Bathroom and toilet

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Until recently, the decoration of the bathroom wall tiling is standard began from the bottom up. Before that, Paul was already decorated with tile or granite. This allowed to reliably support the first row of the prepared base, each subsequent to the previous.

Currently, manufacturers of adhesive mixes has greatly simplified the task of the finishers. We offer dry mix with an extended period viability of the solution, time of adjustment. In this case, the decorative elements of ceramic and porcelain tiles can now be mounted on the wall from the top down.

Traditional crosses, without which it is impossible to withstand a single horizontal, vertical seam, evolved into the SVP system, consisting of repeatedly used wedges, disposable clamps. Now medium to large format tile on walls, porcelain tiles on the floor to stack handyman, far from finishing, construction works in the presence of level, cord, trowel/trowel, notched trowel, free time.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Advantage professionals of companies providing services of decorating tiles of premises is traditionally a solid experience, practice, knowledge of modern materials of the construction market, high speed, quality work. They have no equal when facing walls of complicated configuration, the abundance of vertical and horizontal surfaces of the communication systems that must be traversed tiles with preserving the artistic value of the interior.

The choice of technology installation ↑

Decorating a bathroom tiles photo is the existing arrangements of the decorative elements relative to the horizontal, vertical, each other.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Laying schemes have advantages and disadvantages:

  • diagonal – the waste of material due to numerous cut waste, however, technology allows you to hide defects of the construction (piling angles of divergence of the walls when tiling)
  • ligation – analogue of brick masonry with horizontal offsets of elements in adjacent rows, the technology is often used to medium format tiles
  • without displacement – horizontal, vertical seams are the same across all ranks, the method is great when you paste the decorative elements of several tiles with a common pattern

Original finish bath tiles in the photo is made with elements of different format.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

In addition to the traditional borders designers use the filling of the planes of the walls of large-format elements framed by small tiles. Curbs in bathrooms are usually mounted at the level of the rim of the bowl of the bath or in the upper third of the walls.

Finish bath tiles can combine several technologies on different surfaces. To increase the resource tile on the outer, in the inner corners often use the corner PVC. The lower plinth, the upper fillet of PVC, ceramic, polystyrene give a complete view of the mate surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors.

The choice of format, color tile ↑

Options finishing the bathroom tiles needs to take into account the configuration, size of premises, number of plumbing fixtures. When choosing the tile you need to take several recommendations of the experts:

  • the choice of a foreign manufacturer – guaranteed to get rid of elements of the trapezoidal shape, the differences of the sizes of tile from one of the bundles
  • type trim to the exterior surface of the walls, the best option is gloss, floor Mat
  • a standard set of colors in one collection, one dark, light, decor, floor tiles
  • the color of the floor should be darker than the lower part of the walls, the upper level is usually done on lighter bottom
Attention: The cost of finishing the bathroom tile when choosing the products of a foreign manufacturer increases. However, it is guaranteed there are no inconsistencies in color, format, and other defects. Welds are perfect, the material is fit for purpose, but not for masking errors.

The choice of veneer is visually shown in the video

Examples of finishing the bathroom tiles on the bottom of the collage do not contain vertical decoration color. This is true for 90% of modern apartments with small bathrooms, bathrooms, where the vertical decoration is seen only at the design stage, in practice, makes, halt furniture, bath accessories.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

A necessary tool ↑

Bathroom decoration tiles in the video allows you to prepare the necessary tool.

To work need:

  • tile for straight cuts and for making holes for tube sockets used hand tools, curly cut produce electrical modifications
  • trowel or trowel for mixing mortar
  • electric drill, mixer – kneading solution
  • the spatula is often used «comb» with different size teeth
  • level – professionals use laser model home master work with a bubbly, hydraulic analogues
  • cord stretches beacons, providing control joints along the length of the coated surface
  • system SVP – modified analog of TIC for high quality work
  • rubber spatula – used for grouting

Finish samples bathroom tiles are present in the portfolio of the professional designers on the Internet. Most manufacturers of tile, porcelain tiles inserted into a page of its resources calculators to calculate the amount of material that facilitates the planning of the budget of repair.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Before you find out how much the finishing of the bathroom tiles, you must either call the measurer, or to make a sketch of the room on their own. The most expensive is mosaic, granite cladding, decorating the surfaces of complex configuration, places the passage of the engineering systems.

Attention: Increase the artistic value of the premises due to the secretive wiring pipes, masking communications systems GKL leaving access to meters, valves costs about 1/3 – 1/2 of the total budget of the repair.

Veneer floor bathroom with granite ↑

Finish bath tiles in the video represents a sequence of works, the secrets of pickup selection.

And, in that order. Technology veneer consists of the following steps:

  • the layout of the tiles without mortar to determine the number of whole rows
  • removing incomplete rows, the offset of the Central tile in the center
  • mounting it on the solution, setting an arbitrary beacons in the corners
  • stretch string or a laser level for horizontal spacing
  • application «comb» solution on the ground floor within reach of the wizard
  • laying porcelain tiles in series or ledge
  • the dismantling of the beacons, blow all integer elements
  • RES incomplete items after final curing of the mortar (in a day or a few hours)
  • install them around the perimeter of the solution
  • grouting required Kohler (recommended 2 shades lighter tiles)
Attention: Installation of plumbing it is better to produce after walls because, in the small space of the bathroom it will interfere with the work.

The walls in the bathroom tile may be performed after curing of the adhesive composition. Finish small bathroom tile photo allows you to see the visual increase of space, a real improvement in the functionality of the room.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Decorating the walls of bathrooms tiled ↑

Options finishing the bathroom tiles are different variety, however, the General principles remain the same.

Attention: Horizontal stripes of different shades is much more profitable vertical ornaments, the decorative insert should be placed in the center free space. To avoid visual conflict by abandoning the borders that are in small spaces will inevitably be near an independent design elements – mixer, bowl bath, screen, toilet, bidet.

Finish bath tiles and panels are used less frequently because the frame required for attaching strips PVC, MDF takes a workspace in a small room. Panels often decorate the ceilings of the bathrooms, building in them the spotlights, providing a high hygiene, extra lighting due to light reflection from the glossy veneer.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Finish ceramic bathroom tile occurs on a similar technology from the wall middle to the corners. However, there are some nuances:

  • the classic layout from the center is not always possible because, on the viewing hatches that provide access to communications, mandatory entire elements are mounted, a narrow strip can be moved into a corner
  • in the manufacture of partitions, boxes it is necessary to consider the layout of the ceramic floor, as needed slightly increasing their size

Instead of clearing the cluttered corners plaster is often used in bonding layer of gypsum Board. Large format tile on the walls may jam the dark grout for the allocation of each object.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

The secrets of veneer mosaics ↑

Design tile finish bathroom increases the artistic value of when you select small format mosaic. Independent facing this element of the decor extremely difficult:

  • defects in the walls will not be able to fix it with a thick layer of mortar
  • for mosaic use special adhesives
  • there are glass, ceramic modification, which requires professional skills

Finish bathroom mosaic tiles is a few changes in technology. For convenience, the master elements are assembled by spot gluing compounds on a substrate. After fixing the mosaic on the solution is controlled by the quality of the seams, the material leave before full drying of the glue mixture. Mesh or other backing material removed after the final curing.

Bathroom decoration tiles (photo)

Finishing of toilet and bath with tiles provides brilliant design, high-hygiene surfaces in the room, the quality of protection of the power frame of the building. At observance of recommendations of experts of the work is quite accessible to fans.

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