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Lighting in a small bathroom

If you have a small apartment Khrushchev series in which a very small sanitary room, don’t despair. You can always find a way to pick an interesting design to make your house harmony and comfort. Lighting small bathroom is increasingly attracting the attention of designers, because this room should be brighter than the other rooms. Among the principles proper lighting in a small bathroom – use of a system of three levels: the lighting on the walls, ceiling and floor. With this option, you can create optimum lighting in a small bathroom.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Design secrets ↑

With proper placement of the spotlights, the effect is stunning. In addition to the classic ceiling chandeliers, can be installed in the floor, around the tub, around the perimeter of the shower cabin halogen lamps. To give a bathroom a romantic atmosphere, you can use the illuminated mirror.

Interesting lighting option in a small bathroom presented in the video

Lighting in a small bathroom

Ceiling bathroom lighting ↑

For lighting in the bathroom is a small enough size one ceiling lamp.

The Council! Depending on the selected design, you can use open or closed fixtures.

For suspended ceilings is preferable to the built-in options for conventional ceiling – open models. Since the bathroom is the lack of natural light, to solve the problem, you can use spotlight with adjustable angle.

Lighting in a small bathroom

How to cover the bathroom mirror ↑

Zoning used in any room, including the bathroom. A separate functional area to make the space around the mirror. If the small bathroom has a podium, niche designers recommend to cover them as.

The Council! An interesting solution would be to place spotlights on two sides of the mirror. They will provide quality lighting, but will not dazzle the eye.

Lighting in a small bathroom

How to highlight light tub ↑

For complete relaxation in the process of taking a bath, it should be separated from furniture and plumbing items. Some manufacturers offer models baths with independent lighting. Among the disadvantages of such a choice – the high cost of production.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Lighting furniture ↑

Considerations for lighting small bathroom, you can arrange the lighting furniture. For example, a halogen lamp can be installed inside of the Cabinet. When it is opened, you can easily find all your items.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Floor lighting ↑

An interesting solution would be the floor lighting in a small bathroom. Suitable for bathroom and durable sealed lamps, power not exceeding 5 watts. It is this light source is suitable for premises with high humidity. To give the floor an unusual lighting effect, you can use colored light bulbs.

When properly thought-out lighting in the bathroom, you can visually expand the space, make a small room elegant and spacious.

An interesting option of lighting in the bathroom, speaking about the window with mood lighting. In bright light, a good option would be decorating bathroom ceramic or mirror tiles. If spot lighting is chosen correctly, they are not just a source of light, but also help to create a variety of visual illusions, hides or accentuates the highlights of the interior.

Attention! In the pursuit of wealth and beauty of the interior, we must not forget about safety. Take care of the ground lighting fixtures, avoid direct contact with water.

Lighting in a small bathroom

If desired, optionally in the bathroom special switches to regulate light output. In the morning you can use the maximum power of the light, thus completely «waking up». After a hard working day when I want to relax and unwind in a warm bath, lighting, retracts to a minimum.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Options zoning ↑

The ideal is independent of the light source in each zone of the bathroom. Such a rule is suitable for small Khrushchev. Let’s analyze some popular methods of zoning of small bathrooms premises. Over all the sanitary appliances you can install spotlights. The desired object is isolated with a focused light beam source can be positioned in various locations. Interesting solution for bathroom design is the use of two-position point lights to illuminate the bath in different areas. It is advisable to use diffused soft light to the bathroom was comfortable and cozy. Designers recommend to use a lamp shade made of frosted glass. Suitable for this purpose and white lampshade without distorting natural colors.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Attention! For illuminating mirrors will not work fluorescent bulb cold spectrum, as they will distort the image.

The spectrum of the lamp should be similar to the spectrum of natural light. To mount the fixtures directly to the wall with glue or screws.

Wall lights in the bathroom are divided as follows:

  • on the surface of the ceiling, fixed at a minimum distance from the wall;
  • wall sconces lampshade which is attached to a special bracket.
  • pendant design, made in the form of bowls of various shapes, mounted on a special suspension.

Lighting in a small bathroom

For a small bathroom ideal for small hanging lamps attached to the ceiling. Among the new fashion trends – the use of spot lighting original form.

The Council! If you divide a transaction into multiple buttons, you can change the light intensity.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Choose a place to install lights ↑

The choice of the place of installation in the bathroom of the lamp should be careful, as this kind of lighting will show all the tiniest imperfections of the walls in this room.

If you want you can purchase outdoor lighting for the premises. They are structures that are installed on the racks of varying heights. These floor lamps can be one or more lamps, varying in shape, size, colors of the lampshade. Such devices help to upgrade the lighting in a small bathroom, for example, in the apartments – Khrushchev, without spending time on installation. Among the advantages of outdoor floor lamps note: reasonable cost, a variety of models. If you buy a tall floor lamp, you can use it to illuminate certain areas such as baths. Before you start installing various types of lamps in this room, it is desirable to develop a finished project. Spending time on the production, you will be able to consider all nuances, to calculate the total light output, you get.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Conclusion ↑

The owners of city apartments dream that all the rooms were beautiful, cozy, comfortable. Given that most of the daylight hours a person spends at work, it is very important to organize the lighting in his apartment that evening it was comfortable and quiet, it was possible to have a rest from a hard day, tune in to new feats of labor. A special place in the entire apartment belongs to the bathroom. It was here that want to relax, get rid of worries and enjoy the warm water. The correct location of bath accessories will give only half the desired effect.

Lighting in a small bathroom

For complete harmony in this small room, you need to consider the lighting of all items. Not all owners can choose the optimal lighting, to help them always ready to render professional designers. Not having the theoretical knowledge in the field of electricity, practical skills of installation of lighting fixtures, it will be difficult to perfectly cope with the task. They will take into account all the irregularities and defects in the walls, ceiling, floor, pick up these options lighting, which visually expand the bathroom wall. In the implementation chosen by the professional project, must be taken into account and the high humidity of this room, and the location of numerous accessories that the result was not only beautiful, but also safe for the inhabitants of the apartment.

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