What gun to choose

What gun to choose

Lately, glue guns began to be used not only as a building tool, but also in everyday life, and crafts. Users have long mastered this device and understand its use very effectively. The glue used when working with the melt, has very good properties is also very economical. Used everywhere thermoviscosity builders, packers in warehouses, needlewomen, and even children in the manufacture of various crafts. The thing is that the glue allows you to glue almost any material: stone, plastic, wood, glass, marble, metal – melt glue any material.

A little about the principle of operation ↑

The gun owes its name to its similarity to the weapon design is utilized even special adhesive «cartridges» – rods of various diameters. But it’s not all about his appearance, talk about the principle of operation. So, it all starts with connecting the device to the mains when you did this, inside the device already the work started, and boil in the truest sense of the word – the above mentioned cartridges with glue already started to warm up to a temperature above 100 degrees, the glue on the inside started to melt. Pressing the trigger, you start the mechanism a smooth flow of heated glue.

What gun to choose

The advantages of using the melt ↑

  • The most obvious advantage of glue gun is that the objects glued with it, you can use almost immediately – after about 10 minutes, and is pending final setting, in General, the adhesive cools and dries within 3 minutes;
  • molten adhesive interacts well with almost any material – wood, plastic, leather, glass and so on. There are only a few materials with which it is incomparable is a mineral Foundation, such as concrete or plaster, are also difficult to work with polyethylene as it is melted. For a good bonding surfaces, must efficiently handle them, as well as when working with any glue, clean up, remove dust and grease;
Please note! Do not use this adhesive composition in the manufacture of objects, which are then subjected to heat.
  • using a glue gun, you can well to sealing any design or to fill different voids. This method of filling voids even has some advantages over sealants different pattern. Glue gun, even if fill the cavity of large size, efficiently closes all voids and hardens almost instantly after 15 minutes;
  • the adhesive composition used in the melt is not toxic even in the molten state. Its only drawback is danger of burns or damage to temperature sensitive material;
  • the finished seam is highly resistant to moisture and various physical effects, most importantly, take care of the glued place of high temperatures;
  • replacement glue cartridges or rods are stored for quite a long time and not lose their characteristics.
Attention. When bonding materials with high conductivity, e.g., metals, heat them a little, otherwise the glue will cool down instantly.

Types of termoplastov ↑

The main classification of termoplastov is the division between professional and consumer. In addition, there is the division into automatic and manual. In fact, the second classification follows from the first, professionals are mostly used device with automatic glue application, in the home apply mechanical devices.

What gun to choose

Melt adhesive, how to choose ↑

  • The first parameter that you need to look for when choosing is the diameter of the rod. The most common guns with a diameter of 7 and 11 mm, however, there are models with 7-8 or 11-12 mm rod. A 7-mm is more suitable for infrequent domestic use, if you intend to use this tool to perform repair works, it is better to buy 11 millimeter;
  • the temperature of the composition. Modern models of glue guns have basically the heating temperature of 105-200 degrees, but there are more powerful devices, they can warm the cartridges up to 500 degrees. For household use, enough 105 degree;
  • the power of the gun – it depends on the heating rate and heating time depends on the speed. Basically, the heating rate varies from 4 to 5 minutes;
  • the speed of operation. Most often, it is 5-30 g. per minute. High speed is important in production or when gluing bulky items, because the glue rather quickly cooled and solidified;
  • the trigger in the gun. There are swivel or slide, in professional applications it is more valued device with rotary hammers. Their value is that easy to work with them, and you can adjust the speed of the feed composition;
  • the device cord is another important characteristic, because the wire can sometimes interfere with the work. According to this criterion, all devices are divided into 3 types – with non-detachable cords with removable cords, as well as just the battery of the device.
    What gun to choose

What else can affect the choice ↑

  • The ability to switch temperature modes. This feature is very useful if you want to work with materials which do not tolerate thermal effects;
  • ready indicator – this is a special led, which indicates the device is ready to work, that is, that the camera of the rod is heated to the desired temperature and you can pull the trigger;
  • a push-button switch – a useful feature that saves the user from having to constantly pull the plug of the melt from the outlet;
  • interchangeable tips – this feature extends the capabilities of the gun;
  • viewing window to control the balance of the adhesive composition in the device.

That’s all, using these simple tips, you can easily make your choice of gun. Video manual how to use melt:

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