Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Today, there are many different finishing materials for the kitchen, but in recent years, widespread glass. With it you can create a very colorful kitchen apron, which is one of the most important components of the kitchen interior.

Glass apron for the kitchen is made of the most environmentally friendly materials. In addition he is resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and light in your care.

Which glass you should choose for glass apron ↑

You first need to know what the thickness of the apron should be in the range of 6 to 8 millimeters. If it is within the working area of the kitchen, you should only use tempered glass.

It is important! You should not choose for glass apron in ordinary glass or plexiglass, as they are not as reliable as tempered. Plexiglass poorly withstands temperature changes, is rapidly fading and it is hard to clean from different kind of pollution.

Kinds of glass apron ↑

Clear glass without a pattern ↑

One of the main features of transparent apron is that it harmonizes well with the interior, not much caught my eye. It is designed to protect painted or wallpapered surface from contamination.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Glass with UV printing ↑

To date, this kind of apron is the most popular. The main characteristic feature is its increased life and great appearance.

Photo printing is applied on the back side of the apron. The salient features of UV printing is that it is resistant to higher levels of moisture, withstands temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius and does not fade.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Glass backsplash painted glass ↑

Glass painted in a solid color which makes this apron a stylish accent in the kitchen interior. Color for glass, you can choose any range of colors is vast and can satisfy every taste.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Glass apron in vinyl ↑

This version of the glass apron is the most budget. Vinyl film applied to the back side of the glass surface, and she, in turn, protects the film from contamination, moisture and temperature.

But this type has its negative side. In the process of operation vinyl may fade or shrink. In most cases it occurs because of poor quality material in the production process.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Triplex tempered glass ↑

This type of apron is the most expensive model of all. Triplex is a laminated glass with different thickness, which is the most durable and reliable option. It protects the drawing from temperature changes, moisture and dirt.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Backsplash mirror glass ↑

Stylish solution which will be an unusual accent in the kitchen interior. Backsplash glass mirror would look great in a relatively small kitchen, it visually expanding the space.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Glass apron white kitchen ↑

The white kitchen has become a kind of classic, which remains relevant today. Complement the interior of a white kitchen will help glass apron, capable of becoming its most striking detail.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

What kind of apron is suitable for white kitchens ↑

  • The color can be anything, as white goes well with any color scheme;
  • If the kitchen has a cool shade of white, it is best to choose an apron of blue or green colors;
  • For the kitchen, with a warm shade of white, perfect apron bright colors, pink or purple;
  • If the apron is decorated with a pattern, select the pattern that will blend with the kitchen interior.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Glass apron backlit ↑

Glass apron lighting is an excellent detail to the interior of the kitchen. You can choose any image or paint it in any color scheme and complement it with tinting.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

The purpose of the glass apron with backlight ↑

  • Glass kitchen apron with lighting will help make the kitchen interior more interesting and stylish;
  • It can be not only a decor element, but also an additional light source, which is an advantage.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

The advantage of the glass apron with backlight ↑

  • First and foremost, the advantage of this apron are higher performance glass;
  • Secondly, is security. If he falls, the fall will not be sharp pieces;
  • Thirdly, it is easy to clean from different kind of pollution;

The cost of kitchen apron, illuminated ↑

The cost of kitchen apron with lighting will depend on the following points:

  • The technology of processing glass (transparent or frosted glass, stained glass, UV printing, drawing, etc.);
  • The kind of backlighting (LED-backlit or led ribbon);
  • The complexity of the installation;
  • The type and method of attachment.

From the above points and will be the final cost of the apron with lighting.

Pros glass apron ↑

  • Today you can purchase glass apron for a small price;
  • The relative ease of installation. Glass apron can be attached using liquid nails or special fasteners;
  • Design can satisfy any taste. You can choose any pattern or color scheme;
  • Glass apron can be a great addition to the kitchen interior. Appearance it can be made in the color of the headset or the color of the walls;
  • It is also durable and reliable. Able to protect the wall surface from the effects of external factors, whether high humidity or changes in temperature;
  • The apron is easy to clean.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Cons glass apron ↑

  • You should be very careful, measurements. If there are inaccuracies in the process of measurement and the data is incorrect, the glass after treatment under the specified size to alter very hard. It threatens unnecessary spending on redoing the glass to the desired size;
  • It’s hard enough to cut matching plugs for sockets, if any. This may significantly increase the final cost of the apron;
  • If the installation process was made with clear violations, then from the back side of the glass, condensation can form. Ultimately, this can ruin its appearance;
  • If the surface on which you will later be attached to the apron, not smooth, the glass may crack (it is necessary to consider in advance this time).

The rules and methods of installation of glass apron ↑

Installation of apron doesn’t occupy a lot of time presenting a fairly easy process. On average it can take 1-2 hours.

It is important! It is recommended that prior to installation of the apron to make processing of the walls with a special anti-bacterial coating. This will help eliminate the formation of molds and fungus and get rid of the formation of moisture.

Glass apron is attached with:

  • Liquid nails;
  • Glue;
  • Fasteners.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Mounting the fixture using ↑

This method is the most popular. Plus this attachment is that it is reliable and durable. At the same time the apron is easy to disassemble if you need to change or clean.

Fasteners for glass apron has several types: hinged and passing.

Hinged fasteners ↑

The detachable fastener is a small metal bracket the size of a single centimeter, which is mounted on the glass surface. The advantage of the hinged fastener is that it can be to make docking of the glass panels, for example, if the apron is large and consists of several parts. Another advantage is that the fasteners are practically invisible.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Passing fasteners ↑

The fastener is directly in the panels. In the glass surface bore a small hole, which is inserted into the fastener. The downside of the passing of the fastener is visible on the panel. But at the same time, the passage of fasteners is a significant plus. The apron can be mounted on a relatively uneven wall as between the wall and him is a small gap in size 4 mm.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Installation with liquid nails or glue ↑

When mounted with liquid nails or glue, the apron is glued directly to the wall. Here the main difficulty is that the wall must be in advance and properly prepared for gluing. The surface on which subsequently must be attached to the apron, must be perfectly aligned and plastered.

Installation with the help of liquid nails or adhesive process is not difficult and fast, but less reliable than using fasteners. If the apron consists of several panels, it is necessary to joint to joint to customize all its parts so as not to leave gaps.

Prices on glass apron ↑

The final cost of the glass apron will depend on the following factors:

  • What glass is used in the manufacture;
  • Technology of drawing or paint.
  • Technology installation;
  • The type and cost of fasteners;
  • The number of panels of which it consists.

These are the basic factors from which later will depend on the price of the product.

Glass apron for the kitchen photo

Tips for choosing glass apron ↑

  • First glass apron should be made of tempered glass. Tempered glass can withstand temperature changes and excess moisture. If the apron crashed, that when broken formed a small pieces without sharp edges;
  • To order you need only reliable companies. If it is produced of poor materials, it will result in more spending;
  • Best buy kitchen apron-piece glass panel, it will look more aesthetically pleasing because there are no seams;
  • Order glass apron must have a picture. This is because the paint used in manufacture, is applied with a special technology and more resistant to external factors.

Glass apron for the kitchen can be a great way to give the interior a special flair and sophistication. The price is quite reasonable, so that its installation can afford anyone.

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