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Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

On the market you can find a variety of traditional materials for decorating a bathroom. But if there is a desire to try something new and make the bathroom unique, then you can help of liquid Wallpaper. First of all, you should know what it is.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

Liquid Wallpaper does not look as usual. They are not rolled into a coil, there is no pattern. Most likely, the novelty resembles plaster in the form of colorful cereal. The composition of the finishing material comprises cellulose or cotton, glue, dyes, and decorative components: sequins, quartz chips, mica, gold and silver thread. Liquid Wallpaper is hygroscopic and is recommended for high humidity areas.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

Wallpaper: the pros and cons ↑

Consider the main advantages of this material are:

  1. Durability. Composite liquid Wallpaper is resistant to moisture, temperature changes and environmental effects. Glue securely glued to the surface finish.
  2. Versatility. This material is suitable for the decoration of living rooms and bathrooms, offices and commercial premises. They can be applied to any surface: concrete, wood, plaster, drywall, paint or metal.
  3. Sustainability. The composition veneer includes natural ingredients. Liquid Wallpaper is breathable, does not attract dust, they are not divorced fungi and mold, are excellent heat and sound insulating material.
  4. Practicality. For gluing of liquid Wallpaper does not need to perfectly smooth the surface. The material hides all flaws of the walls, clog the cracks and smooth irregularities. Wallpaper does not have seams, so the surface after repair remain smooth.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

The Council! In case of damage, the veneer is easy to repair, enough to soak and remove with a spatula the damaged area. At this place, apply a new layer of Wallpaper.

Unfortunately, this material has its drawbacks:

  1. High price. To purchase the right amount of liquid Wallpaper will have to pay an amount 2-3 times more than traditional Wallpaper rolls.
  2. Washed with water. If the owners are fans of the clean and like to wash everything, then liquid Wallpaper is not for them. From friction with a wet cloth, they quickly washed away. You can resort to the coating of Wallpaper with a transparent varnish, but then walls will no longer «breathe». Highly contaminated area and it is best to remove and replace with new.
  3. Time-consuming application process. The repair of an apartment you always want to finish as soon as possible. But not to do it often, you should still spend time and effort for the preparation of surfaces and also for wallpapering. You need to tune liquid veneer long dry.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

A kind of liquid Wallpaper ↑

In specialist shops for those wishing to make repairs large selection of wall coverings in the bathroom and ceiling. Liquid Wallpaper presented in various colors, with the addition of decorative materials and without them. Experts distinguish only three main types of this finish:

  • silk look, composed of silk fibers. Despite the high price, coverage of this species is the leader in aesthetic appearance. It is more resistant to ultraviolet rays, therefore, remains bright for many years;
  • cellulose type of finish, the order it cheaper and suitable for the budget repair. The main component of the finishing material is cellulose. They are recommended to use for lining the walls of the hallway, corridor or loggia;
  • combined – this type is most often presented on the market of building materials. The composition of the lining mixture comprises silk fibers and cellulose. The price of this material depends on the amount of artificial silk in the composition of the cladding. The more, the more expensive Wallpaper.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

In the shops of building materials, you can find several types of packing of liquid Wallpaper for the bathroom. Share them when ready to use:

  1. Plastic containers are sold ready mix paste with the addition of various colors.
  2. The packages offered dry mixture in the form of flakes, to which are added mineral pigments and textured materials.
  3. Basic dry mixes to which you want to add colors and texture components.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

The Council! To create your own unique design in the bathroom, you can buy other additional ingredients that will perfectly fit into the interior space.

In specialized retail outlets liquid Wallpaper for the bathroom is most often sold in plastic bags and buckets. In dry form they look like flakes or sawdust, in a divorced – pasty mixture of all components and additional components.

Some manufacturers add in the composition of the liquid Wallpaper for bathrooms mica, chips of tree bark, seaweed. Such a compound is not only will ruin the quality of the mix, but will also serve as flavoring agents.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

Technology of application of liquid Wallpaper ↑

Before you start applying material to the walls in the bathroom or toilet, you need to get acquainted with the process technology, the accuracy of which will depend on the quality and durability of the coating.

Attention! The elasticity of the material allow its use for alignment of walls in the bathroom or toilet. It is possible to correct surface defects, to treat the place fit wall outlets, baseboards.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

In the trading network will always help to calculate the required amount of finishing material for application in the bathroom. Each package also specifies the proportions and the flow rate of the mixture.

The average estimated 1 package is enough for treatment of 5 sq meters bathroom.

Preparatory work ↑

Haste and negligence negatively affect the quality of the work performed and the appearance of surfaces in the bathroom.

Before placing wall decorative cladding, it is necessary to clean up from previous layers. On the cleaned surface is carefully applied with a primer. Dry walls and ceiling, in the bathroom, covered with water-repellent varnish.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

Before applying liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom, carefully study the user manual. If you have purchased the dry mixture, it was diluted in a clean, deep container with water to a thick cream. During the next 12 hours Wallpaper leave for insisting, covering the bucket with a lid. This mixture is suitable for use up to 10-14 days.

Metal surface in the bathroom, before applying material, it is necessary to process the appropriate method. They need to be painted with alkyd enamel, all cracks and joints to seal the junctions, apply the putty. Then follows a double layer of enamel and water-resistant paint.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

Drywall and wood cover in the bathroom are puttied and covered with latex paint to avoid deforming and soaking.

Application of liquid Wallpaper ↑

The mixture is applied with a special gun, trowel or roller. If you do not have a deadline and are in the mood to work, then the whole process is best done manually, with a trowel.

The finished mixture should be applied and spread on a small surface area. A layer of liquid Wallpaper should evenly cover the wall, with no voids and bulges. Not worth it very tight to press the trowel to the wall. It should be kept at an angle of 15 degrees.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

The next portion of the mixture to be distributed on the second section. The joints should not be allocated, so they must be carefully grind. If the surface has a defect, then you should apply another layer of liquid Wallpaper.

Attention! Decorative fibers lie in the direction in which smoothing is performed. To apply liquid Wallpaper is recommended in the opposite direction from the bright bathroom corner.

After applying the material to the wall must be dried decorative coating. Drying time ranges from 12 hours to 3 days. During the drying should be processed to protect the wall from mechanical damage.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bathroom

To finish the bathroom liquid Wallpaper, you need to stock up time and patience. Before work is necessary to get acquainted with the instructions for use, and «to practice» in a small area.

Conclusion ↑

Liquid Wallpaper steel universal finishing and decorative material for bathroom. Their use allows to create interesting interior, due to the fact that manufacturers add to the mix a variety of additional components. Thanks to them, the interior is original and of high quality. The high price of liquid Wallpaper – a guarantee of quality and durability of your repair.

After learning about what the so-called liquid Wallpaper and understand how they are practical, you can proceed to their application. Technology applying can learn more learn from the next video

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