Bathroom and toilet

Bathroom lighting

The main rule that should do the lighting in the bathroom is approaching its brightness to the brightness of the lamps in the intermediate spaces. Because of this when you exit the room there is a discomfort. The lighting in the bathroom not only facilitated comfortable finding it, but it was beautifully decorated, it is necessary to consider several options for the location of devices.

Bathroom lighting

Three types of lighting ↑

Before you choose the style of bathroom lighting, you should consider the popular types of lighting:

  • main;
  • working;
  • lower lighting.

If the lighting in the bathroom not to take into account the rules of placement of lighting in the room does not work to create a favorable atmosphere.

To the main lighting includes devices that are often located on the ceiling. If you like classic interiors, is to hang a single chandelier in the middle or closer to the door. In the bathroom, usually set-point devices. They go well with suspended ceilings and is able to uniformly illuminate the whole area of the room.

Bathroom lighting

It is important! If the bath is separated from the rest of the room by a screen, on it is necessary to place a separate lamp.

To the working light are devices which are installed over the sink, as it is the place you need to illuminate more efficiently. So the light will not «struck in the eye», devices should be placed above eye level so that they are located symmetrically and Shine towards the floor.

The Council! Convenient are lamps that have a flexible arm, so you can rotate them in the desired direction for light direction.

Lower lighting is at floor level or in different niches. It is necessary to create a relaxing environment. In lighting, commonly used led strip, which are located on the edge of bathtub, and in the interior of the room. The main task when creating a lighting is finding the optimal variant in which all types of lighting in harmony.

Design lighting ↑

In order to properly decorate a bathroom, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. Not worth to choose the model lighting fixtures, whose body is made of colored glass. This is because these lamps distort the light and can make the room dark. That is why bought the model with white or clear glass.
  2. The size of the lighting device is determined by the ceiling height and bathroom size. With a low ceiling, not suitable none of the hanging model. In this case, it is usually used wall spotlights, and spotlights. In addition, in a small bathroom it is not necessary to install lighting, the ceiling of which are more than 10 cm from the ceiling surface.
  3. Also, the choice should be based on a stylistic design of the room. If the bathroom is Japanese style, you should choose models of lighting which, when activated, spreads the light calming tones. Metal utensils in the interior will look ridiculous.
  4. If the room is designed in modern style, there is selection of products made in the form of geometric shapes. Their materials should be given preference to metal or plastic..
  5. Classic bathroom set the device with concise forms. However, they should not have additional elements.

You can also consider examples of lighting in the bathroom, shown in the photo.

Bathroom lighting

The basic principles of light zoning ↑

Thanks to the light zoning areas you can create in the bathroom a more comfortable atmosphere. In almost all such premises allocated area, taking a shower and the space in front of the mirror. Above the sink you should install bright lights.

If the bathroom has interior elements that are important to maintain style, use decorative lighting.

The allocation of the area around the mirror ↑

To the reflection in the mirror is the most consistent with reality, you need to choose products that provide a color rendition of all color shades. Often near the mirror wall mounted devices that provide ambient light. The height of the fixed product must meet the human growth. A common mistake is consolidating above the ceiling. In this case, during the approach to the mirror on the face begin to appear more shade.

Bathroom lighting

The best option is the mirror, all sides are illuminated. While selecting lamps you should focus on the color reproduction to be as close as possible to natural light. When choosing devices for the mirror is to focus more on style. If it’s classic interior, you should choose products that look like chandeliers with lampshade. For modern interiors suitable for a variety of products.

Determining the number of lighting devices ↑

Basically, determining the number of lighting devices is based on floor space. Rooms are spacious and divided into several zones, which may differ from each other in the light direction and color. But also takes into account other factors:

  1. The style of the interior. If the bathroom decoration used bright materials, products will require less, since all surfaces will reflect light.
  2. The height of the instrument. The higher the ceiling, the more you need lamps, because the farther they are located from the person, the less bright the light they give.
  3. Type of lamps. If you select spotlights, it is necessary to use about three instruments for each area of the room.
It is important! To avoid extra work, is to determine the location of the lamps on the stage of the bathroom renovation.

Bathroom lighting

Common lighting devices ↑

To choose the most appropriate lighting for the bathroom, it is worth considering common styles of lighting to choose any option. Depending on the style are set such types of lamps:

  • chandeliers;
  • lamp with shade;
  • spotlights;
  • led strip.

The first 2 types should use the bathrooms, decorated in a classic style. Usually enough room for a chandelier. But if the light is not enough, you should use wall items, similar in style. It is worth remembering that such products are in many cases not be combined with spotlights.

If you select a modern or Japanese style, the ideal option is to use spotlights. They can be installed almost anywhere, but at the same time emphasizing the main area of the room. Many use this type of lamps for the bottom light, if the floor in the room has a stage.

Bathroom lighting

Led strip used as a products for additional lighting. They are located on the ceiling near the interior and furniture in the bathroom. Usually them combine with point products. Thus, in order to choose lighting for bathroom, it is sufficient to define the style.

Led lighting in the bathroom ↑

Led lighting in the bathroom suitable for almost all types of premises, so the choice can be from a variety of options. A common way of lighting – the installation of the devices on the entire surface of the ceiling. So the light fell evenly, enough to place the led device at the same distance from each other.

Led lighting can be divided into 3 types:

  • General;
  • target;
  • decorative.

Bathroom lighting

LEDs for General lighting placed on the ceiling. If you need to highlight a certain area or subject devices are installed in accordance with the characteristics of the room. The simplest option is to install the lighting device on the ceiling at an angle. Due to this flow of light delivers a wall that allows you to select a portion of the surface. Led devices are often used if you want to install lighting in bathroom is fitted with a suspended ceiling.

Having considered all the options and comparing them with the design of your own apartment, you can find exactly what will fit specific style.

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