Glass wall panels

Kitchen and bathroom, in law, considered to be the most difficult areas to repair. Aggressive conditions were forced to abandon most of the materials used in the other rooms, but necessary to keep the overall design concept, while being mindful of practical features.

Glass wall panels

Task, to put it mildly, not easy, and glass wall panels are easy to solve.

Humanity is familiar with glass for thousands of years, and during that time it has passed a difficult way from a primitive beads to exclusive designer furniture.

Glass wall panels

Unique material ↑

Glass wall panels

The most extensive scope of glass is, of course, the window, and thus formed an opinion about its fragility. But it is not so, it is enough to recollect floors in the observation deck of the TV tower, which is made of glass, and withstand enormous loads.

Modern technologies allow to create glass that is in strength not inferior stone, but retains its main feature – transparency.

These unique qualities led designers to the idea of creating a glass wall panels that not only fit into any interior, but also meet all safety regulations.

Glass wall panels

The kitchen requires special materials, which are not afraid of pollution and constant changes in temperature, that is why aprons are most often used ceramic tile. To challenge the technical advantages of this option are difficult, but do not forget about the disadvantages, from which no escape:

  • Options for drawing are limited by the manufacturer. To create something unique only by combining.
  • The complexity of installation. Laying on the leaves for a few days, and then piles of garbage remain.
  • A huge number of joints, the mud of which is a headache for all the Housewives.

Glass wall panels

Advantages of glass panels ↑

Glass panels in turn, devoid of these shortcomings. But to be impartial it is necessary to consider their features, that will be relevant for kitchen backsplash and bathroom

  1. Modern technologies allow to put on the glass any drawing at will of the customer. Everything is limited only by personal imagination, so you can develop a design that will be one hundred percent unique.
  2. Wall panels are made of tempered glass, so they are not afraid of differences of temperatures.
  3. The pattern is applied on the glass on the inside, so don’t be afraid to wash the panel even with strong detergents.
  4. The installation of glass panels can produce with their hands. It will take at most a couple of hours, and upon completion will remain garbage.
  5. If you choose images from catalogs, the price per square meter will be much lower than the tiles.
  6. Due to the coating of a special film, glass wall panels are completely safe, and even in the case of a split, the fragments do not scatter around the room.

Glass wall panels

Of course, ordering an expensive glass wall panel, it is better to use the services of professional installers. But if you have confidence, you can do it with their hands.

The video shows how just a few minutes, the kitchen completely changes its appearance. But it professionals who have installed one glass panel, and without proper experience it could end badly.

Disadvantages of wall panels ↑

This moment also can not be ignored, because, unfortunately, the ideal material has not yet been invented:

  1. Chemistry for glass is completely harmless, but the powders with small abrasive scratches it easily, and restore such damage subsequently impossible.
  2. After hitting water on the glass are divorces that can be removed only by using the wiper.
  3. If print selected, exclusive image or photo from your personal archive, this will greatly affect the cost of the glass panels.

Glass wall panels

It is important! Choosing the image for printing, you must consider its quality characteristics, so that when you zoom in it is not distorted.

Comparing only the main parameters are clearly visible advantages of using glass wall panels in the bathroom and in the kitchen. And disadvantages advantages kompensiruet.

Printing methods on glass ↑

To mention ways of drawing is necessary as this affects the quality glass wall panels and their price. An interesting fact is that determine how on the glass the drawing only by a specialist. But for the layman there is absolutely no difference.

All such methods are three:

Film seal ↑

Glass wall panels

Foil printing is when the image is applied not on the glass itself, and a thin film which, in turn, is glued to the back of the glass. The advantages of this application technique in the comparative cheapness and speed of order execution. But as a consequence and comparative fragility. Sooner or later under glass wall panel begins to accumulate moisture, and even the best quality film can peel off and ruin the picture.

But there is a positive aspect to these glass panels, but because of their relatively low cost and ease of installation, you can update the apron every few years. A new figure will create a feeling of just made repair.

Triplex ↑

Glass wall panels

Laminated glass used in the manufacture of automotive glass. In fact, it is two glasses, between which is placed the film is patterned. Under high temperatures the layers are soldered, forming a monolith. This is the most expensive, but at the same time high-quality method of application. Laminated safety glass is very durable and hard to scratch.

Of the shortcomings can be identified the long process of production and as a result the final cost. But to cause such a wall panel is not easy. Laminated safety glass will last for many years, and therefore the choice of figure should be approached with special care.

UV printing ↑

Glass wall panels

The ultraviolet printing. By far the most common method. The design is applied directly on the glass special printers by using stable polymers that are completely neutral to all kind of influences. Of the minuses only the fact that similar equipment is not all firms engaged in printing on glass, and because of the large demand can be a lengthy production time.

The quality of these glass panels is not inferior to the triplex, since they use tempered glass, which is not afraid of scratches and chips.

The main criterion when choosing a method of patterning is a question of price. If it is possible not to save, the triplex is the perfect choice on all counts.

The Council! If you select the option with a film print, you need to make sure that you use tempered glass and its thickness not less than 0.4 mm.

The design concept and the choice of subject for the glass panels ↑

Glass wall panels

Fantasy artists no limit. The video shows how extensive choice of glass panels.

Any exclusive interior becomes the hallmark of the designer, which he brags to colleagues and new clients. But the main purpose of any repair is that he liked the owner, so when choosing photos for wall glass panels, do not just throw in complex patterns and intricate collages. Sometimes the most ordinary fruits on the apron, can give the interior a highlight.

The plot of the pattern for the overall design ↑

Glass wall panels

The choice of pattern for the wall panels in the bathroom is considerably easier than for cooking apron. As a rule, there prevails the concept of water in all of its diverse manifestations, from simple drops to the beach or the underwater world scenery.

Some manufacturers now offer glass 3d panel, pattern which will not only bulk, but able to move. Of course, floating fish on the walls in the bathroom is very nice and unusual, but the cost of one panel can sometimes exceed the cost of the rest of the repair.

Glass wall panels

It is important! Drawing dynamic drawing is a very complicated process, so before ordering such a panel it is desirable to ensure the competency of the manufacturer.

Kitchen design is slightly wider and glass apron can be a key element. If strictly defined style not, then you need to start from colors. As a rule, choose a picture using primary colors. The gamma used in the interior, extends to the apron, but a semitone softer not to focus on all the attention.

Strict style ↑

Glass wall panels

If the kitchen design is based on a certain style, then glass apron should not only follow the given norms, but also to be a key focus.

For example, to the styles of art Deco or hi-tech perfect glass panels with pictures of the town and village of Provence emphasize the scenery or clouds.

In the Internet you can find many catalogs with drawings and pictures for glass wall panels. Hurry with a choice it is better to consider all suitable options and try to present them in the kitchen. Leafing through catalogs, sooner or later find the image that leave no doubt.

Interesting! Culinary theme goes well with any design. The main thing is to pay attention to the color palette image.

Conclusion ↑

Glass wall panels

Standard and monotonous food in the past. To Express their ideas and desires in the interior became much easier and more affordable. A kitchen apron is already difficult practical surface, and a convenient and stylish part of the entire design. No need to be afraid of bold experiments and innovative solutions.

Thanks to the glass walls, the kitchen can become a decoration, not only apartments or houses, but also the pride of every housewife.

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