as a rule, use natural lighting. While it is possible to widen the window opening by means of a light roller blinds or fabric blinds, which freely cleaned in a special box. In that case, if the window in the kitchen of a small size, it is better to prefer a rolled translucent curtains that let a lot of light.

Classics ↑

Comfort and serenity, the elegant furnishings are what distinguish the classic style design. And curtains in a classic style, only accentuate the interior, will present kitchen in the best light and will be just one highlight, which will make unforgettable atmosphere of the room.

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

In the kitchen classic style to exclude bright accents as well as deep and saturated colors that make the room uncomfortable and oppressive atmosphere. Usually, kitchen curtains, designers are advised to use soothing colors – cream, beige, olive. However, darker shades can be quite organically fit into the interior of the modern kitchen.

The Mysterious East ↑

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

In contrast to the modern style exotic Oriental kitchen, with its iridescence and ostentatious luxury, perfect connoisseurs of refined luxury. The mysterious atmosphere of the East complement the curtains with a print of a calligraphic ornaments or thematic patterns. You can quite safely choose layered curtains made from shiny fabrics with bright colors, tassels and fringe.

Country ↑

Country style has great value textiles, which by design should be a lot, and that he should ask the overall picture. This style characterized by the use of the same fabric to create almost all the interior items – tablecloths, curtains and napkins, that impresses with its simplicity and homely atmosphere. The perfect solution for window decorations in the kitchen in country style can be wooden blinds.

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

For such stylistic decisions often prefer to choose textiles in bright colors. Also the most used colors are the curtains in striped, flowered, plaid and drawings of rural subjects. If you decide to use Drapes dark tones, allows the use of textiles in red, yellow, pink, orange, soft blue or light green color.

Provence style ↑

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

Quite natural and simple fabrics used in the design of the Windows of the kitchen in a provençal style, create a sense of lightheartedness, lightness, Recalling the delights of village life away from the bustling city. This is achieved through the use of natural fabrics, like linen or cotton, with patterns in «polka dot» or «cell», as well as floral motifs. It is also worth considering that the cornice in the kitchen in the style of Provence does not have to be massive, since in this case you can lose the ease and simplicity, the interior. Ledge must not be in contrast with the interior, but rather to complement and emphasize the decoration of the Windows.

Choosing curtains for kitchen with balcony ↑

You have a kitchen with exit to the balcony? Then you can congratulate You, because this is a real gift of fate. Because on the balcony you can arrange a comfortable Seating area in summer or to create an additional pantry for storage of supplies in the winter. However, how to make a box with a door, and what curtains are best suited for such a plan?

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

First and foremost, the curtains must not interfere with the free exit to the balcony. When the overhang of the curtains to the floor you accidentally damage the fabric hinged door or tangled feet long folds.

The most modern and practical option for decoration of Windows with balcony in the kitchen are considered as vertical fabric blinds, which converge near the junction of door and window frames. The more that you can order for window to one length, and another for door.

However, the best option for the kitchen with the balcony are combined in the curtains. For example, Roman blinds for window and Japanese panels for doors. For both options use fabric of the same species with the same decorative elements.

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

Classic curtains that you want to push in opposite directions and at the same time to capture the special clamps, it is possible the original design, playing with height. The Union of blinds of various lengths can be done using clamps fixed on the same height. Also, curtains to balcony door and Windows can be combined in a single composition with a pelmet that covers the whole aperture. In addition, it perfectly hides the ledge and is the original framing of balcony curtains.

The advice of professionals ↑

When placing the window in the kitchen many Housewives also wonder what material is best used for curtains. From the point of view of health and environmental material the best option are natural materials: flax, cotton or cotton. However, it is worth considering that the kitchen textiles are exposed to excessive moisture, grease and grime. For this reason, it is best to use natural fabrics with the addition of synthetics because they are easier to care for.

The pattern on the curtains for the balcony doors in the kitchen you should choose this, to underline the total interior idea and in any case do not contradict it. If the curtains are plain, they are perfectly combined with a pelmet or colored clamps.

If you want to hide from prying views, especially at night, it is not necessary to use for curtains too heavy and dense fabric. For these purposes perfectly fit thin and lightweight textiles, which will visually expand the kitchen area and make it more bright.

It is also too overloaded curtains in the kitchen decorative elements, otherwise they will look pretty tasteless and other «gadgets», even the most original, the background is simply lost.

The video presents the recommendations of professionals concerning the correct choice of curtains for the kitchen:

Color selection for curtains ↑

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

Color is a powerful tool for the realization of any design ideas. Besides the right choice of color scheme allows you to visually expand the space, to emphasize the dignity of the layout and hide the imperfections. This is especially true for kitchens with a small area, and experts suggest to use light curtains blue, lavender, light green or pearl tones. Acceptable fabrics and dark tones, but it applies only to the curtains «Roman» or valances to window decor did not prevent the entry into the room of natural light.

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

Also the color selection for textiles may be due to the General stylistic solution of the kitchen. For interiors in a classic style you can use plain curtains or a combination or two or three colors, for country should prefer light material with bright colors or stripes of pastel colors, and hi-tech fits the whole cold colors.

In the case when the kitchen is dominated by bright tones, to balance balance it is desirable to use simple monochrome shades. You can not invent anything extraordinary, but simply to use a textile of the same color as the Wallpaper or the facades of the kitchen units.

How to make beautiful window in the kitchen

Curtains pale cream or neutral colors perfect for a kitchen of any style. And in order to achieve additional visual effects, you can use a combination of curtains of different textures and shades.

When deciding on color scheme for curtains, do not forget also about the significance of color effect on the atmosphere and mood created in the kitchen. Check out some of the design ideas of curtains for kitchen in this video:

The psychological impact of colour ↑

Color scheme

Psychological impact

Red and its shades

Excessive excitability, easy aggressiveness.

Bright acid colors (lemon, green, purple)

Attach to activity and cheerfulness.

Pastel colors (pale green, pink, turquoise)

Soothe and prevent haste and bustle.

Blue color and its shades

Refreshes the interior and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

Green color and its shades

Also contribute to the creation of calm and tranquility.

Orange tones

Help create a cozy atmosphere and improve the mood.

Color trends for 2016 ↑

Next year will be very popular with all shades of gray, from silver to «wet asphalt», which provide many opportunities for creative experimentation.

If You are supporter eco-friendly theme, then decorating the kitchen window is to use textiles in soft shades of brown, white or beige. Also remains at the height of fashion presents a wide range of wild flowers: autumn leaves, fresh herbs and moss.

Very popular unusual materials and textures, high quality fabrics and innovative combination of textiles. Designers advise to use for curtains in kitchen textiles with a clear texture, embroidery and lurex. Of fashion fabric «Reaper» and «chameleon», which shimmer in the light with different colors.

Afterword ↑

Currently there is no single formula for choosing the perfect curtains for decorating Windows. However, with a little effort and include «full» your imagination can complement the kitchen interior is practical and at the same time beautiful curtains created besides your hands. The video presents master class, how to sew curtains for your kitchen:

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