How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

If You live in the home or have a dacha, a good chainsaw will be useful! A saw is a necessary thing for firewood, trimming branches, or cutting of beams for construction. Previously used a manual saw, it spent a lot of time and effort. Now things are much simpler, the use of the chainsaw greatly facilitate the work. The only question is how exactly to choose a chainsaw because the modern market offers a considerable number of types of this tool, as well as firms which produce them. That would make the right choice regarding the model and manufacturer of chainsaws, offer below details to consider this question.

How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

The types of chainsaws ↑

Chainsaw Amateur type ↑

Used for low volume work. Amateur chainsaw has a low power and is intended solely for exploitation of it in the garden. This type of tool can be used not more than 45 minutes a day and has a capacity of 2kW. Low profile chain used on the chain saw, helps reduce vibration during operation. The disadvantage of this circuit is its lack of performance.

This tool comfortable and easy, while using hands, especially not loaded. To work in the garden tool is completely justified, tasks such as pruning, firewood and small construction works quite overpower the chainsaw.

Semi-professional chainsaws ↑

The power of these models is able to cope as the construction and felling. But the disadvantage of these models lies in their short-lived operation, the use of the instrument for many hours every day Hello to imminent failure. Saws of this class have a capacity of 2.5 kW, their weight 5 – 6 kg.

To build a house, namely, laying out flooring, creating the skeleton of the roof, as well as for the construction of baths, this unit is perfect, and its exploitation in the garden, will save a lot of your time.

How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

Professional chainsaw for felling trees ↑

These tools are powerful enough (2,7-6 kW), they are designed for many hours of daily operation. This chainsaw is often not acquired for personal use, if only You won’t need it for full-scale construction and firewood for the entire winter season. These chainsaws are bought mainly for felling trees, as this tool is durable enough intended for cutting very thick trees and is able to withstand about 2,000 hours.

For home use professional chainsaw, little need because without certain skills, it is quite difficult to use. Its weight exceeds 6 kg, and the vibration is very noticeable, these qualities create a lot of discomfort when working for an inexperienced person.

Which power to choose a chainsaw ↑

Power is the main determinant of the saw, it determines the speed of cutting and the depth. To understand what capacity unit You need, it is important to decide for what purpose You are going to buy it. If the use of the saw does not imply a cutting of very thick trees, and You are not going to exploit it every day for many hours, for ordinary work in the garden will suit You perfectly tool power up to 2 kW.

It is important! The larger the capacity of the unit, the harder to manage it.

How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

Saw headset ↑

Choosing the saw, you need to consider many factors, one of these is the possibility of cutting the headset.

Consider all types of saw blades tires:

  1. Narrow flat. These tires are placed on non-professional chainsaws. It works together with low profile chain, it’s virtually no risk of injury when operating the unit.
  2. Lightweight. Represents the two plates are bonded by polyamide. With this design, considerably decreases the total weight of all saws, and this fact is important as it significantly simplifies the process control unit. For example, if you work at height, with a heavy chainsaw handle is hard enough.
  3. With interchangeable heads. Designed for professional chainsaws, with a large capacity specially designed for long hours and daily work.

Also do not forget about the length of the bus, which should match the power rating of the saw. Long bus allows you to take a deep cut, due to this easier to cope with the wide logs. Discrepancy long the tires and the engine power is fraught with the fact that, in case of insufficient capacity of the machine, the cutting speed drops significantly as the rotation of the crankshaft takes a lot of power generated by the engine. The process of cutting will be slow and fuel consumption will be greater as the fate of the engine in this situation is sad. Soon it will wear out. Pay attention to the instructions, it will indicate the recommended long bar under your unit.

How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

It is important! To use the bus more than instructed you can not, smaller size is permitted, although not recommended.

Chain for chainsaw ↑

Chain, or rather its step greatly affects the speed of cutting. When you select a unit, you need to know that step there are three types:

  1. 0,325 inch;
  2. 38 inches;
  3. 0,404 inches.

Household circuits have a step in of 0.325 inches. Chain this step is characterized by an almost imperceptible vibration, and is not intended for continuous operation. If it to long to cut, she very quickly lose their cutting ability.

Chains with a pitch of 38 inch and 0.404 inch put on powerful units. Designed for very long use and sawing thick logs. But even these circuits are not capable of handling frozen and dirty trunks. For such work there are chains that have a tungsten carbide weld Deposit.

How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

It is important to understand that all components of the chainsaw needs to be from the same manufacturer as the parts of different brands just are not compatible. For example if You have a Stihl unit, and replace it details can only be the same brand.

Protection against backfire ↑

The big danger for a person working with the unit, is «reverse punch», that is, during operation, the saw can strongly rebounding in the direction of working. The tool may bounce when the end of the bus gets on the wood. So when You choose a chainsaw it is extremely important to know whether You are interested in saws, protection against backfire.

There are two types of protection, one of them is a separate brake, and the other additional panel. Often used the brake, it is a lever that has two positions. When starting the machine the lever is switched, getting closer to the hand, in the reverse shot the hand itself presses on the lever that switches it to the mode where the stop circuit.

Additional flap is designed to protect hands of the worker from contact with the cutting tool. It is installed at the end of the saw headset. The Swedes such protection is not used, as they are always sawing trees by the end of the headset.

Anti-vibration protection ↑

When You choose a chainsaw, ask the seller to hand You the included tool to check its vibration. From low power units the vibration is easy, but if the tool has anti-vibration protection, unpleasant vibrations disappear.

Protection from vibration is a rubber gasket installed between the saw body and arms.

Do not use protection only in the case that You are not going to operate the unit every day for many hours. The vibration produced by the tool, negatively affects the hands, which in the future may cause their disease.

Chainsaw in the hands of a woman ↑

Usually a chainsaw are men, but sometimes women just want to learn how to work with the tool. For women only drank low capacity, because it is not heavy and has a low level of vibration. Professional tool woman just does not hold in the hands.

Perfect for women saw, it is lightweight and has no vibration. But working with her is possible only if there is a source of electricity.

How to choose a chainsaw for the price and quality

What brand to choose chainsaw ↑

And so we understand the basic components of a chainsaw, and also identified what type of unit is more suitable for home use. But the question remains, which measure to prefer. The best firms are Husqvarna and Stihl, below, we’ll briefly review the pros and cons.

Husqvarna ↑

The main advantages of the Husqvarna units:

  1. The bus is longer than other tools (38cm) ;
  2. Lightweight start;
  3. The chain pitch is a 3.25.


  1. Shows the level of oil and gasoline;
  2. Hypersensitivity to bad gasoline;
  3. Expensive service.

Stihl ↑

Advantages of the Stihl saws:

  1. Shows the level of oil and gasoline;
  2. Not sensitive to the quality of petrol;
  3. Much cheaper to maintain.


  1. The air filter gets clogged quickly.

Videos which chainsaw is better Husqvarna or Stihl

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