Kitchen glass splashbacks

One of the good options for the decoration and protection of the working area, and a part of the modern interior are the glass kitchen aprons. Glass is an alternative to the tile is ceramic, which is commonly used for finishing area of the kitchen wall above the working area hostess kitchen apron. It is characterized by good hygienic and environmental properties. Glass backsplash good clean, will not absorb grease and dirt, and not give in to negative influence of steam and moisture, and also beautiful and looks spectacular.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

The requirements for panels for aprons ↑

During the cooking section near the plate becomes soiled from splashes of fat, and near the shell is permanently lubricated. So this area needs extra protection. This is done by mounting the panel, which are requirements:

  • the material should be moisture resistant, resistant to temperature changes and durable;
  • easy maintenance and care;
  • resistance to aggressive agents and mechanical influences;
  • element of the interior, which emphasizes and works in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Glass panels on the apron for the kitchen is the most optimal way finish area near the working area, as it meets the above requirements. There are many options for making unique space, which will give owners a lot of pleasant emotions.

The designs of the aprons ↑

Panel with image ↑

Progressive modern technologies contribute to the realization of creative and individual ideas. An original option is the application of printing on glass work. Using the action of UV rays and the bonding film patterned according to a special technology, matte or glossy surface tempered glass is applied to the image. The glass in this way are applied to the drawings with great extension, and their size and quality characteristics of different. On the reverse side to be printed on. Below the picture was rather brighter and better to put the image on the bleached surface, which will give an exact match of the selected color.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Glass kitchen aprons with photo printing – fashionable and practical decoration of the kitchen. The image selected for each the interior and, if desired, it can be replaced. It is resistant to temperature extremes and other harmful influences, and a long period of time retains the original appearance.

Transparent panel ↑

The transparent surface also has its advantages from the point of view of the designer. She seems weightless and does not clutter the space. Its main function is to protect the painted wall from splashes of fat, water, etc.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Solid panel ↑

With the installation of an apron in the kitchen, which used minimalist ideas, solid panel, will fit well and complement the interior. Coloring palette is widely presented. In the manufacture of this type is used stemalit. On the reverse side of the panel is applied a special paint, then the glass is subjected to heat treatment. This durable and reliable method of painting.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Triplex ↑

The apron is composed of 2 layers of glass. Between them is an image. Triplex impossible to break, upon impact, cracking may occur. The kitchen is rare because of the high cost and thickness. When cutting outlets and reitingov are inconvenience.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Mirror surface ↑

Looks unusual and stylish, because visually increases the kitchen space and creates a unique visual effect. Although many people don’t like to constantly look at my reflection while cooking and washing dishes.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

The use of decorative illumination ↑

Properly installed lights adorn the glass panels used for the kitchen apron. It is installed around the perimeter of the product or inside mounted led strip. Glass apron with lighting looks very impressive, and the additional light source to increase the illumination of the working area. The backlight can be a different color.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

One of the most common are glass splashbacks in the kitchen with photo printing.

Skinali and benefits ↑

Modern version of are apron skinali. This heat-resistant tempered glass, thickness 6 mm. On glass by using a special technology of printing is applied to the image at the customer’s choice, or designed by the designer and represented in the catalogue.

The image can be simple geometric pattern and rich colours, a colour image of the object, etc. Making a kitchen in the style of hi-tech you can use photo printing with a set of lines and patterns. In a classical setting, you can use a panel with a picture of beautiful landscapes, still lifes of fruits and vegetables etc.


  1. Rich color palette. Glass aprons are presented in the catalog a variety of colors and textures. The customer can choose the right colour that will blend in with the wall color and furniture. A variety of shapes, finishes aprons, fashionable colors to make this product a fashionable element of the modern interior, which beautifully complements it and serves as an additional decoration of the kitchen.
    Kitchen glass splashbacks
  2. Durability and reliability. The strength of tempered glass is 7 times more than usual, which increases the reliability of the apron. A special film will not give upon impact the product to shatter into small pieces. Owners can be confident in his strength and not be afraid that it will break as a result of their negligence.
  3. Individuality and uniqueness. Glass apron for the kitchen is made according to individual orders by specifying the features, room dimensions, contributing to the fact that it fits perfectly in any interior. The fasteners and rails, and sockets are installed in the place where it is convenient for the owners.
    Clients choose the type of apron and images to be done. All this makes it unique in its kind. The designer company will help you to select the picture from stock photography will make a selection of several options.
  4. Easy installation and accessibility. Glass apron for the kitchen mounted on the last stage of repair, thanks to a simple and safe way of installation in which the kitchen area is not contaminated. The availability of the product – low cost and ease of installation. At any time you can change apron new with a different pattern or color. This way you can easily and inexpensively upgrade the interior.
  5. Hygiene. It is easily cleaned and washed by conventional means to clean. Glass protects the wall from the penetration of germs and mold, as it does not absorb moisture, grease and a variety of smells. So the aprons are characterized by high hygienic properties.
    Kitchen glass splashbacks
  6. Eco-friendliness and durability. In the manufacture of glass apron uses only paint, with a certificate of quality and has a good eco-friendly properties. They are not harmful to human health and do not pollute the environment. Sunlight does not change color or tarnish, so the minimum term is 5 years.
  7. Modern and fashionable style products decorate and complement any interior.

To familiarize with different types of glass for kitchen aprons with photo printing will help this video:

Dimensions of aprons ↑

The product can be of the following dimensions: height – 40 – 90 cm length – 2-2,5 m

When large amounts of food, you need to make an apron of greater length. It is of a standard panel, and joints in the qualitative setting are invisible.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

The rules of operation of the glass panels ↑

  • Wet cleaning of the surface to produce the cleaning solution without using abrasives, and hard metallic objects, so as not to damage or scratch the surface.
  • Between the apron and the burner plate should be about 7 cm.
  • Wash the product have after it has cooled.
  • When installation is necessary to carefully tighten the.
It is important! No need to pull the mount to the glass is not cracked.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

What is the price of the finished apron ↑

The cost of the finished product depends on the following factors:

  • the type and kind of glass
  • method of applying an image
  • kind of staining
  • edit
  • the cost of mounting and additional elements
  • panel style – one-piece or composite
  • the presence of the beveled corners
  • design assistance, etc..

The production time of the apron is in average 10 to 15 days.

It is important to remember! When ordering it is necessary to consider that there are several other services that will have to pay extra. For example, color proofing, layout fabrication, fitting apron in place, etc.

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Conclusion ↑

Decorative glass panels for apron for the kitchen are the perfect solution for the realization of the most different solutions. This element of decoration and protection of walls adorn and complement the kitchen area.

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