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What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Every area in the house should be cozy, warm, comfortable and beautiful. Unfortunately, it does not combine all these qualities together. But nothing is not possible, reading of simple recommendations on renovations, it’s easy, with his own hands, to create a home pleasing to the eye and practical in use environment.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

The most budget option of repair work in the bathroom is a pasting of walls by wall-paper. This simple and inexpensive method can be used not only to Refine the surface of the walls, but also to create in the dressing room a nice, cozy atmosphere.

Today, Wallpaper market is large enough. Because of the diversity of materials, colors, and textures of the surface, you can choose the one that will be the best for pasting of walls in the toilet.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Popular types of Wallpapers ↑

Technology does not stand still, and every year there are new materials, which affects their high performance. To understand exactly what is suitable in a particular situation, you need to be aware of the existing types of Wallpaper for the toilet in the apartment, to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Non-woven Wallpapers and vinyl-based ↑

Base, made of polymer materials, has improved characteristics of moisture resistance, so it can be subjected to wet cleaning. The structure of these Wallpaper is quite dense. In order to stick them on the wall you need to use a special glue for vinyl or non-woven types. Also worth noting is the durability of the material, its resistance to mechanical stress.

Positive characteristics of this kind of Wallpaper for the toilet quite a lot, but choosing them for the walls of the toilet, you need to pay special attention to the quality of pasting.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Attention! Poorly bonded joints can reduce the quality of the work. Despite the fact that the Wallpaper is moisture-proof, water trapped between the poorly glued canvases, immediately will lead to them peeling off.

Liquid Wallpaper ↑

Very often this type called decorative plaster. It is connected first of all with a similar technology application. The basis of liquid Wallpaper for the toilet includes: an adhesive base, acrylic particles, cotton fibers or pulp, sometimes wooden shavings or powder of mica. They initially look as a dry powder with plain water adjusted to the desired consistency. Before applying liquid Wallpaper in the toilet, the surface must be carefully prepared, cleared of old materials and progruntovali special solutions.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Fiberglass or fiberglass ↑

A feature of this type of Wallpaper for the toilet is the presence in the basis of glass fibers. They make the fabric resistant to moisture, abrasion, scratches and fading in the sun. In its texture the fiberglass is very similar to the smell, but they are glued as usual, the canvases back to back. Work should only be undertaken with the use of special adhesives. Glue should be applied only on the wall. It is very important to monitor the quality of pasting. In any case it is impossible to prevent the presence of air spaces under the pasted over surface and poorly bonded areas along leaf.

Drawing an analogy with glass wool, many believe that fiberglass is dangerous for health and life. This is not so. Production technology involves the use of larger particles than glass wool, so that ruled out the possibility of their propagation in the air and falling, therefore, into the lungs. Also the glass fibers in the material are interwoven more tightly.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Attention! Fiberglass is textured fabric, which perfectly fulfills the function of the alignment of the walls. To give a visual appeal, glass coated with a special water-resistant paints.

Washable ↑

This is the most popular type of finishing material available. Such popularity is due to several positive characteristics:

  • the presence of the upper protective film allows their use in premises with high humidity;
  • the variety of colors and textures of the surface allows to use them in any interior;
  • washable Wallpaper for the toilet respond well to a variety of cleaning detergents.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Wallpapers ↑

This versatile decorative finish toilet walls with Wallpaper that can be used in absolutely any room. With the help of Wallpapers you can animate, to make more vivid, the interior even in the bathroom. Modern technologies allow in addition to the standard images to make the Wallpaper under the order, by personal sketches or photographs. A good solution for small bathrooms will be a mural with a graphic image that will make the room visually more spacious.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Ceramic Wallpapers ↑

This is a fairly new material that has not yet received wide distribution. However, it should be noted that this species has managed to combine the best characteristics of conventional Wallpaper and ceramic tiles. They are based on the porcelain dust, which allows using them for a very long time without disturbance of their integrity and the loss of original appearance.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

The combination of Wallpaper with other materials ↑

Combine Wallpapers with other decorative materials can make the design of the toilet is more comfortable, interesting and unusual. Also this approach to the design of the walls helps to extend their lifetime.

The classic and most practical is the combination of the Wallpaper for bathrooms with tile. Typically, the wall surface closest to the floor is covered with tiles, and the rest of the surface of the Wallpaper. Tiles decorate the surface that requires the most frequent cleaning of the walls surrounding the toilet. This approach allows to extend the life of Wallpaper and contain toilet room clean more often to spend damp cleaning. Also this technique allows the use of conventional paper Wallpaper, which are somewhat cheaper than washable or vinyl.

As an alternative to ceramic tile can be used wood paneling. Beautiful, environmentally friendly material, which can be used to create a pleasant atmosphere and a healthy indoor climate. The tree is perfectly combined with paper Wallpaper, which allows to realize all ideas and combine materials according to your taste.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Color scheme ↑

Even a small room like a bathroom requires a special approach to the choice of colors for the walls. Traditionally choose soft, warm colors that are designed to create a welcoming, intimate atmosphere. In order to enhance the design of the walls, you can use color accents bright, saturated colors. Alternatively, you can use the classic win-win combination of black and white. Try to avoid cold tones, they will make a small room uncomfortable.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

How pokleit Wallpaper ↑

Below is the result after finishing the bathroom walls with Wallpaper has been durable, you should follow some simple rules when pasting the walls:

  1. Prepare the necessary materials. Pay attention to the composition of the adhesive. It needs to match the type of materials selected for pasting. The amount of material must conform to the basically square, with a small margin for incidental expenses material.
  2. Spend quality training walls. They need to be thoroughly cleaned of old materials and dirt.
  3. If the wall has cracks or other defects, they definitely need to be addressed. The wall putty, sanded and treated with primer.
  4. Wallpaper is cut to the cloth the desired length. If the Wallpaper has a pattern, make sure it match. Depending on what glue Wallpaper glue in the bathroom, it is applied either on the wall or on canvas. Pasting is best to start from the corner.
  5. Pasted Wallpaper, they combine on the edge of the canvas. With a soft spatula removes excess air from under the pasted over surface, and special attention is paid to the joints. After the surface of the walls is completely covered, leave it alone until the glue dries.
  6. The final touch when pasting the walls in the toilet is trim the excess fabric.
Attention! Be sure that at the time of pasting the walls, the toilet did not have drafts and temperature changes of air.

What Wallpaper for the toilet to choose

Conclusion ↑

Wallpapers – versatile finishing material, ideal for any room. Choosing a material for the toilet, pay attention to the specifics of the premises. The well-chosen material and the quality of repairs in the toilet with Wallpapers – the key to a comfortable, cozy and warm interior.

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